What does make people deppressed?


People always have a tendency to believe and trust something or somebody. Sometimes it can be a friend or a favourite team. Especially, nowadays, people want to belong to some social groups such as a friend-group or a group which supporting the same team; however, it has potential dangers such as unrealistic life style and failure.

There are two main reasons why people need to belong to a group. The first one results from lack of self-confidence. People need to become important and they cannot do by themselves; therefore, they try to join groups in order not to become alone. However, it sometimes makes people fail. For instance; when a university student starts to his junior year in school, he tries to socialize, he tries to join a friend group. However, after a while he realizes that his lessons are getting worse because of importance given to that group. Secondly, people are very prone to participation in a group. Yet, human is a social being; therefore, it is tempted to socialize in different ways. For instance, supporting a team is one way to socialize. However, when our favourite team loses, it can make us unhappy. Because of that, socializing through this way or expecting more things, our team is not a good thing that we need. Especially, attaching too much importance to our team makes us upset so that we should avoid it.

Although, attaching too much importance to others has plenty of dangers for us, it only has two main concerns about danger such as failure and unrealistic life. First of all, expectations are things that determine our life satisfaction and if we cannot meet our expectations, we can be unsuccessful. We do not want to do anything, if we do not enjoy our jobs or schools. For instance, when we come to a new school, if our expectations are too much, we can be disappointed. Then, we do not want to study because, according to our thoughts, we are in a bad school and this idea deters us from study; therefore, we fail. Secondly, we can have unrealistic life style because of taking somebody who is a celebrity as our model. Maybe it can destroy us on the economic side because famous people that we want to be like have plenty of money and if we try to spend money like them, it can ruin our economy or it can lead us the worse life conditions. For instance, if we try to be like a footballer that we have seen on TV, it can give us lots of detriments. It makes our lives unrealistic because, we have never become like him; however, we always dream that becoming like him or to have a life like his.

To sum up, we should never attach too much importance to different people or groups because it harms our lives. As a result, let’s give importance to people who deserve it.


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