Why Good Thyroid Health is Important to Your Fertility

Why is a properly functioning thyroid so important to your fertility health? A woman’s thyroid gland is responsible for producing and releasing just the right amount of sex hormones to initiate ovulation. Without hormonal balance and ovulation, fertilization and pregnancy can not take place.

In addition to this very important job, the thyroid is also responsible for:

● Converting oxygen into energy for the body’s cells, organs and major systems

● Helping the body’s muscles to move freely and work properly as well as to keep joints limber.

● Keeping the heart pumping effectively

● Assisting the body in using carbohydrates in the most efficient ways for producing energy.

● Helping the digestive system digest the foods you eat more easily

● Helping to eliminate wastes and toxins from the body

● Making bones grow (especially in a growing fetus)

● Helping to regulate sexual function and increase libido

● Helping to balance sex hormones and regulate ovulation

● Helping the brain function properly

As you can see, proper thyroid function is vital to keeping all the systems and organs in your body working at peak efficiency, which can help to regulate the reproductive system too. So, how can you tell if your thyroid is working the way it should? Look for some of the most common signs of thyroid dysfunction first:

● fatigue

● extreme moodiness

● unexplained weight gain

● a lower than normal basal body temperature

● always feeling cold (especially in your hands and feet)

● chronic body aches or even flu-like symptoms

● mild memory loss or a fuzzy feeling in the head

Digital Basal Body Thermometer
Digital Basal Body Thermometer

How to Test for Hypothyroidism

One of the best ways to determine whether further testing is necessary is to take a closer look at your basal body temperature chart. If you have been trying to conceive for any length of time, the odds are good that your doctor has requested that you begin charting your morning basal boy temperature to try and predict ovulation. While temperature spikes may indicate an ovulation pattern, when trying to determine possible thyroids dysfunction you are looking for low temperatures under 97.6 degrees. If you notice a lot of these lower-than normal temperatures, you might want to ask your doctor to run a thyroid panel to check for hypothyroidism.

If you suspect low-thyroid function, or your doctor has already diagnosed a thyroid issue, you may have to begin thyroid hormone treatment. Or, your doctor may suggest trying a combination of these thyroid building remedies:

  • Exercise: exercising moderately at least a half an hour every day can help to keep your entire body in tip-top shape; including your thyroid. Be careful though. Some studies have shown that extreme exertion can actually inhibit thyroid function, so if you are training for a marathon or some other high intensity sport, you may find your thyroid misfiring and causing you to experience temporary infertility.
  • Eat only whole organic foods. Add plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as whole grains to your diet to ensure that your thyroid is getting enough vitamins and minerals.
  • Use cold baths and compresses to help stimulate your thyroid into action.
  • Look into some of these thyroid enhancing supplements: Zinc; Vitamin E; Selenium; Copper; and B Vitamins.

There are two very good botanicals that can also be used to enhance thyroid health:

Ashwaganda (Withania Somnifera) is used to support thyroid function and increase levels of thyroid hormones T4. These help to balance polyglandualr support and relieve the endocrine system of damaging stressors within the body.

Rhodiola also helps to relieve stress in the body and can depress mood swings, fatigue and irritability associated with low hypothyroidism.

All of these herbs and supplements can be found in a one convenient herbal supplement called Thyrofem.

Hypothyroidism, or a lack of sufficient thyroid function, is a growing epidemic, causing hundreds of thousands of cases of infertility every year. It has been estimated that as many as one in eight women today suffer form low thyroid function, which is causing worldwide fertility problems.

There are two things that can cause hypothyroidism:

  1. An inability of the thyroid to produce the proper amount of sex hormones
  2. a blockage within the thyroid that keeps necessary sex hormones form travelling throughout the body and to the reproductive system where it can induce the ovaries to release a mature egg and tell the uterus to begin creating a rich nutritious lining for a fertilized egg to implant to for proper growth.

Natural Thyroid Support

One of the best supplements to consider for low thyroid function is ThyroFem, a thyroid gland support supplement that offers prospective mothers just the right amounts of the vitamins, minerals and botanicals they need to boost their thyroid production and increase their ability to get pregnant.

Thyro Fem provides a good mix of the following support materials including: Vitamin C; Vitamin E; Vitamin B12; Iodine; Zinc; Copper; Selenium; L Tyrosine; Ashwagandha Root and Rhodiola.

For most women, taking 2 capsules once every day offers enough support to return your thyroid to good function and help stave off infertility issues associated with this type of improper hormone release. This supplement is also generally considered safe to use in conjunction with thyroid medications. Please ask your doctor about this to make sure.

The Natural Fertility Community
The Natural Fertility Community

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