Who Makes The Best Liquid Vitamins

Why Take Liquid Vitamins vs Pill Form

This article will discuss who makes the best liquid vitamins and why they are the best to take over pill form.
This article will discuss who makes the best liquid vitamins and why they are the best to take over pill form.

Prodovite Natural Liquid Vitamins and Minerals

Livethesource Helped Kay After Cancer

New Natural Nano Technology Makes The Best Liquid Vitamins

Before we answer who makes the best liquid vitamins, we need to review a few very important points about liquid vitamins and mineral supplements.

There are several high quality liquid vitamins on the market today and for the average consumer, trying to find the best one could be very difficult to say the least. Because you are looking for a liquid vitamin I will assume that you are not average. You are probably already aware that liquid vitamins will give you better absorption than those in pill form.

Typical vitamins in pill form have on average a 10 to 12% absorption rate at the cellular level. When you take a high quality liquid vitamin you can get as much as 20% absorption rate at the cellular level and some companies claim that you may get a little more but the evidence in this area is very lite at this time.

So until recently the best we could hope for is about a 20% absorption rate. I recently discovered a company that has been working on a new delivery system to the cellular level of you body for the past 14 years. They have been working in the field of nutritional nano technology. Prodovite Liquid Vitamin Info
Nano technology is an exploding field right now and many fantastic discovery's are being made with cancer research and in many other areas of our lives. Just take a minute and Google the term nano technology and you will be amazed at what you find.

But this article isn't about nanotechnology it is about who makes the best liquid vitamins. Well, this company through the nutritional nano technology and a process called nano encapsulation delivers a 80-90% absorption rate of vitamins, minerals and herbs into the cell. This new technology is showing some amazing results.

So to answer your original question. Who makes the best liquid vitamins? I would have to say right now it is a company called livethesource with it's patented nutritional nano technology. livethesource has come up with a product called dailysource and it is a fully Nano-Encapsulated Liquid Vitamin, Mineral and Herbal Supplement.

I have personally used this product and several of my friends have also. You actually feel the product and I have never felt a vitamin product before.

If you are still interested in more information about livethesource and dailysource you can click this link Livethesource story

Nano Liquid Vitamins Minerals

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woodamarc profile image

woodamarc 4 years ago from Portland, Oregon

I recently read your energy drink and health risk hub. And found this one in your repository. Another great hub with more fantastic information. I'll definitely be doing a little research on nano technology and liquid supplementation. Thanks!

martinneesams 4 years ago

hello nev i got it from a mate so this is there web address

and some info ,ring them if you need them in a hurry ,just say martin neesams recommened you

ldelfino50 3 years ago

I'm new to Hub but have to say that with all the hype on what is the best I would like to let everyone know about liquid vitamins that have helped me for many years and that is Innovative natural products. I also use their silver for my pets and my family. I also like the vitamins by Life Source if I can't find INP's brand.

Archie Freeman profile image

Archie Freeman 3 years ago Author

The manufacturer for this product has changed. The Vites have a new name called Prodovite. They taste better and have even improved the formula. We take them faithfully. Here is the link if you want to check them out. http://symbioticmb.com/aff/affiliates/signup.php?a...

John 2 years ago

For me I hate when a company changes so much. You can improve a product and not have to change the name. I see on youtube having these video's and have a link saying the company has changed to what ever name it is. I for one would like to see this same people post their own video's trying the new product to see if it helps them as much as the old product.

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