Why Am I A Vegetarian?

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I Don't Eat Meat!

I know that's an obvious statement when I have a title questioning why I am a Vegetarian! but it is a start, it begins with the obvious and then comes the description "I don't eat meat", "I am a vegetarian" what I intend to discuss here is my reason for being a non meat eating individual.

I understand all of the arguments and criticisms that will arise as a result of this but I wish to for once be able to explain myself, when I go out or generally speak about food I avoid the conversation because of the repetitive views on the subject, the Jeremy Clarkeson view that places vegetarianism clearly into a pigeon-hole of weirdness and liberalism, in his and many others point of view an affront to humanities hunting instinct.

Human instinct?

Are humans meat eating animals?, well they have certainly evolved the ability to consume and digest meat in that there is no doubt. Humans are not naturally hunters though, they are by definition scavengers, relying mainly on berries, roots and fruit occasionally accompanied by remnants of a kill by another animal. Necessity determined that the creature humans evolved from when faced with desolate plains devoid of fruit bearing trees had to survive by changing its diet, it had to learn how to hunt using tools and the lie of the land, humans did not adapt to the environment in which they lived they adapted the environment instead, and from there onwards humans became Omnivorous.

So for the last three million years given the opportunity Human species from Australopithacines to Homosapiens have consumed meat, this altered the way that we evolved enabling us to grow taller and survive in more varied environments, and as we evolved our ability and desire to kill and consume meat evolved too. 

Evolved species?

The purpose of life is to survive and multiply primarily through the conservation of energy, using as little as possible balanced against that which you have acquired, the most successful species hunt and kill or acquire food in the most productive manner, cats for instance are the ultimate hunters as they could sleep all day and on balance use little energy hunting, they are stealthy and cunning. Humans pride themselves, sometimes far too highly, on being intelligent in contrast to all other animals, they believe themselves to be the peak of evolution and yet their conservation of energy is beyond repair, we borrow energy to survive we should not abuse it or harbour it but use it wisely, we see the consequences of this every day but thats another issue.

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I Eat Vegetables!

Another blindingly obvious statement!, although the diet is more varied than that. "Humans do not require meat to survive", this quote is less obvious and more controversial, but it is a fact that there are proteins and fats that can be found in meat which are required for a healthy lifestyle, these can be obtained from vegetables just not in the same quantities, I agree that in that sense there is a benefit to be obtained from meat. I however choose not to take advantage of that benefit, the small amount of protein found in meats can be obtained in other ways or ignored, I do not think that my health will suffer I fully understand the biology of amino acids and how we require all twenty for our cells to reproduce, I have my acids and not in detriment to my belief.

Damn Liberal?

I see every day the absolute perfection of life, plants, birds, insects, animals, fish (I definitely do not eat fish) and humans, I see the interaction with nature and the environment, its consummation and reproduction and how it cycles onward through history. However humans have grown above this, humans have taken advantage of all that is good and abused it for nothing less than greed itself, for image and avarice, vanity and small degrees of warmth we have taken the rights issued to all for the balance of energy and abused them, we do not share energy, we do not use it as nature requires but for a feeling, for an evening of fun and frivolity nature suffers. An animal looses its right to life however insignificant a life it may be for no reason of survival, not because in doing so another more deserving animal can survive and continue the genetic journey but to expand slightly an already bulging stomache.

The Higher Moral fibre?

No not me! the concept, when serving for a brief period with the British Army it was plain to see how violence was driven by excitement, a pumping racing heart set to issue and explode with energy, the adrenaline, the fat racing blood whizzing through ballooned veins perched on tensed expectant muscles ready for fight or flight. And that was just lunch time! the point being that even the consumption of meat is a violent issue, the tearing of the flesh and knowledge of the dominance shown over the defeated animal, it is my view that whatever state the animal was in the second its life was taken lingers within its remains and is consumed along with the flesh, the fear, the screams the pain and innocence of an animal bred for requirement, the consumer is infused with these feelings. To not eat meat is to not consume the anger and violence associated with it hence providing a more balanced, stable existence devoid of prehistoric greed and enlightened by the free flow of energy through your body without issue.

There is a massive problem with this argument that vegetarianism is less violent and calmer and that problem is Hitler who was a vegetarian, mind you I also think that he had mental issues so that might not count.

I Conclude!

I genuinely do not eat meat, or fish, I feel that I do not need it to survive, I live a healthy life I vary my food enjoy cooking immensely and exercise. I do not condemn the eating of meat because humans are just not that evolved and I understand all the arguments for eating meat, I just choose not to.

I like animals and think that there is more to our combined existence and as a result I just do not take for my pleasure or sport any life whatsoever (if I can help it).

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Pixel-Alchemist profile image

Pixel-Alchemist 5 years ago from Waitakere Auckland : New Zealand

Hi An interesting thought provoking article, and a dam good one as many Vegetarian's simply do not talk of such, for all the reasons stated.trying to explain why you are a Vegetarian is a bit like trying to convince a right wing Christan that people do not chose to be gay. Even with my article I do eat some meat mainly white such as chicken. However I abhor the killing of an animal for sport or trophy hunting. It is ironic that eating of meat, and animal fat was the thing that lurched humanity to a point of higher evolution, in terms of the humans mind/ brain to grow and evolve. It was also very late that Mankind turned from hunting beasts to being able to settle and grow crops ( depending on the culture)this was simply change due to the change of environmental circumstance. Which helped bring in the dawn of what we call the Higher brain functions in art and literature. There are many cultures who have an interlinked relationship with animals spiritually and physically through out the word. They eat meat. however unlike westerners they give thanks and Honor the animal they have killed. they Kill for need, not for pleasure. Why Vegetarians are made to feel second class citizens or fruit loops is beyond my understanding. thanks for sharing a slice of life from a Vegetarian's point of viwe

I also do not agre that Vegetarians should be treated as leapers, or something to scoff about. Eat what you will and allow others the same freedom as Angus does.

Vibhavari profile image

Vibhavari 5 years ago from India


Well written, you have interesting view points here. I have also read, like you say here, that we take in all the emotions the animal felt at the times of being slaughtered. It is also said that plants have a consciousness, and so we must purify all food that we eat, veg or non-veg. We must thank the "food" for giving of itself to us, and that we are sorry for whatever trauma was caused in the process.

I'm sure all non-vegetarians have their own view points as well - To Each his own......

Dorissun profile image

Dorissun 5 years ago

Many people say that eating vegetables are good for our health. Although I am not a vegetarian, but in my daily life, I eat vegetables more.

Peanutritious profile image

Peanutritious 5 years ago from Cheshire, UK

This is an excellent hub. I've not eaten meat or fish since I was 10 years old. There is no way that i'd be able to kill an animal for food. It feels hypocritical to let others do so and choose not to think about it. I get fed up with people insulting me because I'm a vegetarian. I never have a go at anyone for eating meat but for some reason we are seen as 'loony hippies'! People seem to think it gives them the right to tar you with the mad brush. Voted up and interesting.

leni sands profile image

leni sands 5 years ago from UK

I also haven't eaten red meat for about 30 years.

I used to hate it as a kid and would have to sit at the table for hours chewing it because I was told I had to eat all of it before I could leave the table. I used to sneak it to the dog when no one was watching. Another thing I was always told was that it would make me grow big and strong - not that I wanted to be big and strong but that kind of fits in with your suggestion 'this altered the way that we evolved enabling us to grow taller and survive in more varied environments'.

As a teenager I did become a vegetarian almost to the point of vegan but I must not have done it in the right way because later in life I have developed B12 deficiency and anaemia and have to have an injection every three months for the the rest of my life.

I do occasionally have white meat these days although of late I have become more convinced that I can do without it and I am not a fish eater. I do enjoy lots more salads, fruit and vegetables these days.

If I was to become totally vegetarian I think this would be the article that persuaded me to do so. I s'pose I am gradually becoming a vegetarian anyway and I recently opted for the vegetarian menu at a conference.

My fella and I tried total vegetarianism for a while a couple of years ago but we couldn't find enough variation in meals and found it somewhat bland. I'd like to see some vegetarian recipes that could excite the taste buds before we go the whole way again.

Brilliant hub, thanks for sharing, voted up, etc.

Anon 4 years ago

Dear Vegetarians,

If you love animals so much, then why do you eat their food?

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