My Experience With National Health Care . . . it's not good.

Health Care Reform Battle
Health Care Reform Battle

A Controversy? With Health Care? Yup.

America, and the way we are going, never ceases to amaze me. I'm not going to say it's because it is moving in a positive way, but more on how people can really be so dumb. (Emphasis with 'more-on.')

Not too long ago on a Fox News cable show, and on talking on health reform in the United States, one remarked that health care reform was 'a subtle form of euthanasia'. Did the president really and mean to say that health reform will kill you? Well, it's time to say something. It is important to voice the concerns of the elderly; to make sure we're heard. If you were to ask me, I wouldn't want to wait weeks, or MONTHS for health care. I don't even like waiting for an hour in a waiting room. To me, that's too much. But I cannot complain, it's shorter than a lot of countries. Once the government takes over the health care system, and let's hope they don't, lines will be miles long, health care quality will plummet, (we just upped our life expectancy, seems the status quo is good enough), and elderly care especially will hurt. Many times, when the elderly need to have medical procedures done, they are more immediate than, say, something more benign. It's no secret that the elderly frequent hospitals. Medical care for the elderly is more than just taking a pain killer.

The Health in Aging: Issues and Answers blog has viewers from all around the world. Some, admittedly, with nationalized health care. Why is it that many patients from those countries come to the United States for health care? It is simply because the American medical system is the best in the world. Don't fix what isn't broken. We do not need the quality of our elderly health to go down because a small minority thinks it would be better to do so.

Recently I was talking to a family member who just took a trip to Canada. She was talking to a man that was actually employed by the medical system as a doctor. He told her that even he hasn't had a procedure done on his knee in over a year--he's been waiting the whole time. Eventually he has conceded that next month he will be taking a trip to Billings, Montana to have the procedure done. Hmm, even a doctor within the medical system cannot get a procedure done.

I personally had a medical procedure done in the country of Cyprus. I was in my early twenties and probably riding my bike way too fast. The hospital visit was a disaster. I was in a wreck and split my leg open pretty badly. I had hit a car head on after dodging a family on the sidewalk that came out of nowhere. I was laying on the street bleeding from my leg and finger profusely. No ambulance, I was actually ferried to the hospital by French tourists on the back of their rented motorcycle. When I went to the hospital, the doctor told me I couldn't have any anesthesia. She told me it would 'ruin my liver.' Needless to say I had a gaping 2 inch deep wound that was scrubbed clean by steel wool without any pain killer. She stitched me up, gave me no painkillers, and sent me away. No instruction on care, no follow up visit, no medications, nothing. They wouldn't take my stitches out so I went to another doctor that yanked them all out. (I came home bleeding). I remember thinking, "I miss American hospitals; the cleanliness, the quality of the care included" In other countries especially with socialized health care, hospitals are places people go to die, not to get treatment. Exactly like Cyprus. Hello America, we're on our way.

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rsmallory profile image

rsmallory 7 years ago from Central Texas

Good points across the board. I have written several hubs on the health care reform legislation currently proposed in Congress. My mom is retiring this month and is very afraid she will not get the treatment she needs and deserves as a result of this proposed legislation if it passes.

Bibowen profile image

Bibowen 7 years ago

Wow, what an experience! Keep telling that story. Americans need to hear that before they break what is already a good system. Thanks for writing on this important topic.

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