Why Detox is Important Before Starting a Diet Regimen

Have you ever been as curious as I am to know why most diets don't work? Or if it does, it don't really last as long as expected? Well, to tell you the truth there's actually a lot of things that hinders diet. No, not the fact that it gets boring or the fact that eating health-foods isn't as exciting as eating fatty, sodium loaded snacks. But the fact that inside our bodies there are things which makes diet regimens less effective. Believe it or not, no matter how great your fitness weight loss diet is at making you lose weight you somehow bounce back to the old, chubby version of yourself. So why does this happen?

According to research, simple nutritional problems once ignored can blow up into bigger problems that will hinder your body to lose weight. Aside from that your body will simply accumulate nutrients it doesn't need because something in your metabolism is making your brain think you need these extra nutrients. These factors can be both deadly and dangerous if not resolved and mind you, most health problems we all encounter today are because of these factors.

Before we proceed, let me just tell you something about your gastrointestinal system. The GIT as it is sometimes called is known to absorb nutrients from the food we eat. But not only that, it is also responsible in keeping the chemicals within the body balanced. And since it is responsible in breaking down nutrients as well to be properly distributed within the body any problems associated with it can be rather troublesome. Some people believe that a little gastric problem has nothing to do with the overall nutritional status of the body but it actually does. No matter how small the problem is when it comes to your gastrointestinal tract it will always hinder you from achieving your goal of having a healthy weight and body.

So what are these factors which hinder the effects of diet?

The number one reason and factor why most diet regimens fail is because of intestinal worms. You know, hookworms, tapeworms, ascariasis and pin worms. These parasites are really tricky to get rid off. Why? because sometimes no matter how big they get; you still don't notice them. Textbooks often tell you that having parasites will cause you to exhibit symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea, light-headedness and bloating. While this is true some individuals with intestinal worms are actually unaware they have it; they are basically asymptomatic which is why most people don't really take de-worming seriously. It's a proven study that most people have intestinal worms since 85-95% of the world's population have had intestinal worms at some point in their lives. Another reason why diets don't work is because of gluten. Gluten is usually found in pastries which all of us consume everyday. Although some individuals cannot really digest gluten average people (like you and me) will encounter a problem with gluten as time goes by - Age makes this gastric problem very much possible because the ability of your system to absorb gluten decreases with age. Gluten can get stuck on intestinal walls hindering your GIT's ability to effectively absorb nutrients. This can also be the reason why people experience bloating, flabby abdomen and other gastric problems.

In addition some experts believe that eating red meat can weaken your immune system because it is acidic and can simply add to the toxic load of the body. It too, may hinder your body from losing weight no matter how lean the meat is. Another is when you eat dead food. Dead food pertains to processed foods and sometimes to foods which already lost its freshness. These "dead foods" do not contain the nutrients your body needs thus eating them will only cause gastric problems such as indigestion and bloating.

There are actually many more factors which can cause your body to be unresponsive to any type of diet regimen. Which is why it is recommended to anyone to undergo detox prior to diet.

But what is detoxification?

Detoxification is a process. A process of cleansing your body most specifically the intestinal tract so that the body will become responsive to nutrients, diets as well as avoid and prevent diseases to occur.

A proper detoxification process will ensure that all of the above factors and conditions that hinder diet will be resolved. And there are various kinds of detoxification each one having a specific goal in order to make your body healthy. It is important to undergo detox before you start a diet regimen as this will enhance the effect of your diet. It is not actually a long and difficult process which takes months but it is a simple one which is necessary for you to achieve inner health.

Detoxification supports your body's natural ability to cleanse itself and in this process you are helping your system achieve a higher state of health. Through detox, your body will be able to get rid of toxins (including parasites) that's been living inside your system making you sick, less active, unhealthy and lazy.

Wouldn't it be great to at least see a real change in your body without the fear of going back to the old you?

Detox does just that.

I think it's a great recommendation for all not just to the ones who would like to start on a new diet. Don't you agree?

Anyway, detox have different types. The most common type of detox is what we call liver detox. Since the liver acts as a storage area of excess nutrients especially fats and proteins; it needs to undergo detoxification to achieve better functionality. Liver detox pertains to eating organic foods which cleanses the liver, reduce fats deposits and freeing the liver from toxics brought about by alcohol, drugs, smoking and unhealthy diet. There's also the fasting diet which is important if you want to get rid of toxins from your body. This allows the intestinal tract to take some rest but it is not effective in removing intestinal worms and intestinal impaction which may be hindering your diet. There are also other ways on how to detox your intestinal system like colonic irrigation which is done in the hospital, homeopathic detox and herbal detox. All of which are great in getting rid of unwanted toxins and free radicals from the body. The only problem is, they are limited when it comes to cleansing your body from other serious toxins that can potentially harm your body in the future.

A very effective detoxification process is by eliminating meat and processed foods from your diet for a number of days (3 days to 2 weeks). Taking in a combination of different herbs should be part of this process. Some herbs are high in fiber, antioxidants and chemicals which is great in cleansing your intestines. This means that as you are undergoing the process of detoxification you will experience flatulence, urgency and frequency in moving your bowels, bloating and even nausea. The incoming days of your detoxification process will help you move impaction, intestinal worms and other toxins from your system as your whole body is now aimed to clean your body from the inside out.

After a great detox you cannot immediately resume your usual diet since your intestines may not really respond to your regular diet as it used to. Because of this, you need to completely change your diet from the usual to a more organic and healthier one. You will notice a great change in your life and system. Since there are no longer hindrances to your diet you can now effectively lose weight even without trying to. There are also other ailments that detox alone can cure like different gastric problems to migraine headaches.

When it comes to properly detoxifying your system to get rid of toxins always remember that you need to choose the one which you think will benefit you the most. You can even make your own detox regimen just make sure that you are aware of the effects of the herbs you will take in for some time to ensure a healthy outcome.

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1Arjun 5 years ago

Well said.. Detoxification of the body once in a while is very useful. Specially if we have been on a Junk diet path.

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