Which Foods are Best to Keep You Slim Before Sleeping

Do I Eat This?

Every one is well aware of this quotation 'Do I Eat This'. Majority of people when pick any food stuff always put this thought in to their minds. There is no doubt about this vital statement but a smaller addition to this quotation works far better. This addition can be seen as "DO I Eat This According to My Taste". its really important that do not copy the same stuff while your are planing to have healthy diet.

Concept of Different Macro-nutrients

People must acquire knowledge about few Macro-nutrients. If they do not know a tiny information about them, they would not be able to have the complete concept of diet and the fitness. They at least must bother these below mentioned things

  1. What is protein?
  2. Which one is useful fat ?
  3. How to choose good or bad carbohydrates?

What is Protein?

In simple way, protein is necessary for growth and repair of muscle's tissues. The main sources of protein are dairy products ( egg, milk) meat ( fish, chicken) and nuts ( almond, peanut). Timing to eat is a key factor.

Eggs Competiton

Eating more than one egg is a good choice?

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Which one is useful fat?

Fat is a deadly or even the most horrible word for every one. People assume that this word is a true enemy for their fitness or health and staying miles away from will prove as a best decision. But extremely sorry, people are unaware of healthy impact of useful fats such as polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats ( olive oil, flaxseed oil ). Fish, nuts, avocado and milk are few example which are packed with above mentioned fats.

Avocado is the best source of

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How to choose good or bad carbohydrates?

Carbohydrates are the prime fuel for a human body. If you fill your body with good carbohydrates. Then, this fuel helps to produce energy in the body and exerts positive impacts on your health as well.

Right Selection of Carbohydrates does Matter!!

Few Good carbohydrates sources are rice, pasta, potato cereals and beans fruits and vegetables.

Is porridge with banana into skimmed milk considered as healthy breakfast?

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Which foods are best to eat before going to sleep?

From the above discussion ! Now, it's the time to start thinking - how to choose the right kind of healthy food stuff? Although, it's seriously important to know what are you eating through out a day but the whole scenario get worse if you do not eat good quality food which mainly should focus on protein and good carbohydrates before having sound sleep.

People should stay away from those foods which are loaded with bad carbohydrates such as cookies and cakes.

Foods containing good carbohydrates ( pasta, rice, cereals) can be dangerous before sleep because these foods are not properly digested and could cause bloating problems.

Foods which are high in calories must also be avoided late at night. In fact, prefer to eat in the morning to aid your body energy requirements.

Consuming too much sugar( processed food) is also bad for your healthy body because it gives spark to your body's insulin level.

If you regularly take high fat and big portion of carbohydrates food stuff and sleep straight away afterwards, it put burden on your stomach and your metabolism may effect and results in weight gain.

Once you choose good and clean food, you can easily reduce your weight.

Journal of the American Medical Association

A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that by 6 p.m., people with night eating syndrome consumed a little more than a third of their daily calories, while a control group had consumed almost three-quarters. Between 8 p.m. and 6 a.m., however, the night eaters consumed 56% of daily calories, while controls consumed only 15%.

Advantages of staying away from late night eatings

If you avoid eating before sleep you can assume yourself as lucky person because if you continuously eat in such manner it will result in overweight condition. Once, you are overweight you can easily impose risk to your health after couple of time. Overweight leads to obesity and obesity welcome to diabetes and then this circle gets larger and larger.


Before sleep having light snack about 150 to 200 calories is the best option. This snack includes any low calorie juice or even hot treat. You can add fiber enrich foods like beans to your dinner because fiber makes your body fuller up to 3 hours. Be kept in mind dinner must be taken before 8 pm.

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