What is Binaural Beat?

Beats to perk up your mood, help you focus, relax and more..

Binaural beat is a simple soundwave with different frequencies that’s used for therapeutic and relaxation sessions. It was first discovered by Heinrich Wilhelm Dove in the 1930’s while using it to test auditory disturbances of some patients. The discovery that it can actually stimulate the brain into different mental states came in later due to patients’ claims of increased mental capacity, concentration and etc. Since then Binaural beats were used to induce different mental states which in the long run can help influence human action.

It’s actually an interesting tool to help people especially those who are always under a lot of stress and those who are having difficulty concentrating. What’s even more amazing is the fact that these simple soundwaves are actually effective in keeping your mind alert, focused and concentrated as if you feel no stress at all. When I first tried listening to binaural beats to enhance my concentration; it actually worked. Tired as I was, I felt I could still work for hours on end without any type of sensory overload. The after effect of listening to a 15 minute session is similar to the intense relaxed state you experience after a full body massage. As if you woke up from a really pleasant sleep. Not to the body of course but for the brain. But instead of feeling sleepy like how some sounds can make you feel; it actually made me more alert. I can pay attention to detail and my thoughts are not blocked at all even when my environment is noisy.

It’s just plain incredible!

If you feel stressed out because of work, listen to a short binaural beat while lying back on an easy chair. And let the sound take you to whatever zone you want. But just for some clarifications, listening to binaural beats will not “take” you into any mental journey like how others want you to think unless of course, if the beat your listening to is Delta wave or the sound frequency for hypnosis. Most binaural beats are for relaxation purposes.

In addition, binaural beat isn’t for everyone. Safe as it may seem like it’s not supposed to be used by people diagnosed with epilepsy, untreated mental illness and even pregnant women are forbidden to use it. The reason for such is simple, the soundwaves generated by binaural beats generates a frequency that “massages” your brain to relax and/or produce electrical signals for you to create a certain state of mind. It’s indeed dangerous to individuals with conditions mentioned above because of the side effects of binaural beats to them due to their condition.

What benefits does binaural beats have on people?

There are different benefits one person can have just by listening to binaural beats. First of all, you must understand that binaural beats are designed to create a certain state of mind. There are different frequencies involved and used depending on those states and also depending on whether you are a beginner or an advanced user. The 5 types of soundwaves used are Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta. Each of the frequency is used depending on the benefits each creates. Gamma waves are used when you want to achieve a higher mental state, increase your concentration and make your mind more alert. It can also induce effects like higher perception, problem-solving skills, and even overcome fear/ phobias. Beta waves, on the other hand can help your mind become alert, active, and overcome anxiety, paranoia and increase concentration, arousal and cognition. Alpha waves are frequencies for relaxation while awake, for controlling and preventing drowsiness, and even stimulate good dreams. Theta waves are used for deep meditation and last but not the least, delta waves are used for dreamless sleep and loss of body consciousness. It can also be used in hypnosis and astral projection.

Other benefits of binaural beats are:

- Healing from addiction, anxiety, depression, headache, migraines, fibromyalgia, ADHD, insomnia, hypertension, PMS and stress

- Enhancement of concentration, intellectual ability, creativity, physical performance, motivation, alertness and motivation.

What are the limitations of binaural beats?

Although many claim that these beats can treat or heal physical symptoms as part of its many benefits; it is not totally scientifically proven. Most claims regarding its benefits are subjective thus further study is needed. Moreover, binaural beats should not be used to substitute drugs. And as aforementioned, it cannot and should not be used by individuals with epilepsy, mentally ill, pregnant, and even those with pacemakers, and those with alcohol and drug problems.

In addition, some frequencies are known to effectively induce sleep thus should not be used while driving or while operating heavy machineries. It is to be used with caution and responsibility.

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