White fish benefits!

White fish
White fish

These are all very similar from a nutritional standpoint, whether sea fish like cod, haddock, whiting, monkfish, sea bream, red and grey mullet, snapper, plaice, sole and halibut, or freshwater fish like pike, perch, catfish, bream or carp. They all contain virtually no fat, few calories and plenty of protein as well as the B vitamins. They don't, however, contain much iron and though halibut, which is slightly oily, may contribute a little vitamin A, the white fish do not generally supply fat-soluble vitamins.

The livers of cod and halibut are very rich in vitamins A,D and E but these aren't eaten, only used for the production of oil. The roe of white fish is an excellent source of B vitamins and as good a source or iron as some meat, but fish roe contains cholesterol so may not be suitable for people with inherited disorders of fat metabolism or very high cholesterol levels.

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