When you are weary

You Raise Me Up by Celtic Women lyrics

the gift of rest

'When you are really overwhelmed and things aren't getting better, take a nap.' That is a piece of advice that has had over twenty years to ferment and age and it still has truth, in my mind. It is especially true for newly married couples, adjusting to change, but is true for any station in life.

I don't take a nap as often as I ought to. A nap is punishment when you are in kindergarden or at home when you would rather be out playing when you were a child. A nap seems a waste of time in our world where productivity is stressed and laziness is frowned upon. Instead we use the drug of caffeine to suppress our weariness and continue on our ways. Guilty.

Getting enough sleep is basic. A good balanced diet is basic. Exercise is basic. Drinking fluids is basic. A nap is a gift.

The other day I stopped mowing the lawn, got off the riding mower, lay in the partial shade under a newly leafed maple and enjoyed a view of lakeshore, sparkling waters, blue sky. On that interlude, I did get a woodtick and had a few ants crawling on me, but in general, it was a gift. I didn't take a nap that time, but it was in that same spirit, a time to stop and enjoy my life, to let the noisy vibrations of that machine and the bumps and smells of internal combustion engines die out for a while.

There seems to be a frantic, manic mood to this summer season, when pent up winter anxieties are released and longer and longer days lull us into a stupor. There is never enough time to accomplish everything, or please everybody. Guilty.

Being industrious is a good thing. Accomplishing goals is praiseworthy. Improving home and property isn't bad, for sure. Maintaining stuff is wise. I am talking about that feeling that you have to be in two places at once (or more); the tension when you hear a thousand voices, but not the one whisper. It is also important to get enough quality sleep. Guilty, a little. It is late as I type, but the main thing is predictable sleep patterns, sleep regularity if possible, and getting your deep sleep and REM's.

A nap is a breather. It might be in an overstuffed chair, or during your favorite tv show. It might be catching a snooze when your partner is driving (especially if they are alert and driving safe). It might even be a time when you get off the internet (ouch) and take some time to lay on the couch (or bed) and get some shut-eye instead of staring at a computer screen.

So, I will try to practice what I preach. Good night.

Be Still and Know

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James A Watkins profile image

James A Watkins 7 years ago from Chicago

You are so right. When you are weary, take a nap. I do. And it works wonders. Thank you for the insight of this Hub.

Alissa1985 profile image

Alissa1985 7 years ago from Arkansas

You are very right about this. I remember when I was younger I just hated to take naps, but now, I love it. It is my out. I also love to dream. It seems it is more peaceful in your dreams and your escape.

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