What is scleral indentation? How is scleral indentation performed? Is HIV transmitted during scleral indentation?

Scleral indentation is the ophthalmological procedure to view the retina and the internal nerves of the eye through the pupils of the eye which are dilated to enable the examination using eye drops consisting of Tropicamide or Atropine.

Scleral indentation is performed as a part of routine eye examination by the ophthalmologist generally as an outpatient procedure

Scleral Indentation Procedure

The eye of the patient is dilated by using mydriatic eye drops till the required dilation of the pupils are achieved.

The patient is made to sit on a reclined chair to make it easy for the ophthalmologist to move around and examine the patient.

The doctor examines the retina by indenting the sclera of the eye using a scleral depressor instrument which is depressed on the eye lids of the person or some time directly on the sclera to enable him get a complete view of the retina.

Is HIV and other infection transmitted through Scleral Depressor during scleral indentation?

There are no known documented evidences of transmission of HIV in health care setting.

The Scleral depressor is pressed only on the eyelid and rarely on the Sclera which minimizes the chances of infection.

Mostly the instruments used in ophthalmology are stylized due to ensure safety and there is no chances of infections.

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