Kids Prescription Goggles for Swimming


Kids Prescription Goggles Are Easy to Buy Online

When summer comes, kids are always anxious hit the nearest swimming pool. Whether it's in your backyard, at the neighbor's house, the country club, or the public pool, those cool waters are so inviting during the summer heat. But chlorine is no fun on the eyes. For most kids, it's easy to pick up swimming goggles at almost any superstore, drug store or swim shop. If your kids wear glasses, however, those goggles may protect their eyes from chlorine, but they sure don't make it easy to see underwater. Fortunately, kids prescription goggles for swimming are easy to purchase online.

Buying Kids Prescription Swim Goggles

Kids prescription goggles can be found on the web at both swimming pool supply stores and places selling glasses and contacts. I've seen prices range from less than $10 for clearance models with the same prescription strength in both lenses to more than $100 for custom goggles with separate powers for each lens. In general, if you need the same strength for each eye, you'll pay less than goggles that are created to match your prescription for each lens.

Here are a couple of examples of stores that sell kids prescription goggles for swimming. These are stores I'm familiar with because I've purchased from them, but if you search online, you can find others, too.

1. AC Lens - Although this site heavily promotes contact lenses and the name might suggest that's all they sell, you can also find kids prescription swim goggles here. If you scroll down the homepage, you'll find a link for Swimming Goggles in the lower left column, or you can type in "goggles" in the search box. As of this writing, the kids prescription goggles they carry are made by Hilco/Z Leader and sell for about $30. These swim goggles are customized with the lens power you select for each eye (from -1.5 to +8.0) and come in either blue or black.

2. Swim Outlet is another place to find kids prescription goggles. They sell Speedo Jr. Vanquisher goggles with prescription lenses, and you'll pay less for these, but the goggles will have the same eye power (from -1.5 to +8.0) in each lens. Swim Outlet offers these goggles for less than the official Speedo site (but as of this writing, Swim Outlet doesn't offer the complete range of power options you'll find on Speedo). The nice thing about Swim Outlet, however, is that they offer a low price guarantee, so you know you're getting a good deal if you shop here, and they also have free shipping on orders of $75 or more.

You can also find other stores that sell kids prescription goggles for swimming by searching on your favorite search engine, visiting a comparison shopping site such as or even searching Amazon or eBay.

Have You Purchased Kids Prescription Goggles Online?

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