What are your opinions about abortion?

Not with a Ten Foot Pole!

My wife knows I will offend someone with this topic. There is great passion on both sides of the argument.

Life begins...

 When you, in god's name, pronounce life at conception, before a mass of cells develop into awareness. Then you are saying that all cells are "life" and worthy of living. If that is true, than you are a murderer thousands of times over every day. Our bodies naturally kill older cells and replace them with new ones minute by minute. We are almost a whole new person every seven years. The carnage of millions of unlucky cells that don't make it to conception must be worthy of ceremony.

 This is a position that is out of balance. No life is less of a miracle than another. If this argument had heavenly strength, we could not righteously kill to survive. We would have to survive eating minerals, water, and naturally serialized deceased material. If you have a belief in god, than you have to believe all life is reverent. Not just the cute and cuddly. Every plant, cell, and beast is a blessing. Anything less is human ego. Ego creates pride, one of the seven deadly sins. Worshiping the ego breeds "American Idol" and so many more bad reality programs.

This could be your baby's daddy
This could be your baby's daddy

With No Choice, How Many Bad...

 How many bad members of society would we have? We already have an epidemic of uneducated, under appreciated, underclass. What would our nation look like after a couple decades of women being forced to spawn a physical reminder of the worst day of their life? What would be the acceptable suicide rate? Would there be a new class of insanity pleas for crimes of passion when a mother abuses or kills that spawn?

I trust readers will be brave enough to leave comments.

I wish you all Well.

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mayhmong profile image

mayhmong 7 years ago from North Carolina

That's exactly why I decided not to post a hub about abortion until I hear more opinions!? This request suddenly came to me after a young girl claims that she wanted to become a probation officer, but she 's pregnaunt and wanting an abortion. In a way, she and her bf don't want to deal with the responsibility. It's sad nowadayz that people refuse to take care of innocent beings that they created.

St.James profile image

St.James 7 years ago from Lurking Around Florida

Their body their right to choose. If abortion is illegalized what is next... if a woman who smokes while pregnant should she be thrown into jail for harming the unborn? What about expectant and drinking? Should that be a punishable crime as well for effecting the fetus? Those would be crimes of the unborn if pro-life is truly pro-life.

I'm not saying I condone such acts and regardless of my personal views of life... the fact of the matter is I believe everyone whether they want to believe it or not is pro-choice in ALL ASPECTS OF LIFE... if you take a long hard look you are pro-choice because you are making choices that affect your life daily. Which in turn your personal choices do in fact affect other people... we are all links in a chain.

RickyDLV profile image

RickyDLV 7 years ago from USA and occasionally other countries. Author

Thank You for the comments. I agree ST.,

All those religiously fighting to preserve all life, should open there eyes to the truth of life and death. All life is comprised of energy. That energy is recharged through the consumption of other energy; plants eat sunlight, bacteria eat decaying matter, animals eat plants and other animals. It is just simple fact, we kill and eat other miracles of life (including plants).

For us to claim human life begins at conception is narrow minded. Life began before conception and will continue with or without human conception. My wife is begging me not to write this fact: but, I think I owe it to you who dare to participate. "We are created in his image," This is the epitome of EGO.

I don't want to come off as an atheist, although the most intelligent 85% are(and growing). I have been accused of being more forgiving, excepting, and spiritual than any "true believer". I am humbly an agnostic, I do not claim to have all the answers. I can't blindly put my faith in anyone that says, "We are the right," thus by definition all other must be less than.

Tatjana-Mihaela profile image

Tatjana-Mihaela 7 years ago from Zadar, CROATIA

Well Ricky, you are right. Nature tends to balance itself, we cannot forget that we are just part of the nature, not better of any other living being - just a little bit different. World is alredy crowded, there is no need to force anybody to have child or children, if person does not feel ready for that.

Life IS SACRED: but on another way - by my opinion IS MUCH MORE SACRED IF WE OFFER TO THE CHILD THE BEST WE CAN; NOT THE WORST. If one is not ready to offer the best, emotionally and financially, what is point in having children???Plus...what with already existing children - who are poor and hungry...and ill...??? They also deserve better life, who is able to offer them one, in overall conditions on this planet??? What with animals we eat and nature we do not preserve - this is also life....which should be sacred.

I agree with you, thumbs up for your Hub.

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