How to Use a Neti Pot

Why Neti?

Delicate nasal passages can be the entryway into the body for pollutants, allergens and germs. While moist nasal passages are intended to protect the body from these foreign elements and contaminants, dry air or an overloading of irritants can cause upper respiratory problems, sinusitis and allergies.

Neti pots and sinus cleansing systems are beneficial because:

  • They aid in moistening the nasal membranes.
  • They clean out irritants, flushing them out altogether.
  • They help to free blocked nasal passages.

Sinus cleansing or irrigation can help with several conditions, such as:

  • Allergies
  • Sinusitis
  • Cold/Flu symptoms
  • Post-Nasal Drip
  • Nasal Dryness
  • Rhinitis

How to Neti

Be sure the water is lukewarm. Also, try using distilled water. The chlorine in tap water can burn sensitive nasal passages.

  • If using a saline solution, make sure it is completely dissolved.
    • Follow the directions on your nasal irrigation system for proportions of solution vs water.
  • Bend over a sink or basin.
  • Place the spout in one nostril. If using a pot, then tilt your head so that this nostril is above the other. If using a squeeze bottle, just bend over the sink.
  • The water should enter your nasal passage. If your passages are clear, it will drain from the other nostril.
    • If using a squeeze bottle, squeeze gently.

  • Breathe through your mouth while irrigating your sinuses.
  • If the water does not drain form the opposite nostril, don't worry. Your sinuses may be blocked. You are still moistening some of the nasal membranes and the warm water may help to eventually loosen the blockage.
  • After sinus cleansing, gently blow your nose.
  • Repeat on the other nostril.

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Comments 4 comments

mathan1234 profile image

mathan1234 8 years ago from Oklahoma City, OK

I used to have to take sinus medicine nearly every day until I started using a squeeze nasal wash kit. I love it! I will say though, a few close friends have seen me use it, and it kinda freaked them out to see me shooting water up one nostril while it comes out the other. :)

Kat07 profile image

Kat07 8 years ago from Tampa Author

I love the squeeze bottles! My husband was freaked out by it too, but now he also does regular sinus cleansing. : )

organized living profile image

organized living 8 years ago from Magnolia, AR

Nice concise article about how to neti. This really works. i used to use a tiny teapot to do it but now its caught on I'll have to get me one with the little mushroom on the end. Thank you very informative.

Kat07 profile image

Kat07 8 years ago from Tampa Author

Thanks, organized living! I used to use baby aspirator bulbs until they came out with the squeeze bottle!

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