What is Hookah

What is Hookah

Hookah is in fact a large water pipe. This large pipe uses water and indirect heat for smoking.

Shisha the tobacco mixture that is smoked in the water pipe. Shisha Comes in many flavors like fruit flavors, coffee flavors and others



Some more info in Hookah

The hookah originated in India but got popularity in Arab countries especially middle east. It is now part of the Arab culture. It is also very common in Iran. The hookah is becoming popular in USA, UK and Canada and other parts of the word.

Other Names of Hookah

Hookah has got quite a few nick names like sheesha, narghile and hubbly bubbly.

Health issues with Hookah

It is thought that smoking hookah is less dangerous for your health than smoking cigarettes. But the latest research has found that if not more dangerous than smoking a cigarette, hookah is at least equally dangerous and affects your health with its hazardous smoke.

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tonks21 profile image

tonks21 7 years ago from V-Town

I have been to restaurants before where you can order a special flavor of hookah. It was very interesting the first time - but very addictive! lol!

Ultimate Hubber profile image

Ultimate Hubber 7 years ago Author

Yup tonks its becoming common round the globe and you are rite about the addictive nature of hookah.

jcwin228 profile image

jcwin228 7 years ago from Yonago, Japan

Me too. I don't smoke, but I tried one in a restaurant in Paraguay. I found it very smooth and pleasing. I'd love to try it again.

Ultimate Hubber profile image

Ultimate Hubber 7 years ago Author

Try it jcwin but please make sure you don't get used to it as regular smoking of Hookah can be very dangerous.

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