Whats Causes Vitamin B Deficiency?

There is more than one cause for vitamin B deficiency. Stress is one of the causes and that means physical, mental, and emotional. Processed foods hurt in two ways: vitamins are lost in the processing; the few replaced nutrients aren't equal in nature or amount as what was originally in the food. The other reason is that these dead food are eaten in place of healthy foods and they aggravate the system. All drugs basically eat up the B complex in order to function. This includes alcohol. Toxins in foods, the air, and water destroy vitamins and other nutrients.

Vitamin B12 deficiency is also caused by pernicious anemia meaning that there are cells in the stomach that the body destroys and then B12 can't be absorbed. Absorption problems in seniors is more common because as you age it is harder to absorb nutrients from food. Certain digestive problems cause the body not to absorb B12 like celiac disease. Alcoholism and long term diarrhea can cause vitamin B1 and riboflavin deficiency. Antibiotics also cause B vitamin deficiency because the stomach when healthy produces some of the B vitamins, but the antibiotics kill the healthy bacteria in the stomach and then the stomach doesn't produce these vitamins until the healthy bacteria is restored, which can be done by eating yogurt with active cultures.

Taking a good B complex vitamin and eating foods rich in the B's will prevent deficiencies. Reducing stress will lessen the loss of B complex, as will refraining from drinking alcohol.


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