What is a good Medical Disorder to write a paper on?

 There are many medical disorders that would be great subjects to write about. I would actually be intersted in reading about Hepatitis C. That is because I am a carrier and I need to be informed of the disease. However, there are other diseases and disorders that have become overwhelming here in the states such as diabetes, obesity, and depression.  

Diabetes affects young and old, fat and skinny, short and tall. There are different stages in diabetes. Some take pills and others take insulin shots. Diabetes means you have a high blood sugar count. The most important thing for one to do is to eat healthy and exercise. The most common type of diabetes is found in people who are obese. Like my father, who I give three different types of insulin each day, it is from eating way to much and not caring about the repercussions. Unless the person is willing to change to a strict diet and stick to it, the diabetes will not go away.

Being obese is linked to many different disorders and health issues. This is one of the leading factors in heart disease and strokes. Obesity is also linked to numerous mental issues brought on by the weight. People who are obese are often in denial about the cause of their weght problem. Instead of realizing it is the food and amount of food they eat, people tend to use the excuse that it is a thyriod problem. The cure for obesity is diet and exercise just like most disorders.

With our economy taking a huge hit, depression is on the rise, even anxiety. People have been losing homes, jobs, autos, and their pride which drives them into a depression. Those on the verge of losing their property and belongings, are anxiety ridden. The only cure I know of besides taking the feel better pill, is to not give up. Once the economy starts to lift back up, so will the peoples' spirits.

There are so many medical disorders that any of them would make for a good topic. You might want to look in a medical journal and try to write about disorders that are rare. Maybe you know someone in your life who is struggling with a disorder. Whatever the topic, someone out there has that disorder and your article may very well help them deal with their struggle.  

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MamaDragonfly2677 profile image

MamaDragonfly2677 7 years ago from New York

My son was diagnosed with having (please excuse the spelling, as I am not sure EXACTLY how to spell it) "Henoch-Sholien-Purpura"... Apparently, it is a rare, but serious disease, usually more common in youth boys. We noticed ALL his joints on the left side, (i.e. from the neck, to his toes) were all swelled up after sliding into base, while playing T-Ball when he was 6... He was admitted into the hospital, where the doctors tol me they knew little, to nothing about this dsorder... They were on the internet, and phone to Switzerland, and Germany, as this is where it originated. Other disorders it COULD have been, was adolescent arthritis, or leukemia... The blood and urine test determined the final decision. They told me "It's a rare disorder- We will put him on stereroids, and see what happens...BY WHAT WE KNOW OF IT it will disappear, and never be heard of again..." WELL- I did some brief searching on the subject, and found out it is a CHRONIC disease, and can return at any givin time... Can anyone confirm this?

acs1122 profile image

acs1122 7 years ago from Maryland

Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) is a rare pregnancy disease that causes severe nausea and vomiting every day until giving birth in most cases.

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