Paget's Disease: Skin Itchiness Around Nipple in the Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is considered the most popular malignancy which affects most women in North America and Europe. Close to two hundred thousand cases of cancer of the breast were being diagnosed in America in 2001. It’s the most common cancer specific to women in the Philippines. The fact is, the Philippines tops the list in Asian countries which have numerous breast cancer cases in women.

Other less common types of breast cancer involve lobular breast cancer, that develops in the cells that line the milk-producing lobules, inflammatory breast cancer and the Paget’s disease of the breast or cancer of the nipple.

It begins to resemble a skin rash or rough skin around the nipple area, in which a number of people may perhaps consider it as eczema, but those are just the minor signs of cancer being under the surface of the skin. The best way to deal with this type of cancer is mastectomy, because it is around the nipple and milk ducts.

There is no cure yet for Paget’s disease but there are actually treatments which can help you handle the pain and slow the disease. Treatment is dependent upon the cause. Oftentimes, Paget’s disease needs a very minor program and an individual with may possibly not have any signs or symptoms.

Paget’s disease also affect different types of cancer such as people with cancer in the bone. This bone disease is most common in individuals over 40 years old, causes abnormal bone growth and sometimes bone pain. Paget’s disease normally affects the bones in the pelvis, spine, skull, chest, and legs. It is a chronic condition that enlarged and deformed bones of the patient afflicted. This also results in a malfunction in the normal procedure for bone remodeling.

Normally, bone is continually breaking down and repairing but growth is somehow altered in Paget’s disease.

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MYWIKISTEP 4 years ago

Very informative hub regarding cancer that 's unfortunately become a common disease with its various forms.

Such information may be really useful to a lot of people.

Health is mostly important to everyone.

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