Why People with Heart Disease Should Exercise with Nose Breathing Only

by Dr. Artour Rakhimov (www.NormalBreathing.com)

People with heart disease generally have reduced abilities to exercise. At the same time, exercise is vital for our health and well-being. As it is known, ineffective oxygen transport leads to too heavy breathing during exercise even during moderate exercise: they start panting.

The main reason of their poor fitness and overbreathing during exercise is simple: their breathing pattern is heavy already at rest, and this causes reduced level of oxygen in the heart muscle tissue day and night. - What causes heart disease? - Hyperventilation or breathing more than the norm. Medical studies have proven that they overbreathe or breathe about 2-3 times more than the medical norm. Indeed, consider this Table.

Hence, we see 100% prevalence of chronic hyperventilation in heart patients. These studies testify that all heart patients should have abnormally low O2 and CO2 levels in the heart tissue due to their heavy breathing at rest. (Hyperventilation reduces their arterial CO2 and that causes constriction of arteries and arterioles due to CO2 vasodilation effect and the suppressed Bohr effect, which causes further diminished oxygen delivery).There are other pathological effects related to hyperventilation such as headaches, poor sleep, low energy levels, stress, anxiety, and many others. See Effects and Causes of Stress/Anxiety: Low Brain O2 and CO2, for more detail.

Any person can check that hyperventilation lessens oxygenation of tissues. Begin deliberate and forceful overbreathing and in nearly two-three minutes most people can faint. This happens because of the reduction of glucose and oxygen levels in the brain.

During exercise, mouth breathing produces a similar effect in heart patients. Their CO2 levels becomes lower since losses of CO2 for mouth breathing are much greater in comparison with nose breathing. As a result, all body organs get less oxygen. Furthermore, hundreds of people die during exercise because of the effects of overbreathing and reduced oxygen levels in the brain and heart muscle.

There is also another effect of mouth breathing that relates to body's inability to use nitric oxide, a powerful chemical that is produced in sinuses. This chemical is another powerful dilator of blood vessels. Nitric oxide can also be synthesized from nitroglycerin, a known drug for heart disease.

Mouth breathing reduces or prevents absorption of nitric oxide and mouth breathers with heart disease use nitroglycerin to have more nitric oxide in blood, instead of nose breathing! It is surely simpler and smarter to maintain nose breathing 24/7.

What are the solutions? As about 200 Russian physicians testify, strictly nasal breathing during exercise (in and out only through the nose) prevents CO2 losses and acute exacerbations due to exercise. This usually means that heart patients need to start with very light exercise, like walking on even surface.

The permanent solution is to make the breathing pattern slower and easier 24/7. This will increase blood CO2 levels. Since CO2 dilates blood vessels and enhances the Bohr effect, slower breathing at rest will increase body oxygenation and improve health and fitness of heart patients. There are several breathing techniques that increase body oxygen levels. They are reviewed on my website.

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kpcwriting 4 years ago from New York, New York

I agree that nose breathing is very important for ones' overall health.

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artour 4 years ago from Canada Author

But less than 1% of people do vigorous exercise with nose breathing

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Thak`s its good!!!

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I really wish there were more arlietcs like this on the web.

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