Male Breast Cancer : Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment

Out of every 100 breast cancers detected, one happens to be in a male.

Presenting natural history and treatment response of breast cancer in males forms an interesting comparison to that in female. Male breast cancer treatment and guidelines are same as female breast cancer.


The reason why breast cancer occurs in male is due to effect of hormones in breast tissue. what we need to know is that the normal male body also produces small quantities of female hormone estrogen.

Conditions that cause an increase in estrogen levels in males are known to be associated with breast cancer.If we diagnosed male breast cancer in the early stage can treat successfully.

This may be due to various reasons such as:

a. Improper development of testes from birth due to genetic condition known as klinefelter’s syndrome.

b. Surgical removal of both the testes for conditions including prostate cancer.

c. Use of estrogen for treatment and improper metabolism of estrogen in liver due to conditions such as liver cirrhosis.

d. Radiation on the chest wall increases the chances of breast cancer in male.

e. If a male develops breast cancer, the changes of him family having the breast cancer gene are much higher


  • Breast in males are generally not as large as in females. So, when a male develops a cancerous breast lump. It is much easier to detect as compared to females.
  • · Lack of awareness that breast cancer can develop in males too.
  • · The other reason is that with the breast size being small the cancer does not have to travel much to reach the skin or the chest wall muscles.

Comparison of Male and female breast cancer

Average sge of detection
60-70 years
Slightly Younger
Chances of family breast cancer
Chances of detection
Comparatively Difficult
Hormone receptor positivity
Comparatively Lesser


Female breast cancer is generally treated with a combination of:

  • Surgery
  • Chemotherapy
  • Radiation and hormone therapy
  • The same procedure applies to male as well

Surgery for male breast cancer usually implies:

  • Removal of the entire breast known as mastectomy, along with the lymph nodes in the axillary region.
  • Though the procedure is similar to that in females, closing the wound is more difficult, as the skin is not lax and stretchable as in female.


A female is 30% more likely to develop breast cancer if her brother develops breast cancer as compared to her sister.

Stay Healthy in Summer

1. Consume lot of water.

2. Take fresh juices and tender coconut water to keep yourself hydrated.

3. Avoid caffeinated and aerated drinks. Taking these drinks is not solution for quenching thirst.

4. Accessories yourself with pair of sun-glass, umbrella and hats in this season.

5. Wear light colored cotton, loose fitted clothes.

6. Avoid doing any outdoor activities during the peak hours.

7. Avoid direct contact with the sun.

8. Stay in shade while outdoors.

9. Limit high energy activities, and exercise during early morning or late in the evening when the temperature is relatively lower.

10. Take Lemon and salt water.

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