Preparing For Getting Braces On and What to Expect Getting Your Braces Off

Why do you need braces?

Knowing if you will need braces can be something you've known for a very long time. The evidence is usually there long before you are ready to get braces. There are many different reasons for getting braces and here are the most common. It is recommended that your children see an orthodontist at an early age. There may be preventive methods that can help correct some of these alignment problems.

Why do people need braces?

  • Crowding-when the teeth are too close together, although you may have crowding at an early age this may correct itself before your ready for braces
  • Spacing-when the teeth have too much space between them, this too may correct itself before braces
  • Overbite-this is a common reason for braces, the top teeth overlap the bottom teeth by an abnormal amount, this can be caused by a child sucking his or her thumb, it can be a characteristic passed down genetically. Although it is common that the top teeth are the problem, sometimes it can be that the bottom jaw is set back and an appliances before or instead of braces may be needed.
  • Under bite-an under bite is just the opposite. The bottom teeth protrude out farther than the top teeth. This can also be caused by genetics, sucking on a thumb or pacifier, missing teeth or a trauma.
  • Crooked Teeth-Also related to genetics but can be also related to the size of your mouth and teeth. If you have a small mouth and large teeth it can cause the teeth to grow in correct.

How Braces Work According to Wiki

Teeth move through the use of force. The force applied by the archwire pushes the tooth in a particular direction and a stress is created within the periodontal ligament. The modification of the periodontal blood supply[2] determines a biological response which leads to bone remodeling, where bone is created on one side by osteoblast cells and resorbed on the other side by osteoclasts.

Two different kinds of bone resorption are possible. Direct resorption, starting from the lining cells of the alveolar bone, and indirect or retrograde resorption, where osteoclasts start their activity in the neighbour bone marrow. Indirect resorption takes place when the periodontal ligament has become subjected to an excessive amount and duration of compressive stress. In this case the quantity of bone resorbed is larger than the quantity of newly formed bone (negative balance). Bone resorption only occurs in the compressed periodontal ligament. Another important phenomenon associated with tooth movement is bone deposition. Bone deposition occurs in the distracted periodontal ligament. Without bone deposition, the tooth will loosen and voids will occur distal to the direction of tooth movement.

A tooth will usually move about a millimeter per month during orthodontic movement, but there is high individual variability. Orthodontic mechanics can vary in efficiency, which partly explains the wide range of response to orthodontic treatment.

Crowded Teeth
Crowded Teeth
Overly Spaced Teeth
Overly Spaced Teeth
Crooked teeth
Crooked teeth

What Determines The Age Braces are Put On

The first step like previously stated is to see an orthodontist at an early age, around 6 or 7. At this age they still have a soft jaw and other steps may be taken to prevent the need for braces. However, if the problems are not correctable then braces will be needed. It is generally the idea to start braces between the ages of eleven to fifteen or when all adult teeth are in place. After this set of teeth are in be sure to have another visit with the orthodontist. He or She will start the procedure which will include x-rays and molds or impressions.

What to Expect When You Get Braces

It's finally the day and usually patients are excited.  The start of the alignment that will lead to a beautiful smile. So what will happen today, will it hurt, how long will it take, how do they get put on, how will they look? This are all very common questions.

So here is what to expect when you get braces put on.

Do braces hurt when getting them on? This all varies patient to patient depending on your tolerance to pain. There is no needles needed to numb and the actual procedure of getting braces should not hurt. There may an uncomfortable pressure after the braces are put on. How long do braces hurt? This only last for a few days after getting your braces on and each time your braces are tightened. This pressure is what aids in the teeth shift and moving eventually to their final alignment. You may also find that when you first get your braces, your cheek and inner lip will become sore. What to do when your braces hurt? Before your appointment to get your braces on or tightened, your dentist may recommend that you take ibuprofen. To help with soreness from your braces rubbing on the inside of your mouth, you can apply a dental wax over the brackets. This will help with the rubbing and prevent soreness.

More for What to Expect When Getting Braces On

How long braces take to be put on? It generally takes one to two hours to get the braces completely on. However it is very common for the orthodontist to only put one set on at an appointment. This gives you time to adjust and the other set of teeth may not need to wear the braces as long. If this is the case they may place the second braces on one to six months later. If this is the case, it will shorten your visit.

How braces are put on your teeth? When referring to traditional metal braces, the brackets are placed on first by adhering the bracket to the teeth with a bonding agent. This is the time consuming step. After all the brackets are put in their correct position the next step will be attaching the arch wire to the brackets. The arch wire is the wire that is used to put the pressure on the teeth causing them to shift. The wire is attached to the brackets by using small tight rubber bands or wire. Many kids enjoy the rubber bands because they come in a variety of colors. They may pick out their favorite color, school color or maybe their team color. The rubber bands will be replaced monthly making it fun to mix up colors.

If there is crowding of the teeth, the orthodontist may choose to use spaces. This can be uncomfortable because of the added pressure between the teeth. Using the spaces will help speed up the process resulting in less wearing time.

Now the big question. How do braces look on you? The best part of this is that you will not look like most of the kids you go to school with. Research has shown that eighty percent of kids wear braces at some point in their life. This is great for having support and not standing out alone. Besides you can mix and match those rubber bands to give yourself a unique style.

Cleaning Braces

While you are wearing your braces, you will want to be extra thorough with cleaning. The braces and wires will attract and hold food particles. However teeth cleaning with braces on can be time consuming and difficult. You may find that these tools can help speed you up and do a good job.

ProxaBrush- this tool looks similar to a Christmas tree and therefore is often referred to as a tree. To use simply insert the brush under the arch wire and between the brackets to loosen and remove food particles.

Floss Threader- this tool is similar to a plastic needle. Threader the floss through the eye of the needle and use it to pull the floss under the arch wire and between the teeth.

Electric Toothbrush- using an electric toothbrush can help get into and clean small crevices.

Water Pik- a waterpik sprays a jet of water that can loosen food particles that may be hard to reach.

"Must Have Product When Wearing Braces"

The products below are "Must haves" when wearing braces. It is very important to keep your teeth in the best condition so that when you get your braces removed your teeth look their best. The last thing you will want is a cavity. After all you want to be showing off those new straighter pearly whites, Check out what is available such as electric toothbrushes that can help get that hard to remove food particles that can cause unsightly cavities. Also the WaterPik systems below can help get those hard to reach spots leaving your mouth and teeth as clean as can be.

Amazon offers great competitive prices, free shipping on items over $25 and quick delivery time. Check out their prices first!

Getting Your Braces Off

Getting your braces off can be one of the most joyous days of a child or an adults life. The years of wearing the braces can quickly lead to the thought of getting the braces off. Many are excited to get the braces, to realign their teeth and to obtain a beautiful smile. This is quickly changed to the thought of getting the braces off, sometimes just days after getting the braces on. Days of eating whatever you want and leaving the extensive cleaning often become the new focus.

Finding out what to expect after getting the braces off will be a search many perform. What can I eat? How will they look? How long does it take to get braces off? How will it feel to get the braces removed? What is next for my teeth? What kind of retainer will I get? How do I care for the retainer? How long do I have to wear the retainer? What to expect when you get your braces off.

How long does it take to get your braces off?

How long does it take to get braces off? Although the time it takes to get your braces removed can vary, the estimated time is 1-2 hours. This all depends on what procedures may be done after your braces are removed.

The first step in getting your braces off is removing the rubber bands or metal wires that hold on the arch wire. Next will be removing the arch wire. This all takes just a few minutes and should be something your are already used to since they do this at your monthly visits. After these are removed the dentist will use a tool to break the bond with the tooth and the bracket. This is usually painless and doesn't take much time either. The last step in actually getting the braces off is removing any leftover bonding agent. This is when you may experience some discomfort. All of this is usually done in forty minutes to an hour. Any other time that your dentist may have schedule can be used to make molds for the retainers you will be wearing after getting your braces off or install the bonded retainers, if needed.

Do Braces Hurt When Getting Them Off?

First concerns about getting braces off are usually will it hurt. The braces are not tightened for the weeks prior to getting them off reducing the pain in the teeth. A pair of pliers is used to break the bond between the bracket and the tooth enamel. The bonding agent will remain on the tooth. The orthodontist will then smooth off the bonding material and polish the teeth. If you have sensitive teeth this may be uncomfortable. Taking a pain medication before the procedure is done could be your best option.

What Can You Eat With Braces Off?

Many patients can’t wait to sink their teeth in to a juicy apple. This is something that is discouraged while wearing the braces. The eating of an apple can easily snap off the brackets causing an extra trip to the orthodontist. After getting your braces off you will be able to eat anything that you could before the braces were put on. There are exceptions. If you get a bonded retainer you will need to remain careful about what you eat. Eating certain things can break the bond of the retainer.

Braces Off Retainer On

When you get your braces off you may find that there is another step in the process. This is probably something that was discussed early on but maybe with all the excitement of getting your braces off, you've forgotten.

In most cases after you get your braces off, you will be fitted with a retainer. Your dentist may choose a bonded or a Hawley Retainer. The retainers help keep your teeth from shift and keep your beautiful new alignment.

Bonded Retainer

A bonded retainer is mostly used on the bottom front teeth. A wire is secured to the back of the teeth by a bonding agent. This retainer is used when the orthodontist feels that there may be movement of the teeth after the braces are taken off. Having a bonded retainer does require special cleaning similar to they braces A self treading floss will need to be used to clean between the teeth. Self threading floss has a stiff end that makes it easier to place under the wire of the retainer. Also you will need to check often to make sure the bonding hasn’t broken. This could cause a build up of food and plaque underneath and lead to tooth decay. A bonded retainer may be left on for years if the orthodontist feels that movement of your teeth may occur.

Hawley Retainer

A removal retainer or Hawley Retainer is common after getting braces off. This retainer is often used for the top teeth and is made from a molded impression of your teeth. The advantages of this retainer are that you can remove it to eat, drink and brush. However you must remember to wear it all the time as instructed by your orthodontist. Anytime it is left out there could be a shift in your teeth. While a small shift may be corrected by putting the appliance back in, some movement may require the retainer to be adjusted.

"Must Have Retainer Products"

Now that you've got your retainer you will want a way to keep it clean and fresh. Rinsing alone may not get it as clean as you would like get yourself a sonic cleaner and cleaning tablets. The cleaner in combination with the tablets deep cleans your retainer where a toothbrush won't get in as little as ten minutes. No overnight soaking and no putting a half clean retainer back in your mouth.

Amazon has great prices, free shipping on orders over $25 and quick delivery time. Check out the products below.

Archtek Stay Tray - Temporary Replacement For Lost Retainers by Archtek
Archtek Stay Tray - Temporary Replacement For Lost Retainers by Archtek

Customer Reviews:

Stay tray is an excellent product. The directions are easy to follow, takes only a few minutes and it has a comfortable fit. Really the only reason to go back to the dentist is to get a clear retainer. This one is white which is fine with me. I have had it only for a few days so I cannot comment on it's durability but I have no reason to believe it won't last.

Cordless Sonic Cleaner
Cordless Sonic Cleaner

Product Descriptions:

The Cordless Sonic Cleaner gets dental appliances, dental retainers and Hawleys sparkling clean in 5-10 minutes. Used in conjunction with Retainer Brite® Cleaning Tablets, the Cordless Sonic Cleaner cleans deep ? at 5800 waves per second ? where brushes can?t reach. Keep dentures sparkling clean in just minutes a day! No vigorous brushing or overnight soaking. Sonic denture cleaner cleans the professional way! Hundreds of sonic vibrations and liquid cleaner remove food, tartar, bacteria, odors. Stains disappear! A few minutes a day keeps dentures their cleanest and brightest. Uses 2 AA batteries, not included. Attractive 3-1/2x 3-1/2x2-7/8" cleaner saves space. Cleaner tablets are also available.

Customer Reviews:

My daughter had her braces removed and the orthodontist recommended that she clean/soak her retainer daily. My teenagers are always in a hurry and not known for being through, I thought this gadget might come in helpful in getting into the routine of keeping that expensive retainer clean. After a month, it is still working well and it seems to do a good job. There is no timer on this model so you have to remember to turn it off after 15 minutes and it does "buzz" while in use but that's not a big deal. $10.00 was worth the price even if it only lasts a year or two.

Multipurpose Dental Mouth Night Guard & Orthodontic Retainer Case-Marbeled Colors, Marbled Black
Multipurpose Dental Mouth Night Guard & Orthodontic Retainer Case-Marbeled Colors, Marbled Black

Customer Reviews:

My son has a retainer for his "final stage" of braces. He didn't like the case the orthodontist gave him because it was too girly. This turned out to be a costly issue for me when he threw the retainer away at school when it was on his lunch tray. I went looking for a case at stores and no one had any and like I mentioned the orthodontist only had ones that were pink. I found these cases through Amazon and bought 2 - that was about 2 months ago. My son always knows where his retainer is now when it's not in his mouth.


What To Do When You Get Your Braces Off.

First check out your results and discuss any problems with your dentist. If you find that your teeth don’t look as good as expected, you should discuss the results with your dentist. Sometimes in the first months after the braces are taken off there may be movement, especially if you’re not wearing your retainer correctly. Your orthodontist may opt to put your braces back on for a short time to correct this problems.

So what to do when you get your braces off, CELEBRATE. Go eat without worry and flash those pearly whites around.

"Must Have Products to Complete that New Smile"

After getting your braces off you may want have a type of teeth whitening performed. Your orthodontist may already offer this or you may need to ask for this to be done.

There are many over the counter products that can get your teeth as white as you need them and for a fraction of the cost of having it done at your dentist.

Check out the products available at Amazon. They offer great prices, free shipping on purchases over $25 and quick delivery times.

Watts Power 35% Dual Action Teeth Whitening Gels Huge 10ml - 4 Huge 10ml Gels Plus Aftercare Gel - Optimized OTC Dual Action for Surface and Deep Stains for Quick Results - Made in the USA - Kosher
Watts Power 35% Dual Action Teeth Whitening Gels Huge 10ml - 4 Huge 10ml Gels Plus Aftercare Gel - Optimized OTC Dual Action for Surface and Deep Stains for Quick Results - Made in the USA - Kosher

Customer Reviews:

I have been getting 1cc 15% from my dentist for $[...] bucks a pop. With this product you get 35% and 10 times the amount for 1/4 of the price. Thanks for making my teeth so white that people have to wear sunglasses to shield their eyes when I smile, and thanks for saving me tons of $$$$.

NEW Nite White ACP 22% 8 Syringe (Latest Product)
NEW Nite White ACP 22% 8 Syringe (Latest Product)

Customer Reviews:

I use this with molds made by my dentist.

Initially I purchased nite-white thru my dentist, but he sold at a price almost 4 times more than I can get it on the web (it discounts 75% or so if you really shop).

I drink coffee by the gallon, and have teeth that are susceptible to staining.

Using nite white for 1 hour, on consecutive days, gets the teeth as white as can be. That doesn't mean pure white teeth for everyone, because some teeth are naturally brighter white than others.

I do my teeth every 3 months, or whenever I think they need it.

It really works as advertised, and is safe when properly used. READ THE INSTRUCTIONS. Use only the tiniest drop for each tooth (the package shows the actual size drop you should use). Using too much is not a smart thing - don't even try it.


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tana 6 years ago

I had mt braces on for a year and 5 months and I was happy about getting them, but when I got them I was mad and my mouth hurt like crap. I was always concerned about the color of my teeth and i wanted them to be whiter and my mom always said when you get them off they will look whiter. She always told me that you don't want your teeth to be to white because it wont look like a white teeth color and I always wanted to have whiter teeth..

gino 6 years ago

i had my fixed braces removed but it has ruined the enamel on my teeth, they feel very rough as though they have been scratched!

Orthodontist 6 years ago

There are many options nowadays to improve your smile with dental braces. You can get Invisalign braces, lingual braces or clear braces - no one will even notice that you're wearing dental braces.

Braces-for-kids 6 years ago

Thanks for the info. Braces are really a best option to correct malocclusion. The sooner, the better.

Nikki 6 years ago

I want braces so bad! But I don't have all my adult teeth yet! I still have about 4 baby teeth to loose. Do I have to wait to loose all my baby teeth? Im eleven and I still haven't lost all of the baby ones! Is there something wrong with them?

Susannah 6 years ago

I get my braces off in 8 months

:) I'm counting down !

Alli 6 years ago

I get my braces off in 3 days! So excited.

This was really helpful.

HEATHERH91 profile image

HEATHERH91 6 years ago from Oklahoma Author

Congratulation to you Susannah and Alli.

Patricia 6 years ago

i get my braces off tomorrow at 9AM... i'm sooooooo beyond exited.

HEATHERH91 profile image

HEATHERH91 6 years ago from Oklahoma Author

Yeah Patricia!!!!!!

xx-shauna 6 years ago from uk

thanks so much 4 this info!!

im getting braces tomorrow and i was really scared and panicking until i read this lol

i no it will b sore but hopefully in the long run it will benfit me :)

Better Yourself profile image

Better Yourself 6 years ago from North Carolina

Interesting hub and really informative. I do not wear braces but it's good to know :)

halem 6 years ago

this is one of the best websites for people with braces its extremely helpful and i would definitely recommend this website to everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

meighan 6 years ago

i don't like this i don't think it explains enough 4 the kids

Kalie 6 years ago

I noooooooooooooooooo i would sooooooo recommend this i am so excited to get my braces off

Julia 6 years ago

What my question is, is how many appointments are there BEFORE you get your braces on? And a big question of mine is... do I get to chose colors?

HEATHERH91 profile image

HEATHERH91 6 years ago from Oklahoma Author

Of course the number of appointments can vary but it should be done in two-three appointments. There is an appointment to assess the plan unless you are having them placed on by your routine dentist. Then the planning has been in place for a while. Next you will get the top set of braces and another appointment to get the lower set.

As far as colors yes you get to choose.

Arianna 6 years ago

Im so excited I'm getting my braces off in 10 days !! :) I'm like beyonddd exciteddd

nana adwoa 6 years ago

i cant wait to get braces cos i am only 11 years old but my wisdom tooth haven't come up yet can i stiil get braces if not how long do i have to wait

HEATHERH91 profile image

HEATHERH91 6 years ago from Oklahoma Author

My daughter has already got her braces on and off. She is now 17 and just now getting her wisdom teeth. So yes you will more than likely get your braces before you get your wisdom teeth. She does have to keep her retainers until they are fully grown in. This will help keep her teeth from shifting.

Alice 6 years ago

I'm due to be getting my braces off in two days but I still have tiny gaps where I had teeth removed before getting them, will I still get them off?

happygal 6 years ago

I get my braces off in 17.5 hours. I can't stop googling what to work can't focus....sooooooo excited!

hihibyebye 6 years ago

what would happened if you have a tooth overlapped to another tooth and got worry that one of my tooth will get way back.

cece 6 years ago

omgosh any advice getting braces off in 3 weeks too excited alwys thinking bout it:))))

laughinglaura 6 years ago

How long does it take for you to take your braces off?? 1 or 2 years or more???? please tell I'm getting braces and I need to know how long I will have these braces????!!!!!??? :(

HEATHERH91 profile image

HEATHERH91 6 years ago from Oklahoma Author

Generally it is about 2 years but of course that does depend on the amount of shifting and correction needed.

Natalie 5 years ago

I'm from the UK and I don't know if the procedure is different in the US but I have had spacers put on at the back because my teeth are tight when these spacers come out what is the next step please? I've been trying to find this out I had 4 spacers but they took 2 out and put like a metal band on Friday I'm getting the other 2 out but what come after that? Its really bugging my brain trying to find out thank you.

HEATHERH91 profile image

HEATHERH91 5 years ago from Oklahoma Author

After my daughter got her spacers off they put an appliance on to help move her bottom jaw forward. After wearing this for a year she then got her put on.

Shayydeee 5 years ago

Omg I can't wait too get braces I just started high school and I'm in the speacial music case but the magor music teacher said that I can't play one of the instruments because it will hurt my mouth the way my teeth are positioned. My teeth are kinda like vampire fangs and in the same position could someone pleas tell me how long do I have to be on the. Waiting list and then how long do I have to keep the braces on for????? Anyone

Shayydeee 5 years ago

Omg I can't wait too get braces I just started high school and I'm in the speacial music case but the magor music teacher said that I can't play one of the instruments because it will hurt my mouth the way my teeth are positioned. My teeth are kinda like vampire fangs and in the same position could someone pleas tell me how long do I have to be on the. Waiting list and then how long do I have to keep the braces on for????? Anyone

beth h 5 years ago

Im getting my braces on tomorrrow and i still don't no what to think im soooooooooooo nervous! i don't like pain i no they'll help and all but im still so scared!!!!aaaaah:(

sophia 5 years ago

omg i am getting braces too and i have a question that is not on this page what food do i don't eat when i have my braces on help please

HEATHERH91 profile image

HEATHERH91 5 years ago from Oklahoma Author

Anything that is overly sticky or hard should be avoided or at least eaten very carefully. Biting into an apple can break a wire or a bracket so it would be better to cut up the apple first into smaller bites. Sticky candy like caramel, taffee and especially jolly ranchers can pull off the brackets if you bite into them. If you do want to eat these type of candies try not to bite into them. Most other food items should be fine. Just remember to clean your teeth well after eating so that you don't develop any cavities, especially around the brackets and in those hard to reach spots. After all when you get the braces off you want your teeth to be their best.

sophia 5 years ago

ok thank you really much i will try to follow the rules when getting braces on thank you really much i didn't know what do without your help

hayhay 5 years ago

Ahh probley next month. they keep yelling at me to wear my rubber bands. Right now im wearing the constantly!!! i cant wait to get them off had them for 2 1/2 years! i really want a retainer!!! cant wait!! :)

Rai 5 years ago

Hi need help my dentist says he will remove my braces next month but i have only had them 6months and it looks like they gaps where he removed some teeth are not filled yet. He says they will fill in later but i am nt so sure is this okay?

Christian Dominguez 5 years ago

Very helpful website. My question is a little different. I'm 26 years old and can finally afford braces. I will be shipping to Afghanistan in November and would love to get them prior to going. Is this even feasible? I would not be able to go to any checkups but I'd hate to waste a year of not working on my teeth. Thank you for your help.

heatherh91 5 years ago

The braces may be able to be put on before you ship out however they are not going to be effective. The monthly visits are to tighten up the archwire to put the needed pressure on your teeth which will cause them to shift into the correct alignment. Without the tightening you will see no change and so there is not much of a reason to get them now.

hollyheather 5 years ago

im getting my braces on in 4 days from now....Im very excited but still kind of worried that it'll hurt

jenny 5 years ago

im getting braces aug 10 and this is the most wonderful thing that has happened to me. i had teeth problems since 2nd grade and i will ne able to smile now on my pictures.

Caroline 5 years ago

I get my braces off in 8 hours! yayayay!!

Jill 5 years ago

I get my braces off in 15 days and I've had them on for 5 years! I'm beyond excited!!!!

carli 5 years ago

I have braces & I am 16 - I absolutely hate them more then anything. They are the worst thing ever - I am glad my teeth are getting fixed but not being able to smile with out looking like retard sucks -.-

ADIN 5 years ago

I'll soon get my braces on but my denist didn't said anything about retainers so am i not getting retainers or what and before i get my braces on i want to know if i'm at school and my braces or it's wire breaks then wht can i do? and how to prevent my braces from breaking while sleeping or at school??

ttbb 5 years ago

im in orchestra and im not sure if i can be in it

ilikepie 5 years ago


I think you mean band ..

Band uses the mouth to play some instruments

Orchestra is just using your arms and hands


bubbles982 5 years ago

im getting braces this month!!! im totally scared but i cant wait!! when i was little i sucked my thumb and my teeth grew slightly outward and im always afraid 2 smile cuz of that!!

erin 5 years ago

i have a question, how do you put on bands and take off bands??????? plez tell me im dying 2 kno!!!!!!!!!

angela 5 years ago

erin, doesn't the dentist put on the bands right???? i think................

sara lynn 5 years ago

im getting braces tommorow I don't know how to puncuate that sentence! im really scared and happy at the same time! this girl i sort of know had her braces for two years! any tips for staying calm???!!!

wanda davis 5 years ago

I got brace's when i was 22 had them on for 2 an a half years,but like when i was 35 my regular dentist took the retainer wire off from the back of my bottom teeth, i didn't tell him to he just done it with out my permission now i am 53 and have peridontal desease,gingervitis and i think it is because my dentist took the wire off!!!!! Now i have apartial of four bottom teeth"Not happy at all" Do you think the damaage may have been because of my dentist taking the wire off my bottom teeth making my teeth very loose and peridontal disease"""

anija lee 5 years ago

im getting braces soon im scared and happy at the same time im scared that i wont be able to eat the same foods and i cant stand pain will i need to tak ea couple of days of or will i be ok

brandi Clark 4 years ago

I hate havinf braces they suck... i cant wait till i can get them off. i just went to the orthodontist and they wired all of my top and it hurts so bad :(

Sweetytweety14 4 years ago

I'm getting braces in 7 days and rite now I have my spacers. The spacers are really hurting rite now and I'm taking Advil and still nothing is heping!!!!! Are braces gonna be just like the spacers or worse? PLEASE SOMEONE ANSWER!!!!!!

Angel 4 years ago

Hi the braces won't hurt except when you got to the dentist every month to get them tightened, but that just lasts a few days then it's back to normal. I've had mine on for a year and going to the dentist in 15 minutes to get them taken off, so excited.

lola 4 years ago

this was rlly goin 2 be gettin my braces on soon...and its not exciting at all im pretay nervous...

Amber 4 years ago

I'm getting my braces off tomorrow at 10AM butm quite nervous and don't know what to expect but I'm excited. I really hope that my retainers don't make me speak funny but my teeth look perfect especially compared to before at the minute and thanks for the advice it came in handy.

Amber 4 years ago

Thanks for the advice it really didn't hurt but my braces are off impressions done and getting my retainers next week. Thanks again. And for all you getting your braces off soon it doesn't hurt and look forward to your new smile xx

haha 4 years ago


mariah j. 4 years ago

I have to wait until April to get my braces.. i think? or its the spacers whatever that is. I WANT MY BRACES NOW. OMG. i had to wait for 2 years to get them i don't want spacerss

Alexis a. 3 years ago

I'm getting braces in March and I'm 11,I haven't lost all my baby teeth I need about 3 more baby teeth 2 lose. If I don't get all my baby teeth by March they will have 2 pull them out. I just lost a baby tooth today.

hhrr 3 years ago

i get my braces off in 1 day. im actually not very excited. im 14 and had an expander when i was in 3rd grade. i have had my impressions done many times and im still soo scared for that. i gag so much. im not scared about the pain of getting them off, i really couldt care less. its the impressions. and they mightnot be as pretty as i expect them to be

LoseFast 3 years ago

Here's a helpful link for a great teeth whitener whenever you get your braces off!!

Nerdy 2 years ago

Hello everyone I lost my last baby tooth earlier this week so I might be getting braces. Thanks for the advice, though!

BTW- NOT calling myself nerdy because of braces, it's because I like getting good grades!

beccabeck 22 months ago

I'm 41 and I'm getting braces in 3 days I didn't have to have the spacers , I feel ridiculous getting them at my age! Is this stupid or common

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