What Your Physical Symptoms Mean: Tuning in to Your Body to Decode the Inner You

brain - from http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3045/2961565820_3d59b7bdfb.jpg
brain - from http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3045/2961565820_3d59b7bdfb.jpg

Carefully your body’s physical manifestations shall guide you on your journey through life. That is not just a saying that doctors make to hook patients up. Instead, just as Susan Reintjes mentions in her book entitled “Third Eye Open,” the body as the messenger would help people identify their inner feelings as they keep track of their symptoms or usual physical experiences.

With the aid of a Body Dictionary , we can therefore be guided accordingly as to how our medical conditions can be alleviated using will power and mind conditioning.

Below are the different body parts and their corresponding interpretations. Just as Ms. Reintjes shared it to the public through her book, I would also like to share what I’ve learned. I hope you’ll all be enlightened – catching up to how your body tells you.

Brain – This is the seat of beliefs and thoughts. Conditions related to this part may indicate confusion in thoughts or belief system. Are your beliefs standing for who you really are? Have you been blinded by others as to who you are and what your purpose is?

Ears – Indicate listening and hearing. Such problems in this organ represent opposition to hearing sounds around you. Are you worrisome upon hearing news? Do those around you yell or put you down?

Eyes – This is your “I”-dentity. The left eye may signify female identity while the right is for the male. If you have eye infections, this can likewise indicate guilt or shame. Meanwhile, visual acuity problems may tell fear of seeing a life circumstance clearly.

Sinus – Emotional expression and release. Blocked sinuses may indicate expression that is blocked emotionally or creatively. This will denote one’s need to release that feeling through tears or by a tantrum. This may likewise be connected to self-esteem. Are you experiencing pressure in the sinuses? This can also denote being pressured at work or in a relationship. Or maybe you are pressuring yourself too much?

Throat – Hub of verbal expression. You may be hindering yourself from saying words or may be guilty in saying something. Are you holding in your power? Conditions in this body part usually indicate frustration in emotional and creative expression.

Neck – Capability to see various sides of a dilemma. Are you too stiff in a situation? Are you held by pride? Or perhaps you are holding yourself to see the whole picture? Maybe you are under a “pain in the neck” situation.

Shoulders – Duties and responsibilities. If you have tight and sore shoulders, you may be carrying more than what you should at work or in a relationship. You may also need protection from someone who is making you feel scared. Are you anxious or defensive too?

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shoulder - from http://farm1.static.flickr.com/82/214691627_9413aa958c.jpg

Back – Body’s main support. If you are experiencing problems in this part, this may indicate lack of support when you were a child. Lower back pain may be related to fear of lacking finances. Do you feel like you are left out? Maybe you are feeling incapable to support yourself?

Breasts – Stand for the vulnerable parts of the self and even the mothering instinct. Problems in this area may indicate hurt from relationships. Maybe you need to release past resentments. Are you nurturing others too much and forgetting yourself?

Arms – Capacity to give and receive and to make use of the environment. Are you doing more than you should but underpaid? Is it hard for you to take and receive? Are you saddened with your current situation?

Hands – Labor and creative expression. Illnesses in these parts may signify frustrations in creative expression or overusing hands for work. Do your hands like what they do? Do they have time to play? Are you controlling a situation which is out of your scope?

hands - from http://farm1.static.flickr.com/34/102706902_20d52ad05b.jpg
hands - from http://farm1.static.flickr.com/34/102706902_20d52ad05b.jpg

Skin – The largest sense organ; the outer boundary of the body. Rashes may indicate irritation and anger that’s not expressed. Is someone getting “under your skin”? If you have blemishes, there may be shame that’s unresolved and waiting to be cleared. Meanwhile, hives and allergic reactions tell of the need to clear the body with anger, shame, and fear that has long been infesting the whole system.

Stomach – Seat of power and manifestation in the world. Illnesses involving this part may signify fear of expressing power in the world. Do you feel at ease in expressing power over a relationship or job? Are you overworked or exploited? Is it difficult for you to digest ideas?

Intestines – Assimilation of experiences and ideas. Problems may tell of deep-seated fear and holding. Do you feel worthy of being cared for? Maybe you are currently facing a fearful experience. Do you have a hard time accepting changes in your life today?

Bladder – Release of toxins. Difficulties involving this part may root from holding up anger or other feelings. You may be pissed off.

Hips – Moving forward in life. Difficulties take place when you are holding back or fearful of change. Do you fear moving forward? Do you fear leaving old jobs or relationships that no longer work?

Prostate – Support for male creative power. Conditions in this part may signify frustrations in creative expression. Are you able to permit yourself to enjoy your creativity?

Uterus – Seat of female creative power. Problems with this area may indicate difficulties in showing powerfulness in the physical world. Maybe you are longing to show your creativity.

Legs – Self-sufficiency and support. Left is for feminine support while the right is for masculine. Problems are related to lack of childhood support. Are you overwhelmed by adult responsibilities?

Feet – Understanding. Problems may be because of changes in your vision of your life and yourself. Do you feel like you are understood? Observe your connection with the earth – your groundedness.

feet - from http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1236/812940398_0d51009a17.jpg
feet - from http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1236/812940398_0d51009a17.jpg

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billyaustindillon profile image

billyaustindillon 6 years ago

Very informative hub - I never knew about the left and right - male and female eye tuning. I wonder if this changes if you are right or left handed?

coeline profile image

coeline 6 years ago from Lipa, Batangas Author

Hi billyaustindillon, I'll try to find out if this does change if you are left or right-handed. :) I am still reading the book by Susan Reintjes, Third Eye Open, the particular reference for this article. But if ever I find that out I'll be posting a hub on it and will let you know. :) thanks! I suggest you try Ms. Reintjes' book/s. They're very informative, far easy to digest, and filled with the vital concepts related to discovering ourselves.

ExpandYourMind profile image

ExpandYourMind 6 years ago from Midwest USA

Coeline. . this is great. I never considered the physical, emotional and psychological impact of illnesses.

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