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New Distributor Pack
New Distributor Pack

I Was Done In Less Than A Month

The man who introduced me to MonaVie is somebody I had known for about 15 years. He is a dialysis patient who had a kidney transplant, and he told me he was getting great results with this new anti-oxidant acai berry fruit drink called MonaVie. So I gave it a try.

About 15 years prior when I was fairly new at studying clinical nutrition and promoting supplements, I tried to introduce different nutritional products to this same person as well as others in our church, but they responded to me like I was an alien from another planet. People just weren't into nutritional supplementation like they are today.

So when he called me up all excited about MonaVie, I had to see what finally hooked him into becoming such an advocate for nutrition so many years later. I bought a few bottles of MonaVie for myself as well as some close family members, and we enjoyed the taste very much. It seemed to make us feel good too. I noticed a reduction in joint pain, increased energy and what I believed to be an increase in mental clarity.

The Flagship Fruit

Acai Berry Info
Acai Berry Info

Is MonaVie Really That Good?

At my friend’s suggestion I became a distributor with the company. He told me about how much money people were making, how he was on his way to doing the same, and that he wanted me to make money with him. It all sounded so good! But the main thing that gave me great pause was the price.

A 1 oz. serving of MonaVie Active at the entry level wholesale price (including taxes, shipping & handling) was about $2.00 each, and two or more servings per day are recommended. The bottle (which looks like a wine bottle) only holds about 24-25 fl. oz., which translates to a scant 12 day supply for one person.

I'm not suggesting for people to avoid this product, but simply that you know what you're getting yourself into. Personally, I believe that somebody's trying to get rich quick! To me, MonaVie’s prices are outrageous, ridiculous and out of reach for lower income people who need it the most.

Yet, even though I was offended at the price, I still struggled momentarily with the idea of not selling it, because I really liked the stuff and I was impressed with the professionalism of the company’s product packaging and marketing strategy.

I’m the type of person who believes in getting what you pay for, so I personally have no problem paying a high price for a high quality item. As I quandered about the whole thing, I also thought, "Maybe what I'm feeling is real and the product is really that good."

To overcome this dilemma I had to do the best I could to determine if the results I experienced were due to the placebo effect of EXPECTING good results due to the company’s claims and the emotion-filled testimonies of MonaVie customers.

I also realized that if a person doesn't normally take nutritional supplements or is taking a break from supplements to avoid a plateau effect (like I was at the time), any good supplement will make one feel real good in the beginning.

The Blend

Food industry standards require that the least plentiful ingredient be listed last...
Food industry standards require that the least plentiful ingredient be listed last...

I Just Couldn't Believe The Hype

I needed to know for myself if I could experience the same good results I got from MonaVie by taking OTHER nutritional supplements, and/or by ramping up my exercise regimen, improving my diet & sleep habits, praying & meditating more, etc. Bottom Line: I wanted to know if I could feel just as good or better without spending all that money!

And as far as making money was concerned, I also had to deal with the struggle of introducing and selling what I believed to be an extremely expensive product to my friends and family in the midst of a bad economy. Just because I believed in paying a high price for a high quality product, that didn’t mean my potential customers would feel the same way.

Like many other products in times past, I could’ve sold the heck out of MonaVie if I really wanted to, but I opted out. There’s a million different legal and morally upright ways to become prosperous out here. Therefore, I don’t need to violate my conscious just to make money.

I concluded that even though MonaVie is a good product, I didn't want to gouge people. And in my opinion, the company’s multilevel marketing strategy preys on people’s ignorance (not knowing any better) and laziness (not making the effort to find out). I’ll elaborate on this further.

But first I must say that I am so happy and grateful that I put the brakes on consuming and selling MonaVie products. The results of the research that I conducted on MonaVie and my layman's studies of clinical nutrition saved me, because otherwise I most assuredly would have fallen into a devastating trap.

Just like my old friend got me all hyped up into trying MonaVie despite the high price, I could've done the same with some of my own friends and associates as well, and their friends and associates, and so on, and so on. This company’s success is based upon on that very multi-level marketing premise. MonaVie's motto: "Drink It. Feel it. Share it."

I quickly discovered in addition to improving the personal habits mentioned above (i.e. sleep, diet, meditation & exercise) I could get the SAME good results and more than I got with MonaVie by taking other supplements that cost a whole lot less, and which gave me a much bigger umbrella of health benefits.

One Man's Regimen

My Adjustable Synergistic Blend
My Adjustable Synergistic Blend

Thanks, But No Thanks

One of MonaVie’s claims is that the Açai berry has an unprecedentedly high ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) value. The ORAC value is a rating of a particular nutrient's anti-oxidant capacity to neutralize free radicals in our bodies.

My research of the ORAC scale showed the Açai berry to have a value of 161,400 units per 100 grams, which indeed is very high – among the highest of all known fruits.

But it didn’t take one long to see on that same scale www.oracvalues.com that a common household spice like cinnamon has an ORAC value of 267,536 units per 100 grams. A few quick clicks by way of a word search on the computer goes a very long way. As far as price is concerned, ground cinnamon is a lot cheaper than the Açai berry, and it has many comparable health benefits.

What impresses me the most about cinnamon is that it is a potent antifungal. Doug Kauffman's show "Know The Cause" www.knowthecause.com reported: due to a clinical study, cinnamon is just as potent as the prescription antifungal drug Diflucan (Flucanazole).

Getting back to MonaVie, their blend includes 19 different fruits including the Açai berry, so there is a synergistic effect with that product. For people who like a quick convenient swig of fruit juice that is sold in high-end containers, and they don’t mind the price – that product might be fine.

But for me personally, I want certain synergistic effects to come from a wider variety of nutritional products, and not just in the form of fruit juice because fructose is NOT recommended in any antifungal diets that I am aware of.

I like my omega fatty acids to come from a certain brand of fish oil, my beta glucan to come from a certain company, my mega-vitamin C & liquid multi-vitamins from other companies, my antifungal and anti-oxidant supplements from another, my probiotics from another, and so on, and so on.

I am particularly interested in antifungal diets because as written about here on HubPages (over 950 references), fungus has been linked to a vast multitude of human ailments and diseases. Lliterally from head to toe (scalp dandruff to toenail fungus), the fungus link includes cancer, diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, obesity, arteriorscerosis, and the list goes on.

If people don’t perform their own due diligence by researching different natural supplements or even check out some decent antifungal pharmaceutical drugs; if we don't explore the multitude of options available to us in order to see what works best for us individually, then we become the targets of certain greedy health care professions and nutrition companies out there that are only in it for the money.

Even though health care and nutrition companies are generally in business to make a profit, some are much more compassionate towards the consumer's pocket book than others. These are the ones who are sympathetic during hard economic times. For some, it’s not all about the money.

The good companies place a stronger emphasis on building up our immune systems and addressing the little known causes of our illnesses. They implement prevention strategies, and are more content to make smaller profits initially in order to get the good stuff into our bodies, thus building long term customer loyalty rather than trying to get the big chunk of change up front.

Another Powerful 'Juice'

Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil
Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil

Be In The Know

I can only speak for myself in this regard. Before my 'friend' first called me about MonaVie, I hadn’t heard from him for a very long time - that is until he wanted to sign me up under him as a distributor. And once I decided not to sell it, unfortunately I haven't heard from him since.

I came to the conclusion that if I sold MonaVie against my better instincts, I knew I would be held accountable for taking unfair advantage of people monetarily, and I would be jeopardizing my personal relationships in the process. Sure, my pockets would have gotten fatter, but I believe my soul would’ve withered – and it just wasn’t worth it.

I am not writing all this to say that MonaVie is such a terrible company or that the people who sell their products are bad people. Not at all. It's just that we all have our own convictions we must live by.

I'm simply saying that in my opinion and based on my experience, there are many better options available at much more affordable prices. So I encourage people to explore their many options, because what we don't know can really hurt us.

For example, when I discovered the healing properties of olives that The Bible talks about, and after I looked up the olive's many health benefits in a Google word search; once I learned that the extract of olive leaves and even the juice of an olive (it's oil) are antimicrobial (antiviral, antibacterial, anti-parasitic and antifungal), I started filling my MonaVie shot glass with olive oil! Indeed, the olive is one of the world's best natural antibiotics.

By the way, olive oil tastes much better than the cod liver oil some of us had to take growing up. We may have hated taking that stuff, but it kept us healthy!

In conclusion, when I first became a hubber, I just knew I would be right at home here as a writer. I was thrilled to see so many articles pertaining to healthcare, natural remedies and nutrition right here in HubPages.

It is my hope that more and more people around the world realize that with all their high IQ’s and advanced degrees, doctors don’t have all the answers or the last word when it comes to our personal health. Each of us can and should take the time out to learn all we can about the multitude of available healthcare and nutrition options that we have.

Whatever we want to know, we can get the answers that we need in order to save our money, our time and our lives!

Quite literally, we have so much life-saving information available at our fingertips (via the internet, media news stories, scientific and clinical nutrition reports, medical journals, etc.) that in this generation, if we get taken advantage of and suffer needlessly, it's more than likely due to our own willful ignorance. Let's be 'In The Know'!


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Comments 134 comments

TJ 7 years ago

Good Article. I haven't heard of Monavie before. Reading your article I don't think I would be in the near future. Thank you for your research and thoughts on other options.

thefount profile image

thefount 7 years ago from North Central Louisiana Author

Thanks for your helpful comment TJ. It's not that I wanted people to avoid this company or try their products, but that they know what they're getting themselves into if they do, and to be aware of other options.

Carrie Bradshaw profile image

Carrie Bradshaw 7 years ago from Manhattan

I know for me, I found lesser expensive acai berry juices at Costco. For me, I have psoriasis, and when drinking the juice, my skin improved far faster than of any expensive medication prescribed by doctors. When the motive is money and we compromise what we know in our hearts to be right, it is sinful. We can't serve God and mammon, praise God! Thank you for the healthful, and helpful information! I actually lost a fan when I said what you did, that MonaVie was too outrageously expensive per ounce!

thefount profile image

thefount 7 years ago from North Central Louisiana Author

You actually lost a fan for saying MonaVie was overpriced? Maybe that person was selling it? But it's nice to know there are other effective acai berry products like you mentioned. Thanks for that testimony.

Did you write something on MonaVie too? If so what's the title of your article?

Carrie Bradshaw profile image

Carrie Bradshaw 7 years ago from Manhattan

No, I was just writing about the effect it had on my psoriasis in my "Managing Psoriasis" hub. He must have been a seller of the product. I actually changed my hub so as not offend others, which I shouldn't have done. I'm thankful you are convicted as I was as to the rip-off of the cost. Acai berry juice is great, just as the other things you mentioned here :-)

metaphysician profile image

metaphysician 7 years ago

Thanks for your comprehensive article. Never heard of MonaVie but your advices that our habits play more roles certainly is the most TRUTH.

BTW, anybody who have attended any mlm gatherings know what you meant.

Thanks again.

thefount profile image

thefount 7 years ago from North Central Louisiana Author

Thanks metaphysician!

Seeing as how you hadn't heard about MonaVie yet, it most likely won't be long before a distributor approaches you! At least you'll have a better idea of what you're dealing with if/when that happens.

I'm looking forward to checking out some of your hubs as well. Thank you for your encouraging comments.

Carrie Bradshaw profile image

Carrie Bradshaw 7 years ago from Manhattan

Ha! I just had one approach me last night, and I told them of my conviction of over-pricing! They just said that once you get enough distributors under you, you get your juice free (no profit really)...at the expense of the end user? NOT...

thefount profile image

thefount 7 years ago from North Central Louisiana Author

EXACTLY!  Totally based in selfishness, and not towards the best interest of the client.  Fact of the matter is MonaVie is a great product and one probably will get great results from using it. 

But when you know the motive of the company is greed, and that the upper managing distributors are riding on the backs of the newbies; if you have any scruples about you it's a total turnoff even if you can afford it.

ljrc1961 profile image

ljrc1961 7 years ago from Michigan

good article; I have been asked to sample/sell too but I just couldn't afford it; I take acai vitamins and the verdict is still out as to whether or not it is working

thefount profile image

thefount 7 years ago from North Central Louisiana Author

Thank you for sharing ljrc1961. 

I felt the same way, and was very uncomfortable trying to sell something that I believed to be overpriced. 

I just saw some acai vitamins at Wal Mart the other day, but I paused.  Please let me know what you think at a later time you deem appropriate, okay?

Be Blessed!

Knight 7 years ago

Mona Vie Inc 10855 South River Front Parkway Suite 100 South Jordan, Utah 84095 USA, 84095 US www.monavie.com I went to a Meeting Where they were serving free samples of their juice products Mona Vie . With in 24 hrs of drinking this juice product I was rushed to the hospital with massive internal bleeding caused from a shell fish reaction in their drink . I was never told at any time their was shell fish products. 25, 000 dollars later and the loss of several pints of blood. I got out of the hospital and contacted mona vie corp I told my story and was laughed at by the person whom took the call, I submitted my medical bills and still nothing was done Beware of this drink and the people that operate it Im seeking an attorney this week to file a complaint in superior Court .

thefount profile image

thefount 7 years ago from North Central Louisiana Author


My apologies for taking so long to respond. Your experience is very unfortunate and the worst I've ever heard of anybody who tried a MonaVie product. I suppose if you're taking the issue to court you have no doubts at all that it indeed was the MonaVie product that caused your shellfish allergic reaction?

Like you, I have never heard of any shellfish elements contained in their products. And I am extremely dissapointed in how you were treated when you tried to resolve the issue with MonaVie directly.

But I am very happy that you're still in the land of the living, and for your testimony here. We pray things go well in your life as well as your legal endeavors. Be Blessed!

Catlyn profile image

Catlyn 7 years ago from Somewhere in the OC

Great infomative Hub, Fount! Thanks for putting it together. I once sampled it too.

I noticed in one of the comments above that this company is based in Utah. I am wondering if it is a Mormon company, just like Tahitian Noni Juice (based in Utah) Marketing, nutritionl benefits, and price are comparable.

thefount profile image

thefount 7 years ago from North Central Louisiana Author

Hi Catlyn!

Yes, I was wondering if it was a Mormon-owned company too. If anything positive could be said about this situation, I do appreciate the fact that people are catching on to the powerful benefits of natural products.

I've always believed our bodies would heal themselves according to God's design if given the proper nutrients. With such a wide variety of foods in this world, seeing as how He placed all the fruits, vegetation etc. here before He created us, the responsibility is ours to explore what God put here for our benefit.

Unfortunately due to the love of money, all greedy folk want to do is prey on the ignorace of the others and duplicate what's already in nature synthetically in order to place a patent on it.

Thanks for your comment.

tdarby profile image

tdarby 7 years ago

Interesting Hub. Thanks for the info. By the way, I love ground cinnamon. Especially on nice, fresh, whole wheat bread.

RobertAnt 7 years ago

If you are saying the company is in greed and selfishness, how come it improved thousands and thousands of people's life?

why is this company ranking No 1 in INC 500 under the category food and beverage? because of its greediness? I dont think so.

thefount profile image

thefount 7 years ago from North Central Louisiana Author

I respect your opinion RobertAnt. Thanks for your comment. In 4 months time you are the only one so far to defend the company. Allow me to clarify a couple of things.

I never said the product wouldn't or couldn't help people. I happen to believe the body will heal itself if given the right nutrients, and I make no claim that MonaVie's product line is fraudulent.

My claim is their products are overpriced due to greed. I'll bet INC 500 ranked MonaVie high based on their high sales numbers and income produced.

The only thing your argument has convinced me of is that your company was very successful at marketing a very expensive product to unsuspecting and vulnerable people who fail take their time and see what else is out there that might help them without letting a 'friend' gouge their pocketbook based on this 'warm-market, word-of-mouth' principle: "even though it's expensive, I'll try it because my friend recommended it."

My premise is those same "thousands and thousands" of people you say MonaVie has helped could have gotten similar or better results by trying a wider variety of much less expensive nutritional products.

RobertAnt, when compared to other nutritional products out there, you still have not addressed the extremely high price of MonaVie's product line, but I'll gladly wait.

Slade 7 years ago

Unbelievable people would fall for this in such a rotten economy! According to the Hartford Courant, 45% of the company's distributors made a whopping average check of $1600.00 or less. 37% took home about $2000.00, 2% earned about $29,000.00 and 7, yes 7 persons made more than $3 million!! That's less than 0.01% of the 8000 distributors! Talk about a pyramid scam! I went to the Univ. of Utah and the no.1 state for consumer fraud,at least at the time, per capita, you guessed it, Utah. I know because I worked for the department of Business Regulation. These types take advantage of trusting Mormons, thus Monavie in Jordan, Utah!! Ungodly!!!!! GREED!

rtaylor 7 years ago

First I wanted to say thank you for posting your opinion. I do agree that the price of MonaVie is high. My husband and I are in the MonaVie business and I just have a few things to touch up on. I do agree that it is high in price and that there may be other supplements to take in place of MonaVie. However, for some people it is a lot easier to have everything you need in one bottle. I used to take many vitamins and supplements but now I just take the MonaVie and I definitely feel a difference. In response to a comment that was made by someone about "when the motive is money, it is sinful", our motive is to help people get healthy by taking this product. Of course money is a part of it because everyone needs money but my husband's and my main motive is to help those in need health wise. My husband and I are Christians and we went to a convention for MonaVie this weekend and found that the people who are at the top in this business were Christians. And what we were the most at the convention was how their main motive was to help people and their health. In response to the person who had a reaction, we always ask people if they have any allergic reactions to anything because our MonaVie Pulse product does have certain fruits that some people could be allergic to. I believe that we do not have any shellfish in our product. Again I thank you for opinion and I understand where you stand. I just wanted to say a few words on the product. Thank you and God Bless.

Slade 7 years ago

As for consumer fraud...Utah slipped from # 1 in the nation to number 11 in 2008. I wanted to be fair to the state. It is a beautiful place!

knotso profile image

knotso 7 years ago from New Orleans, LA

If you do the math, MonaVie works out to 39 cents per serving of fruit per day. Not expensive in my book. When's the last time you bought anything organic for 39 cents? MonaVie is a whole food not a supplement. I'm surprised few people mention the MORE project which really illustrates the company's values. MonaVie is doing a lot of things right with their philanthropy, Inc 500 feature, awarded the patent on Acai Berry processing #7563465, new healthy Enery Drink, additions to medical advisory board and more... Cost and Pyramid are the two most common criticisms from those that do not know the facts.

thefount profile image

thefount 7 years ago from North Central Louisiana Author

Unless there has been a huge price change of that product recently, I believe your 39 cent per serving figure to be inaccurate to say the least.

Please explain how you calculated the cost of MonaVie's drink to be 39 cents per serving.

Thank you.

jacked on juice 7 years ago

4 oz of monavie juice has 13 servings of friuts/veggies.

i challenge all of you to go out and purchase 13 servings of organic fruit...not just your regular apples, oranges, and bananas either. Buy Acai berries, Acerola Cherries, Capuacu, Aronia, Bilberries, Camu Camu, etc. and see what it would cost you!

thefount profile image

thefount 7 years ago from North Central Louisiana Author

You still haven't said what the actual cost of MonaVie is - WHY? Point being, the same or better nutrition can be obtained a whole lot cheaper.

jacked on juice 7 years ago

it was answered in a previous post...

knotso says:

2 months ago

If you do the math, MonaVie works out to 39 cents per serving of fruit per day. Not expensive in my book. When's the last time you bought anything organic for 39 cents? MonaVie is a whole food not a supplement. I'm surprised few people mention the MORE project which really illustrates the company's values. MonaVie is doing a lot of things right with their philanthropy, Inc 500 feature, awarded the patent on Acai Berry processing #7563465, new healthy Enery Drink, additions to medical advisory board and more... Cost and Pyramid are the two most common criticisms from those that do not know the facts.

jacked on juice 7 years ago

85 serving of fruits/veggies in a bottle of MonaVie...you do the math!

thefount profile image

thefount 7 years ago from North Central Louisiana Author

Facts? If you want to talk facts, then talk facts and forget the FLUFF. The strained and filtered juice of a fruit or veggie is NOT equivalent to eating the whole of it.

Be real and start with the retail price of 1 bottle of MonaVie Active - not the distributor price, the RETAIL price and be sure to include tax, shipping and handling. At the time I wrote this hub, that number totaled $44.00

THEN, divide that number by 24 since there are only 24-1 ounce servings per fancy wine bottle, and the recommended dosage per day is 2 servings which means the bottle will only last 12 days per person @ $3.66/day.

A husband and wife will spend over $7.00 per day or $210 per month for 2 - 1 oz servings each. That's the math my friend - all for a questionable 'juice high'.

And as far as the fruit blend goes, the flagship acai fruit is the lowest in quantity in that blend, and the cranberry juice is highest - and Ocean Spray won't douse their customers to the tune of $210 per month for cranberry juice!

Those are the facts, and that's the REAL math. That MORE project and Inc 500 junk you quoted means nothing to me. THUS the name of my hub "Why I Quit MonVie"....

thefount profile image

thefount 7 years ago from North Central Louisiana Author

If MonaVie is such a great company and has the consumers' best interest at heart with all the health care reform debate going on, why doesn't this company make their product AFFORDABLE to the poorest of the poor? Where is the charity?

There may be some charity in this company, but it's awfully hard to see behind all the GREED. (Just my opinion!)

jacked on juice 7 years ago

Those are facts not fluff.

It’s unfortunate that you paid $44 per bottle...even preferred customers don't pay that.

The Acai berry is the # 1 ingredient in the bottle

You can purchase a bottle of Kirkland Acia/Blueberry juice (1 liter) for $5. the 1L bottle contains 1/2 serving of fruits/veggies...you would need to drink 26L a day ($130) to get the equivalent to the 4oz of MonaVie (13 servings of fruit/veggies)...

I know why MonaVie was rated the #1 food and beverage in INC 500.

thefount profile image

thefount 7 years ago from North Central Louisiana Author

What facts? You still have not said what the MonaVie price is! I have no problem with the fact that you have an opposing viewpoint. What I object to is your total avoidance of proving your point with MonaVie prices.

If I am wrong, then why haven't you corrected me yet?

You challenged me to do the math, but you're going all around the bushes - this is the 4th time you've written on this post to challenge me but you won't even discuss the price of YOUR product?

Why are you so afraid to say what the preferred customer price is for 1 bottle of MonaVie Active plus tax and shipping and handling?

And FYI - According to food industry standards, whenever a company lists ingredients of their product - by law they are required to list the ingredients of the greatest quantity FIRST, and in reducing order list all ingredients with the ingredient of least quantity LAST.

Either your company is not legally compliant, or the acai berry is in the LEAST quantity because they have listed it last on the ingredient list.

I have written what I have written for everybody to see.

NOW, if you are not going to rebut my premise that your product is outrageously expensive, if you are not going to rebut my numbers with MonaVie numbers - don't waste my time any further.

tutemaven profile image

tutemaven 7 years ago from Syracuse NY

Good Job, I liked it.

Know that all MLM companies suffer the same faults. And are designed to make income for the owners and only secondarily for some distributors. The vast majority of people that try spend a great deal and eventually fail miserably.

I quit trying and found ways to accomplish all the claimed goals with natural and unprocessed foods.

By the way Cod liver oil tastes bad because it is oxidized

and does more harm than good that way.


shareteammonavie 6 years ago

Some people are smart but they just don't get it. Your concoction may be good for you but I personally don't want to drink olive oil and cinnamon. I'll take MonaVie any day!

PS. None of the products contain shellfish. I know because my shellfish allergy would cause me to go into shock. I have used every product and have never had a bad reaction.

Lianne Smith 6 years ago

I was asked if I wanted to try MonaVie after complaining of severe back back. An injury I attained from working out After 1 1/2 weeks on the "Active" the pain was 95% better. After a month it was gone. I stopped taking the juice and the pain came back. I am a mom of two young ones and found it difficult to stay awake after supper. The juice not only helped control my back pain but also gave me the energy I lacked. I feel great! I also suffered from Plantar Fasciitis- I normally had to wear my orthodic shoes in the house every day. I have not worn them in 4 months. I too was very skeptical over the juice and did cringe at the cost. However, I cannot put a price on my well being! The product is 100% natural and therefore I find it well worth my health. I agree not everyone can afford it and that part I wish the companie would re-think the pricing. I beleive they would sell twice as much if they were to cut the price in half. I have started selling it to family and friends NOT to make $. I sell it to them for the price I bought it for. I am not in it to make money but want them to experince what I have experienced. I have asked several people that suffer from joint pain, shoulder pain etc.. to try it. I will know in a few weeks time how they feel. If they reep the same benefits, I will be happy for them. If they don't, then I will accept that. Certainly the pyramid thing is a money making opportunity but what product out on the market isn't? The clothes you wear, the food you buy at a restaurant, the electrical devices..all of which is produced or made in poor countries by people who are being treated as slaves..these retailers are increasing their prices by 100%.. so you tell me what business is not using marketing as a means to make $$.

thefount profile image

thefount 6 years ago from North Central Louisiana Author

I appreciate this relevant and intelligent input. Thank you Ms. Smith

Joyce 6 years ago

I have been into health and nutrition for many decades and tried all the supplements. I have had allergies all my life. I have also had tons of yeast infections and usually avoid too much fruit. But after trying Mona Vie my allergies are 90% better--a miracle in my life that nothing else I have tried has ever done for me. I am eating more fruits too and have had no yeast infections. They do not have shellfish in their juice.

thefount profile image

thefount 6 years ago from North Central Louisiana Author

Joyce, I am not trying to talk you out of using MonaVie but I would like to inform you of certain anti-fungal supplements that can work for you as well: caprylic acid, oregano oil, olive oil, cinnamon, garlic, and many many more. There are prescription meds that you can take as well: Diflucan and Nystatin.

Yeast infections are side effects taken from antibiotics which are created from FUNGUS. If you ever have to take antibiotics, be sure to follow up with PROBIOTICS to replace the good bacteria your body needs.

You also want to avoid foods that FEED fungus in your body: high glycemic fruits, sugars, grains like corn, rice, wheat, and you want to avoid all foods that convert to sugar in your body like potatoes, pasta, high carbohydrate foods. To learn more, go to:


Joyce 6 years ago

I appreciate you advise but I should have stated that I had been on the prescription drugs off and on for years, tried all the supplements and the probiotics. I have read all of the info for many years and tried it all. My problem started after a surgery in the '70's when they put me on strong antibiotics. The only help I got was by really watching my intake of fruit and sugar plus the probiotics. But the cost of the Monavie is less than all the medications I was on both for the yeast infections and allergies PLUS I feel so much better now. Better energy and better sleep, just better. I have tried everything else and the Monavie just seems to have something that nothing else did for me. Now that friends have seen how much better I am, tried Monavie and are using it (with great results too) my juice is actually at no cost. It has been a blessing in my life. I just want to say there are 2 sides to every story.

thefount profile image

thefount 6 years ago from North Central Louisiana Author

Your other side to the story is appreciated, and I'm glad you've found a natural alternative to the meds, and if MonaVie is working for you that well and your customers don't mind the price - who can argue with something that's working? I certainly won't. As for me and another side to the story (which is what my article here has been about), I found other things that in my opinion work better for less money - that's all I'm saying. I hope you're continuing on the probiotics too because that is one of the least recognized yet most important nutrients our bodies need.

Joyce 6 years ago

Actually, no I am no longer on the probiotics since starting the Monavie. I am figuring the cost of the probiotics in how much less I am paying now on Monavie. Plus not having to swallow all those pills. My allergies were such a big deal in my life. I was practically a hermit since perfumes and scented candles etc. would give me huge reactions. Since starting the Monavie, I can get my haircut in a salon that sells candles without having an allergy migraine and shop at the mall with no worries. thanks for the forum to comment.

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thefount 6 years ago from North Central Louisiana Author

You're welcome Joyce, and I enjoy your feedback as well. When it comes to probiotics, they are not all the same, but they are vital to intestinal health where most of our immune system is housed. If you need some suggestions, I'd be glad to introduce you to some that I've been taking for over 10 years. I began taking them after I learned my father had developed polyps in his colon. He's fine now, but I began to research how to avoid colon cancer through natural means - and probiotics are a big part of that picture. Either way, I hope you continue to improve in your health: mind, body & soul. Blessings!

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Sufidreamer 6 years ago from Sparti, Greece

Really good job, thefount - I enjoyed your honest and logical assessment. I am not against alternative medicine and supplements (we have some good folk remedies here), but so much of it is marketing hype and the good, helpful products are lost amongst the crowd of ambulance chasers. I have never heard of MonaVie, so cannot comment on that particular product :)

Personally, I like the Greek diet, which gives me everything I need and is tasty, too! Olive oil and cinnamon - lovely :)

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thefount 6 years ago from North Central Louisiana Author

Thanks Sufidreamer! Yes, olive oil and cinnamon are potent anti-fungal/anti-microbials that don't set us up for adverse side effects. The Mediterranean diet is awesome and has been advocated in the media as being extremely healthy. When people are living longer and living stronger because of what they eat and don't eat - we really should pay attention :D

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Sufidreamer 6 years ago from Sparti, Greece

I know four people in this area who are over 100 years of age, and many more in their late 90s. They must be doing something right!

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thefount 6 years ago from North Central Louisiana Author

Alright now! If you believe the Bible, in Genesis 6:3 God Himself says that our days should be at LEAST 120 years... :D But that won't happen without the belief it is possible to live that long!

Man tells us life expectancy is 70-80 years and that's when most people die, but if we shoot to live longer, according to our belief we will do just that.

The Bible says our human frame was created from the dust of the earth, and I don't believe we will live that long without us consuming the substances God put here in the earth; fruits, vegetables, herbs, etc.-- these substances were put here from God Himself and they came from where He dwells: heaven itself!

When it comes to healing and longevity, it's downright arrogant to think man's synthetically created drugs with all their side effects are any match against the fruits, vegetables and herbs which came from God's own hand.

ibleave916 6 years ago

I don't know a whole lot about all that's being said here. But Mona Vie works for me and I signed up as a distibutor to get it wholesale. Much cheaper than man-made medications with side effects. They just mask the symtoms and don't restore health at all,cause addiction and KILL YOU like it did my 28yr old daughter last week.My biggest sorrow is that I didn't find out about Mona Vie sooner. I know without any doubt it would have helped!!

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thefount 6 years ago from North Central Louisiana Author

I am sorry to hear about your daughter, especially at the hands of the medical industry which is supposed to be saving and healing lives rather than destroying them. Please accept my condolences, and I pray you find comfort and peace during this difficult time.

May I ask what happened?

As far as this discussion is concerned, I used to be a MonaVie distributor as well, and I simply wrote about my experience with the company and my reasons for quitting. I believe MonaVie has a very good product, but I object to the high pricing of it, I object to the marketing method of what I believe to be a very overpriced product, and for the same money I personally have found other nutritional products and supplements that work for me.

I don't wish to shoot anybody down who takes or sells MonaVie, I'm just expressing my own desire not to get caught up in any one particular product line for great & helpful nutrition, and I encourage all to continue their own education and exploration of other vital nutrients.

Thank you for commenting.

DEBBIE 6 years ago


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thefount 6 years ago from North Central Louisiana Author

DEBBIE, how many more people like YOU will I have to put up with? You come on my blog to trash my beliefs, but you offer NO price comparison to prove your point, and like so many others, you can't DENY the points I make about your product being OVERPRICED.

I HAVE done my homework DEBBIE, and in all your petty arguing you like so many others before you miss critical points:

First of which is the fact that poorer classes of people deserve high quality nutritional supplements at reasonable prices and the fact that it is available to them is THE point of this article.

Secondly, Y'all want to take American dollars and support the poorer classes of other countries while your OWN poorer classes suffer right here- and you're PROUD of that? How DARE you DEBBIE! Why would you object to somebody trying to offer the poor ones of THIS country a reasonable alternative?

Who's the ignorant one here DEBBIE? And thank you DEBBIE for admitting MonaVie is NOT for the poorer classes of THIS country! Get off your high horse!

Thirdly, you are not in a position to say what anybody else eats besides yourself. All your talk DEBBIE of eating at McDonalds is completely MUTE and irrelevant. I have dared and invited people to find nutritional supplementation comparable to MonaVie at lower prices - and it's NOT hard to do!

If YOU had done your homework the way you keep trying to tell me, you TOO would have found comparable products working just as good and in some cases better than MonaVie for much LESS money. Get a grip!

Fourth point DEBBIE, if you choose to only do business for and through MonaVie, that's your right and privilege. ALL of us in America have a thing called autonomy to choose our own destiny - you've chosen yours and I've chosen mine, so STOP trying to put me down for my choice on my post - your rudeness and arrogance gets you NOWHERE DEBBIE.

ALL of us have freedom of choice in this country and freedom of speech to call your product EXPENSIVE (because a side by side comparison easily proves that) and to call you OUT as such. Why don't you put a stop to that yourself DEBBIE, by getting your company to lower it's prices? But then of course you wouldn't be getting as much money yourself - so i can see why you'd never do that!

Are you not a hypocritical opportunist? If not then PROVE IT, because so far your post has done nothing but convince me otherwise, and the likes of you DEBBIE will not stomp on any of our freedoms or make ANYBODY feel bad for exercising these rights.

Danmag85 6 years ago

Nice article fount, really appreciate your points on Monavie and the price of the juice.

I live in Canada and have been with the company for about 3 months now, I'm 24 and really getting into the business aspect of the company, which is one of the main reasons why I joined.

Price, most people have said it, I dont feel like it is insanely over priced for a product that helps people with there health and does it naturally. In Canada the Price for 1 case of Monavie active is i think 149$ with a 40$ start up cost which gets waved if you purchase 2 cases or more, in which case the price takes a dip to about 250 + or - a few bucks. Next is shipping and handleing which comes to about 28$ for 2 cases, but will soon be a flat fee of about 60$ for the year.

I totally agree with you that it is not cheap, but I have come to the conclusion that Its ok because Monavie is a company, and they are donating a lot of money to some really good causes out there, also they couldn't donate millions and millions of dollars to science or millions to brazil if they didn't make any money.

Unfortunatly you can't help people when you cant take care of yourself, so those millions that they are putting into brazil is not something to be scoffed and and disgarded, because how much are all the other companies donating to impoverish contries every year?

So I can honestly say that I dont think that Monavie is focused on GREED, they are however focused on profits, like any good company is.

Its really nice to know that the company is being run by an amazing corprate team that is going to take care of its distributors as well as having a global impact in the world.

I'm also sure that if you put in the effort you could find similar health benefits from other sources for a lower price. You have clearly done your homework and thats a great point, but your fish oil companies sure arent donating Millions to anyone else either, other then of course themselves im sure, so its not like those suppliment companies are all super caring companies, so saying that Monavie is somehow increadably Greedy isn't really fair to be honest.

...But in conclusion i really liked your article, im sad with some of the posts your getting esp. the ONES IN CAPPS!!11oneoneone... and I enjoyed your opinion on the products

Sorry for this message as its quite jumbled and ill probably have to add some things later on but its getting late for me so I apologize.


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thefount 6 years ago from North Central Louisiana Author


I can appreciate a difference of opinion when presented respectfully as you have done here. I appreciate what you've written and you too have some very good points. Thank you for taking the time to comment, and I pray things go well in your business venture with MonaVie.

I also pray you stay open to using and recommending multiple nutritional supplements for overall health. While MonaVie addresses many needs, like any other supplement while good, it most certainly is not a cure-all.

Also, I hope you continue your research on the latest scientific data regarding natural supplementation because this trend of weening off pharmaceutical drugs with all their deadly side effects is indeed serious and necessary. The information is so widely available at the click of a mouse and word searches, we are without excuse when it comes to getting information on this subject.


Lori  6 years ago

I really enjoyed your article. I found it very balanced. I have friends that are selling it as well. Of course, like you was asked to join in but like you the cost was too high for the average person, so I kindly said not for me.

Lately, I am reading a lot on vitamin D and all the great things, which is really affordable. Check out some youtube stuff on it! Really Great!

Keep writing !!! enjoyed it immensely

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thefount 6 years ago from North Central Louisiana Author

I appreciate your encouraging comments Lori, and yes! I recently began taking vitamin D, vitamin D-3 to be specific and I believe my health has improved since taking it. Thanks for the advice and if you have more, bring it on! - Blessings!

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rickzepeda 6 years ago

Hey this is Rick Zepeda I go for the bigger commission companies also.

Anonymous Aussie 6 years ago

Thefount, it’s a proven fact that Monavie offers little in terms of nutrition – there are many fruit juices on the market with far more nutritional benefits than Monavie and that unlike Monavie, aren’t preserved with sodium benzoate.

Consider Welch’s 100% Grape Juice for example which does not contain sodium benzoate AND tested considerably higher in phenolics, anthocyanins and vitamin C than Monavie.



You only need to look at Monavie's product information to confirm there's not much goodness contained within the premiere blend of nutritionally void mush - and definitely nothing to warrant the exorbidant price tag!



Of course, the fact that Monavie is grossly inflated in price is not due to value of the product of course but because of the inflated MLM compensation it supports!

You were right in your decision and are better off health wise and financially by not falling for the MLM driven hype.

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thefount 6 years ago from North Central Louisiana Author

My My! Now that's something I hadn't dealt with and I'm glad you brought it up: the sodium benzoate! Plenty of dangers listed here


And thanks for the heads up on the Welches! I drink it regularly. Blessings Ausie!

Anonymous Aussie 6 years ago

Thefount, another point worth considering Monavie’s own Dr Schauss’ study (in which Monavie Active was used) and who reports “The total antioxidant capacity of the JB measured by ORAC is 22.8 ?mol TE/mL” and “total phenolics 1.48” (mg GAEa/mL of juice).


Therefore, Monavie has an ORAC score of 2698 (22.81 x 4oz) and 175mg phenolics in a days serving meaning there’s a multitude of everyday fruits which out perform Monavie easily and without the price tag.

Take for example, a single red delicious apple which has an average weight 150 gms – the ORAC per apple is 6413 umoles (4275/100gms = 42.75 umoles x 150 gms = 6413) and total phenolics (total antioxidants) of 520 mg.


This means that the average apple has more than twice the ORAC score and twice the phenolics than Monavie. Let’s not forget that the apple also has more fiber also.

I’ve read through the various “testimonials” being touted by distributors even on this site alone and it’s worth noting that these are not only in breach of company policy (which states that Monavie does not treat, cure or mitigate the symptoms of any disease and condition and distributors aren’t allowed to use terms or phrases that suggest same) but also against the law – no studies have been conducted to confirm the existence of any benefits associated with being “on the juice”.



Monavie’s own founder, Dallin Larsen confirms that Monavie is nothing more than fruit juice in any event.


Without the illegal disease cure claims, distributors would be hard pressed to sell the product. However, the product is only really incidental – it’s the opportunity and distributorships that the distributors are selling (aka - pyramiding).

And speaking of Dallin Larsen – I can’t see that anyone’s addressed the issue concerning Dynamic Essentials and namely, Royal Tongan Limu which is certainly worth noting.

Here’s a recording of how Dallin promoted Royal Tongan Limu back in 2002 before the FDA shut the company down for its illegal and fraudulent health claims (I can’t help but note the striking similarities between Limu and Monavie).


There's so much wrong with Monavie, with a little digging you'd be hard pressed to find anything that's right about the company.

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thefount 6 years ago from North Central Louisiana Author


I knew there was good reason for leaving the company, thanks for your hard work in this regard. What I hate the most about it is how a 'friend' preyed on me to make $$$ behind it and tried to get me to do the same with people within my sphere of influence.

One's proper mindset and belief alone can lead to good health, and that mindset will lead them to search out and discover what they need to do to change their lives.

When we come to these realizations, then the HYPE that we need this particular product fades quickly. Blessings!

Anonymous Aussie 6 years ago

Thefount states "What I hate the most about it is how a 'friend' preyed on me to make $$$ behind it and tried to get me to do the same with people within my sphere of influence."

I think that's what makes it so predatory - people are making decisions due to the influence of those with whom they have emotional ties and the fact that there's an element of trust involved. It's also the reason why complaints are less likely to occur - people often have relationships of some description with those in their upline and downline and fear the consequences of complaining even though some recognise they may well have been scammed.

The fact that your friend contacted you out of the blue obviously wasn't a coincidence - distributors are encouraged to make a list of everyone they know (who inevitably become their prospects) and then they work through that list.

I've seen some of the tactics taught to distributors first hand - they are encouraged not to mention the product/company prior to meeting with the person (to prevent them from doing any searches beforehand and thus having formed an impression before the information provided by the distributor), the first meeting is often just a "catch up" where the business isn't discussed outright however the distributor is taught to "be interestd" in the prospect and during this time they elicit the prospects wants and needs so that they can relate the appropriateness of the business to the prospect's circumstances (without ever having regard to same - even a person with no money is fair game!) and finally the distributors sponsor is brought into the equation at some point also to really stitch things up.

Imagine treating your family, friends or acquaintances like that - talk about the moral compass being out of whack!!!

It's comforting to know that people such as yourself are able to see through the hype, the distortions and manipulations - and clearly not blinded and driven by the almighty dollar.

Well done!

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thefount 6 years ago from North Central Louisiana Author

Thanks Again for the encouragement Aussie. As you can see by several who have left opposing comments, none of them could effectively counter my claims that MonaVie is outrageously priced, and you bring out some good points regarding their 'predatory' practices.

You seem to have really grasped "Why I Quit MonaVie" because for me, it was a moral issue indeed.

There are thousands of ways to make an honest living out here without preying on the vulnerabilities of friends, loved ones and acquaintances.

And if it came down to one deciding to sell something nutritious, healthy and beneficial to loved ones like health food items, there's nothing wrong with making a living as a nutritional sales rep, but at least offer people a wide variety of things that are cost effective and proven scientifically to work because balance and one's personal integrity & reputation are vital.

JadeDragon 6 years ago

Good article. I'll link to you from my blog.

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thefount 6 years ago from North Central Louisiana Author

I appreciate the mention of this article in your blog Jade, and I like what you've got going on over there. Blessings!

Greg 6 years ago

Thefount I enjoyed your article. I feel like it was very unbiased. I felt like you didn't bash Monavie, but literally did the research and came back with the facts. Only reading I'm reading this is because I have two friends that have joined the company and want me to join as well. I don't believe in MLM. So I declined. I just think their making a huge mistake and I do think they can make money in the company because they're hard working individuals, but I don't think they'll get a Mercedez-Benz and fly around anywhere in world just off of selling juice...It's just my opinion. I do wish them the best though....Thank you for your article.

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thefount 6 years ago from North Central Louisiana Author

I appreciate your comments and encouragement Greg, thanks for stopping by. I agree, your friends will probably do okay just because they are hard working individuals.

I just hope they might broaden their minds to consider the fact there are MANY vital nutrients throughout the world that will bring health benefits to mankind and not to put all their eggs in one basket so to speak.

If helping people nutritionally is truly the agenda, surely MonaVie can't be viewed as a cure-all because discovery of other vital nutrients is continual. Blessings!

Cez 6 years ago

I don't agree that your intention was NOT to BASH the company or the products. Why did you start this blog in the first place? By starting this blog, your true intention was to showcase to the world your true nature. You can talk about freedom of speech as much as you want, but it doesn't change the fact that you FAILED MISERABLY in a business that is so simple. Network marketing has been around for quite some time. You're one of the statistics of losers who complain about "why" it didn't work. The company has in 5 years helped so many people and will continue to help people in the future to live a more meaningful life both physically and financially. Thank God you didn't stick around because it's definitely not for you. We want WINNERS not WHINERS! Just like the title of this blog, "Why I Quit Monavie." You're a QUITTER... a FAILURE! You are not a person I want to listen to or follow!

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thefount 6 years ago from North Central Louisiana Author

Awwwww! By the way Cez or whoever you are, you can't fail at something you willingly choose to opt out of. If you don't have a consciousness about taking people's money that's your business. But rest assured, your reaction to my freedom of speech is just like that of a typical control-freak, and I WILL succeed at telling the world about people like you. Thanks for proving my point once again! :D

Cez 6 years ago

What point? You were SO WILLING to sign up? Opting out should've been from the beginning. The point is... nobody put a gun on your head. We don't FORCE PEOPLE to become distributors. You seem like an intelligent man... why didn't you do your research before you decided to make that leap of faith? Your old friend could've wait a couple of days, weeks, or even months to get an answer. Its perfectly fine. I'm sorry... you don't like my freedom of speech? Sounds like you don't like a taste of your own medicine. If your instincts told you that it's not for you, then a SIMPLE "NO" would've suffice. Instead, you decibded to give it a go and see if it will take you anywhere. The only way you fail in this business is to QUIT, and that you did. We have different people from all walks of life succeeding in MONAVIE. We have preachers, students, doctors, nutritionists, chiropractors, etc...

And your conscience about taking peoples' money... again, that's WHINING! Why join a business, you didn't believe in? Nobody does that from the get go! By becoming a distributor, you just proved that you were attracted to the opportunities that were presented to you. If you thought it wasn't valuable and too expensive, you have the freedom to "opt out" right there.

Let me tell you about myself... I was buying the juice for over a year before I even saw the business side of Monavie. I was taking the juice because a relative, who is NOT a Monavie distributor, recommended the product to me for health purposes. I was simply a CUSTOMER. I've been suffering high blood pressure for about 5 years and I'm under 40 years old. When I started to drink the juice, I noticed that my blood pressure came down and I started weaning off my meds from 2 to 1 to 0. Now, you can't put a price on that.

I believe in the products, the company, and what the company stands for. I'm pissed off that you have the adacity, the gull to call this company GREEDY! A company who has changed my life and my family's lives in so many positive ways. That is WRONG, WRONG, WRONG! Don't BASH the honest, hard working distributors with good morals and good intentions. We are not money hungry and after people's money... we just SHARE the positive benefits to people we love and care about. There is nothing wrong with that. I do, however, find it immoral and offensive that you use the word "greedy" to describe the company, and that alone is disturbing to a man of God.

thefount profile image

thefount 6 years ago from North Central Louisiana Author

"A man forced against his will is of the same opinion still." Yes, greedy company, greedy opportunist distributors who prey on the vulnerabilities of 'friends' (warm market) who don't know any better - something I THOUGHT I wanted to be a part of and changed my mind when I saw what tricksters like you don't talk about when you introduce your 'opportunity'- I am free to QUIT if I choose, and I'm certainly not HURTING for having quit MonaVie!

You bullies don't scare me, I have a right to disagree, I have a right to express my opinion - If you don't like it Cez too bad, get over it already cuz I'm gonna talk about you all day long, and warn as many people as you try to reach! How's that for freedom of speech?

thefount profile image

thefount 6 years ago from North Central Louisiana Author

And Cez, why don't you offer some SUBSTANCE to what you write? Because just like the other ones like you who try to argue with me here - you bite dust!

If you're not greedy, if you're not taking advantage of people's vulnerabilities, if there are no alternatives out there that will give the same or better health benefits out there for significantly less money as I have stated here, I invite you to use your freedom of speech to PROVE ME WRONG. Until then, expect to be ignored on this post.

Nelly8 6 years ago

So many things to say....First, I thought maybe I was ill-informed about the product of Monavie, until I looked at the back of the bottle. It is true that acai is not on the first of the list of fruit and berries, but if you look up a few lines, it is first in the list of medicinal ingredients. And, the new Mmun has MVoo proprietay complex, 10g. I pay $36 per bottle. That's roughly $4.00 per day. I'm getting an equivalent of 13 servings per day when I drink 4oz. I respect that you have researched cheaper means to get health into your body, but I know the lifestyles of the majority of people in Canada and the united states. Because of the limted time factor, people do not take the time to research and eat cinnomon and cabbage and juice veggies and fruit, etc. If that were so, we would have healthier countries. We live in a fast-paced world. Would you agree? And, what Monavie has done is provide a fast-food that is healthy as opposed to McDonald's or Burger King, which many many people opt into eating, because of the time factor and perhaps lack of motivation in being preventative with their bodies. Speaking of the fruit of the land, which God has created. Monavie has managed to bring tropical fruit and berries to us that would not be feasible in many other ways. One, because most of the fruit and berries in the product would perish before even getting into our grocery stores. Secondly, they would insanely high priced. Monavie has a patent called Acavie on their freeze-drying process. It is a very expensive process, but it was the goal of the producers of Monavie to create an exceptional high-antioxidant product. What companies out there don't tell the consumers (and are making lots of money off the buyers) is that the acai berry perishes two days after it has been picked from the palm trees in Brazil. Monavie has a laboratory in Brazil and they freeze the acai immediately. Other companies use a spray-drying method which may hold approximately 10 to 20 % of the antioxidants. The acai freeze-dried by monavie measures 1,027 gram per gram on the ORAC scale. Wild blueberries measure 92 gram per gram. In the Mmun product, Monavie invested $250 million in research and development (can we really compare that to Welch's?) The CEO of Monavie, Dallin Larsen, received Entrepreneur of the Year Award by Ernst and Young. It is only a five year old company. To be rated no. 18 by Inc. 500 Magazine, and no. 1 in food and beverage in September 2009's issue. Twenty-seven million private companies compete to get on this list. Microsoft, when they got on that list were no. 185. It is business. Have you ever known of a business that does not seek clients or customers? According to Robert Kyiosaki, network marketing is the number one best way of creating financial independence. Who doesn't want that? God is blessing a company and its distributors for going out there any bringing hope. God wants us to live in prosperity and abundance! When I go to see my friends and family about this product, I'm not thinking about making off of them. There is no head-hunter fee. I drink my juice, they drink their juice, and over time we profit. The common guy at the bottom instead of big corporations. I would rather buy from my own business and help my own self than to go to Tim Horton's and help them get rich! There is an economist by the name of Paul Zane Pilzer. He was on the Larry King show and was responsible for helping Ronald Reagan bring down the income tax. He states in one of his books that direct selling is a huge trend in this decade and we are going to see more and more of it. What I love about network marketing, is that I get to pick who I work with. At my place of employment I did not get to chose. So, take it as a compliment that someone thought enough of you to share something wonderful with you. You chose to not see it that way. That is your choice. I hope that this information will help you and other readers to get more information yet again. Oh, and I just remembered, Monavie is not strained as I read in one of your earlier comments. They have left all of the skins (pureed) and seeds in. Plus, they are enhancing their products to include more fiber.

thefount profile image

thefount 6 years ago from North Central Louisiana Author


I greatly appreciate an articulate, well written and informative presentation as yours. You've given me much to consider, and out of all the people who approached me here on this blog, yours is the only argument able to persuade me to take another look. I do believe in abundance, prosperity and I understand the principle of getting what you pay for.

You're one of the only ones honest enough to say what it's going to cost on a daily basis upfront and you're absolutely right - we can't have a lack mentality when it comes to quality, and especially when it comes to our health.

I wonder how many of your distributors are willing and well informed enough to refer people who can't afford your products on to cheaper alternatives that can also enhance their health. If the ultimate goal is to get people healthy I personally believe we should be able to do that.

In any case, AGAIN your respectful presentation is very much appreciated. Thanks for taking the time out, and thanks for your obvious concern as well. David

Nelly8 6 years ago

Thanks for your respectful reply. I, too, am very interested in providing my body with healthy alternatives. Hence, I take an expensive probiotic powder every day and I take supplemental enzymes with each meal. I do promote taking such products to my patients. What I have come to realize is that people do not think preventative when it comes to their health. I have to admit that I am not the best at eating properly. I try, but I do have bad habits in eating certain foods that I know are not good for me. I don't think I'm alone in that category. But, I do the best I can to take such things that can help my body nonetheless. When I was introduced to Monavie, I read everything, the good and the bad. I concluded that it was a truly good product for human health. I enjoy the fact that I just have to shake, pour and drink and get those 4 to 5,000 antioxidants into my body everyday. There are other cheaper ways of getting good food into the body, but most people are not interested or have the time to do that. Because this is a networkmarketing business, a person can get healthier and wealthier. A person has the option of becoming a perferred customer where they get a number and control their own supply, but building a community of people who are drinking the product and creating leverage is the other option. I chose the latter. I am part of a leadership development training system called Team. It is an amazing community and I am learning so much. The educational training could be taught to children in highschool because most kids come out of school with no idea about relationship building, financial wisdom, being accountable to others and developing into better human beings. In 2008, Team and Monavie merged. The CEO of Monavie sees the value of how Team builds communities. I have learned so much about networkmarketing that I have come to see its value. So, as we get healthier, we also get wealthier and we get wiser. It is continual work, because none of us are finished products, right? There is an excellent book by Robert Kyiosaki called "School of Business for People Who Like Helping People" Prior to reading this book, I had a negative idea about networkmarketing. But with new information, I changed my mind. Back to the cost of Monavie. The most a person will pay as a preferred customer is $6 per day when you break it down. I have had many tell me that a $40 per week of juice is too expensive, yet they are smokers or coffee drinkers, or their money goes on other stuff that is of no substantial importance. Based on your hub, you probably do not spend money foolishly, but I have run into all kinds. I would certainly point a person to something more affordable. I have done so in the past, but for an opportunity to get healthier and wealthier, I have not found a better company. All the best to you and your endeavours!

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thefount 6 years ago from North Central Louisiana Author

Thanks Again Nelly.

Just one quick question, what about the sodium benzoate in your product? There are some very strong arguments against it's use as a preservative.

Nelly8 6 years ago

Monavie contains the preservative, sodium benzoate to help maintain freshness and prevent of microorganisms like yeast, bacteria and fungi. Sodium benzoate occurs naturally in some fruits, vegetables, wines, teas, etc. There is concern that sodium benzoate and vitamin C can react to form benzene. The FDA and WHO have set a standard for benzene levels in water and that level is 5 parts per billion. The levels in Monavie are well below the acceptable levels for according to FDA and WHO.

Nelly8 6 years ago

I sent you some information, but I see that it has not been posted for some reason. I will send it again....

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thefount 6 years ago from North Central Louisiana Author

Nelly, Thanks for the information on sodium benzoate. Do you have the actual stats on that, and is that information presented in any of MonaVie's materials? Thanks for tarrying!

Nelly8 6 years ago


What I can tell you is that Monavie has a question and answer site. It is http://www.acaiberrycompany.com_faqs.php. As well, you can send questions to Monavie and they have people to answer who have Masters of Science and above. Anytime I had questions, I have gotten satisfactory answers. What they answered back to me when I had inquired about sodium benzoate is that it is a preservative that has been used in food products for over a century, and that it is an approved preservative with the U.S. Food and Drug Adminstration. Also, I quote: "Under certain circumstances, sodium benzoate can interact with vitamin C to form benzene, a substance that has been shown to be detrimental to human health when exposure is long-term, chronic, and in an occupational setting (e.g., a scientist who works with benzene on a regular basis). Benzene is naturally found in the air we breathe, the water we drink, and in soil. The Environmental Protection Agency and the WHO have set safety standards...To help put this amount into perspective, five ppb is comparable to five drops of benzene found in 4,000 gallons of water. As an added safety precaution, Monavie products are periodically tested for benzene." Hope this helps you and other readers. It is all about getting the right information. Take care!

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thefount 6 years ago from North Central Louisiana Author

Thanks for all your hard work here Nelly. Instead of beating me up for my opinions and decisions, you are one of few others who actually had enough intestinal fortitude to be honest about the price of your product and seek to intelligently persuade me to your position.

While I still object to what I believe are prices too high, I do respect you and have greater appreciation for your product. Thanks for posting here. Blessings!

Nelly8 6 years ago

Thank you and many blessings to you!

CGC 6 years ago


Please take a fresh look at Nelly's postings and read them with a little more skepticism. First, throw out all the red herrings that only serve to distract from the question, "is MV a good value healthy drink?" Talk of fast food burgers, Inc. 500 and Robert Kyiosaki is all part of the scripted argument by distributors to counter any criticism of MV. Look over any MV related message board and you'll see the same pattern of distraction and deceit. Most of them are dissected here: http://www.juicescam.com/.

Nelly is correct when she says that acai is the first ingredient. However, because MV claims that the exact amount of their star ingredient is a trade secret, and because they have mixed it in with 18 other fruit juices, we can only infer how much it is. It may be as low as 6%, for despite her claims that she gets "4 to 5,000 antioxidants into my body everyday", MV's actual ORAC score is, as was mentioned in an earlier post, closer to 2500 per daily dose (compared to the 6400 of an apple, 4100 of a plum, 4650 of a russet potato, etc.). Oasis Antioxia juice has more antioxidants than MV and it is only $0.06 an ounce, which if you were to switch to it from MV would save you $2100 a year (based on Nelly's preferred customer pricing) -- and you don't have to do a lick of work for that money.

If one thinks "people do not take the time to research and eat cinnomon and cabbage and juice veggies and fruit, etc.", then wouldn't a truly ethical business offer to do that reasearch and direct clients to healthy choices? Quite to the contrary, MV simply offers them fruit juice with absolutely no more benefit than what they can get at their local grocer for a fraction of the cost. On top of that, distributors like Nelly leave the impression that MV is a valid substitute for fruit, and even as a free pass from overall better health choices. So instead of helping those who "lack of motivation in being preventative with their bodies", they drop misinformation like, "I'm getting an equivalent of 13 servings per day when I drink 4oz" that trick people into thinking they just got their daily requirement of fruit when they got at most 2 serving (and without the other benefits of a whole food).

And if we live in such a fast paced world where people don't have time to make smart nutritional choices, why encourage them to spend their time reselling the juice that is meant to save them time? You still have to do your grocery shopping, so grab a Tropicana Grovestand orange juice and some pure grape juice while you're there (and real fruits) and go home and relax, eat an apple while watching TV. Unless, of course, Nelly has some evidence that MV is healthier than those store bought juices. A "patented formula" is not evidence of better quality, it's merely a marketing tool. Where's the evidence of that $250 million of research? Maybe it was marketing research, because the consensus from those not involved in the company is that the juice a ripoff. But evidence would trump those opinions -- right?

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thefount 6 years ago from North Central Louisiana Author

Somebody's been doing their HOMEWORK! CGC, cost has always been an issue with me when it comes to this product as well as the marketing method. I have to respect people's choices though. I appreciate your hard work and critical comparisons posted here. Due to the late hour, I want to come back and study that data a bit closer as you suggested. Blessings to you as well!

CGC 6 years ago

Respecting others' choices is a noble principle, and understanding how they came to make those choices is an extension of that. When we see the reasons for someone's choice, we can better decide if it is the right choice for ourselves.

A useful food link:


And some food for thought:


Anonymous Aussie 6 years ago

Great post, CGC and right on the mark.

Nelly8's post was so full of misinformation, it was impressive for that reason alone.

On the issue of sodium benzoate alone, absolutely no reason as to why Monavie would still be using this form of preservation of their products given - aside from the fact that it CHEAPER than the aseptic filling technique which is how most fruit juices nowadays are preserved therefore eliminating the need for chemical preservatives.


As CGC pointed out, Nelly8 has ignored the information previously provided in which it is confirmed in Dr Schauss' own report that a days serving of Monavie has an ORAC score of 2698 - you would need to double the daily dose of Monavie to get anywhere near the average apple and you'd still be lacking in the fibre and other nutrients that the apple has to offer.

It doesn't seem like Nelly8 has referred to Monavie's own product information either which confirms Monavie Original and Active offer a daily value of 2% vitamin C, 2% iron and 1% carbohydrates and Pulse offers 3% carbohydrates, 2% fat, 1% fibre, 4% vitamin A and 2% iron.



The product information itself confirms there's no way any person could describe Monavie as being remotely nutritious and definitely no justification for the exorbitant price tag which does not equate to value for money.

In saying that, Nelly8 and other distributors haven't factored into the equation the (inflated) compensation plan which the cost of product has to support - money which greater than greater than 99% of the Monavie sales force do not get to see.

There are many other cheaper and far more healthy alternatives - what could be faster and cheaper than an apple or a plum or a strawberry....the possibilities are endless.

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thefount 6 years ago from North Central Louisiana Author

CGC & Anonymous Aussie,

You two are amazing, and I appreciate your input here as well. Do either one of you (or anybody else) have any idea why MonaVie seems to make people 'feel' so good even though the serving size and nutritional value are so small?

Anonymous Aussie 6 years ago

Thefount, distributors feel good because they have an invested interest in doing so - or more accurately, reporting this. It's truly disturbing to see the manner in which ordinary people behave or what they "believe" when gripped by greed.

Anyone who actually thinks they "feel better" did so on account of having the seed planted in the first instance (generally by a distributor, of course) and thus believing the product will work is experiencing nothing more than a placebo effect.


Again, you can see from the nutritional information alone that there's little to no nutrition and certainly nothing contained within Monavie that would account for the reported effect of "feeling better".

Monavie is nothing more than a highly processed fruit juice (albeit grossly overpriced) and therefore any reported benefits could easily be derived from eating fresh fruit.

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thefount 6 years ago from North Central Louisiana Author

Placebo effect is a good explanation because we generally underestimate the power of our minds. I asked that question because I was wondering if a little somethin' else was in that product... Just wondering!

Anonymous Aussie 6 years ago

You know what, this is something I've heard being suggested previously.

We all remember the Sleepees scandal where an MLM company (Our World Network) distributed an apparently all natural, herbal sleep aid but which was found to be laced with the prohibited drug Estazolam (which is highly addictive and can cause withdrawal symptoms).


It makes you wonder for sure.

CGC 6 years ago

I put it 100% to the power of suggestion. The fancy bottle, the sales pitch and the high price all stimulate the placebo effect. If the company believed there was any benefit beyond the placebo, they would verify it and tell the world about it. As it is, they keep their claims reasonable an let the distributors go wild.

Here's an example of totally different product but with the same power:


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thefount 6 years ago from North Central Louisiana Author

Interesting video, thanks!

Anonymous Aussie 6 years ago

I also put it down to greed.

If anyone's been exposed to the tactics used by Monavie peeps, you'd understand just how predatory they actually are in luring participants into the scheme.

Distributors are taught from the onset to elicit a person's wants and needs, find out their financial circumstances and then irrespective of what the response is, relate the appropriateness of the venture to that person's circumstances. They're encouraged to make "dream boards" where they place pictures of their dream house, car, holiday destination or whatever and encouraged to focus on these as goals to work towards.

The company promotes materialism, the promoters and highest ranked flaunt wealth and promote a lifestyle which most people only dream about as being possible for anyone to achieve - distributors see people like Brig Hart receiving million dollar cheques.

I've seen first hand what greed does to a person's sense of reasoning, these people have a vested financial interest in believing - their dreams and their future financial goals depend on it.

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thefount 6 years ago from North Central Louisiana Author

It may sound odd, but I actually do admire the tactics of trying to instill a positive mental image of one's desired future in the minds and hearts of people.

Even so called 'believers' have a hard time exercising the principles of faith that Jesus Himself taught.

In this generation, even the ungodly ones understand how to use certain spiritual laws to their advantage based on how human beings are designed: "as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he".

The Bible also has many good things to say about seeking prosperity God's way over and against man's way. The only thing about prosperity I object to is trying to obtain it by sucking others dry and seeking wealth outside of a right relationship with the Lord.

Blessings AA!

Anonymous Aussie 6 years ago

There's nothing wrong with working towards goals and having a dream.

Monavie and it's representatives attempt to appeal to a person's sense of greed and decisions are made driven by greed thus resulting in a lack of the proper investigations being undertaken or seeking unbiased third party advice.

When it comes to business, a person needs to ensure that the venture is viable and keep a track of outgoing expenses versus incoming revenue - however this is something that distributors are NOT encouraged to do. I've stated this previously but distributors are instead asked to focus on the future earning potential, with their attention diverted from the current and ongoing losses.

Monavie promote wealth and materialism as being on par with happiness and family and spritual values.

I attended a seminar where Dr Schauss personally stated that money was important not only to a person's happiness but health also. Thanks for the advice doctor - though I fail to see how participating in a pyramid scam such as Monavie is good for any aspect of my life let alone personal or spiritual development, financial well being or relationships.

Acai 6 years ago

You actually lost a fan for saying MonaVie was overpriced? Maybe that person was selling it? But it's nice to know there are other effective acai berry products like you mentioned. Thanks for that testimony.

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lifeasinoit 6 years ago from Tennessee

I am not a fan of multi-level business. Years ago my husband and I were Amway distributors. I'm certain the products from both companies are high quality but as a consumer, my income does not allow me to spend in that range, even for the supposed benefit that it would give me. (ok, don't argue that point with me.) But, I'm not going to dis a company that is making money. If people choose to sell it, then likely they'll discover the way they make the money is by the multi-level aspect NOT direct sells. The argument for most here ought to be multi-level business, not how much the product it. No one complains about how much it costs to buy a Volvo, yet it can't be argued that if you want to keep your family safe in the event of an accident, then you'd surely spend that amount. And no one complains how much money that company or the dealers make. If you don't have the income that allows you to purchase a product, move on...

thefount profile image

thefount 6 years ago from North Central Louisiana Author

I believe in this case, the product is overpriced to accommodate the multi-level marketing format, and as others have suggested there are questions as to the actual value and safety of MonaVie products. Personally, I'm not quite ready to compare MonaVie to Volvo, but thanks for your comment.

Anonymous Aussie 6 years ago

lifeasinoit states "But, I'm not going to dis a company that is making money. If people choose to sell it, then likely they'll discover the way they make the money is by the multi-level aspect NOT direct sells."

It's certainly funny that you're trying to differentiate both direct selling from the multi-level aspect - particularly given the Direct Selling Association and the industry has maintained that MLM companies were in the business of direct selling.

From your own experience in Amway, you should know in order for an MLM to avoid being considered a pyramid scheme the majority of revenue is supposed to be derived from non-participants (hence the 10 customer rule and 70% rule) thus making retail sales a vital aspect to being a distributor. Furthermore, you should also know that the multi-level marketing (recruiting, aka pyramiding) without the selling means that the scheme is in all likelihood a pyramid scheme merely disguised as an MLM.

From what we have witnessed, Monavie distributors are in fact the company's primary customers. The distributors activities are focused on recruitment - there's no demand for this grossly overpriced fruit punch outside of the scheme. As thefount has correctly pointed out, the inflated compensation plan is factored into the price of the product (which is a highly processed and chemically preserved fruit juice) - it does not represent value in any sense of the word. Illegal and fraudulent health claims are systematically made by distributors in an attempt to justify the exorbitant price. Bonuses and commissions are paid not based on bona fide sales to retail customers (I've barely come across a distributor with a single retail customer) but rather based on the purchases by a distributor and their downline. Whilst the company may be making money, it’s off the backs of the greater than 99% of the entire sales force who are losing - a fact which is withheld from consumers as at the time they decide to sign up and where the underlying pyramid business is concealed as well.

I think there's plenty to dis on this company about.

thefount profile image

thefount 6 years ago from North Central Louisiana Author

Thanks for another informative comment AA, Interesting how nobody really disputes your arguments; especially on the product being unsafe, full of preservatives, grossly overpriced, the barely legal multi-level/pyramid look alike structure and the non-disclosure issues when people first sign up.

I've been accused of being a 'quitter' by the bitter for freely expressing my opinions in a country where our military fights for such rights all over the world when in fact I simply LOST INTEREST & CONFIDENCE in this company shortly after certain previously withheld truths became evident. Let this post continue to serve as a 'buyer beware.' The Fount

sandy Wheeler 5 years ago

Mona Vie is another version of, where they make their money is on the tapes, books, meeting payments and conference payments. When trying to get answers about the juice drink it's really not about the juice although I find the product a good product and yes it is over priced but the natural sugars are lower then in other products. Thanks for letting me share

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thefount 5 years ago from North Central Louisiana Author

Thanks for commenting Sandy!

Paco 5 years ago

I just signed on with Mona Vie and after spending 2 days reading all over the web ( i wish I had done before I signed!) I trusted the guy who signed me. Now I want out. I haven't even received my distributor number yet. Any advice on how to pull out? I looked all over their website to no avail. I signed this passed thursday and I dont think they hit my credid card yet. I signed up for auto-ship I really dont want this product shipped to me. Any advice would be welcomed. Thanks for all the info. Thanks to Aussi and CGC also for all their informative posts

thefount profile image

thefount 5 years ago from North Central Louisiana Author

My advice to anybody in your situation would be to call MonaVie customer service ASAP and demand they cancel the transaction. Your distributor ought to be able to help you with contacting them.

Anonymous Aussie 5 years ago

It's a pleasure to hear positive feedback, Paco. I'm glad you're not going to be one of the many who have already been defrauded by this atrocious company.

You should contact your sponsor to get them to cancel the autoship, it shouldn't be too hard to stop. The contract you signed is of no significance and you aren't bound to purchase anything you don't want to.

A big thanks to thefount also for providing the means to be able to share information.

cybernoob 5 years ago

Hello, how is everyone today? Well I hope =)

I am a Mona-vie distributor...please don't shoot me! *winks*

I've found some interesting information within these posts. Always great to learn new things.

As a distributor, I am well aware of the high cost of Mona-vie Juice. The costs do vary, depending on which product you purchase, the average cost per bottle is around $40 retail. I don't know why that "Jacked on Juice" fellow was so afraid to announce that. You can find more info on cost or product here: http://www.rockstar.mymonavie.com

As the founder of this thread, I too also wish the juice was cheaper. I also wish taxes were lower, gas cost less and that I could afford to do more for charities than just volunteer my time.

Life isn't fair.

I look at Mona-vie as an opportunity to put something good into my body and make money doing it. (money has to come from somewhere)I also look at it as an opportunity to help anyone "willing" to do the same. I generally target people that are already too busy to be bothered with network marketing, as they are generally the ones that will work the business.

Now, before anyone gets dragged down a dark path by their anger, please try asking yourself some questions.

"Who is this guy?"

"Why would he do this?"

"Doesn't he care about people?"

Feel free to add your own questions.

Now ask them again, keeping in mind that a conclusion is merely the point at which we stop thinking and that we are all wise...until we speak. - myself included =)

What I like most about Mona-vie on a personal level. The More Project. Please Google it. If you don't and post an argumentative response, I will know you only as a fool and a muse. If that makes you angry, good! It's the best part of Mona-Vie and should have been mentioned long ago. As un-bias as some of these posts are, this tells me that some of you might only be searching for the bad in Mona-Vie. Shame on you! :p

About me:

As a distributor I see an opportunity to help people, regardless of the cost of Mona-vie juice. Not everyone "cant'" afford it. So what I've taken to doing is, one, qualifying people. I'm not going to sign somebody up as a distributor if they don't want to work the business. They can start/stop buying juice at anytime from my website. Completely up to them.

The ones that do want to work the business, make them selves known. As for the ones that "cant" afford the $300 - $500 that I think is needed to give serious effort to stating this business; they will get my special attention.

First, I tell them that Mona-vie is a debt free company and that they should not put themselves in debt to start this business. Save up for it, and come to meetings to learn while you're saving up. I hide nothing. No secrets. No tricks.

If they do save up, then they are indeed serious about it. I then make a point of placing 1-3 people underneath them regardless of cost to me. (I stand to benefit more, or less, depending on what position I place a new distributor on my tree.)

I offer as much help as I think they need to make it one their own and then I follow up a month later to see if they need further help. If they go inactive at any time, I phone them to see what's happening in their lives and make sure they are ok.

I have, in the past, given away juice and will continue to give juice away, for free, to those that need it most.

For me, this company is about helping people. There is a lot of bad in this world. We are not going to get away from it. I do my very best to take what this world has to offer and turn it into something good.

TO THEFOUNT: incredible job on your posting. It was informative and unbiased. I see you as a good person and I'm glad I tripped over your blog. I intend to research what you said about cinnamon and it's little know attributes. Thank you so much!

I hope my comments find everyone well and I hope that you are able to draw something positive from this. I do my best to lead by example and hope that others will do the same.

.....you can't know anyone unless you start a conversation with a question.

Have a blessed day =)

In closing: The world is starving; nutritionally, emotionally and financially. I'm just trying to feed people.

thefount profile image

thefount 5 years ago from North Central Louisiana Author


Thanks for your comment and the bits of wisdom you've shared! ?

DEM 5 years ago

Wow, I have read all of the posts on here some are interesting and some are just way out in left field, I don't really see what MV has to do with religion. I myself was a MV distributor and had some success but chose to part ways on my own accord after finding out some things that I didn't agree with. One of the main things being that MV does not have a freeze drying plant in Brazil, it is a farce! Another is that they have a 50% pay-out, ummmmm try 13%. I know that some of you will read my post and say that I am full of crap, and where is the evidence to support my theories and that's fine. Tell yourself what you have to to convince yourself that MV is a good company because they aren't, oh and by the way they are down about 30% in the last 4 months, and are losing more and more of their leaders to other companies. I guess that's what happens when you offer contracts to people to get them to try and join your company, don't believe that? Google a man named Robert Dean, that is all......

thefount profile image

thefount 5 years ago from North Central Louisiana Author

Dem, I didn't realize that about the pay out, the freeze drying plant and the recent loss of leadership and revenues. Thanks for your comments and the updates.

thefount profile image

thefount 5 years ago from North Central Louisiana Author

Dear Cybernoob,

That question mark at the end of my post after yours was unintentional, and I missed the opportunity to edit that out. Thanks again.

CGC 5 years ago


You say you have found some interesting info on these posts, so what new things have you learned here? I ask because I don't see you addressing any specific criticisms of MonaVie's product or business opportunity that have been posted earlier.

Actually you have addressed one, but I think you missed the point about the concerns voiced over the price of MV. Unlike taxes and gas, there are plenty of available alternatives at almost any food store. MV offers nothing that can't be got for 1/10 the price, and in fact if you were to buy real fruit you'd be doing both your wallet and your body a great service.

About how many non-distributor clients do you have and what portion of your income is from them? I see that the the mark-up from wholesale to retail isn't very much, like $4, so you must need to do a lot of volume, right? That must be hard considering it's so expensive -- why would consumers continue to pay $40 for fruit juice when they see it sold for $3 every time they go shopping?

How many hours do you put into this and what is your current "rank"?

Why doesn't MonaVie have a recent income disclosure statement?

I remain skeptical, but open to some convincing evidence that contradicts my current belief that MonaVie is extremely overpriced and its business model is a badly disguised pyramid scheme that mathematically guarantees 99% of hopeful distributors lose money.

DEM 5 years ago

@ thefount

Not a problem!

P.S. I recently heard that MV is up for sale. I'm not sure how true it is but if so, I'm sure you will here about it very soon.

thefount profile image

thefount 5 years ago from North Central Louisiana Author

Alright Dem, I'll look into that - thanks again!

Anonymous Aussie 5 years ago

Cyberboob states “Life isn't fair.”

Of course it isn’t. Whilst many things are beyond our control, there are things that are well within our control – such as the decision not to participate in an unsustainable and fraudulent pyramid scam where the losses of greater than 99% of participants are pre-determined, for example.

Cyberboob states “I look at Mona-vie as an opportunity to put something good into my body and make money doing it.”

So, consuming a chemically preserved and processed beverage is what you consider doing something good for your body?? Perhaps that says something about the state of your diet in the first instance, in which case I would disregard your advice immediately. I would personally prefer to consume fresh, wholesome fruit which is both cheaper, more convenient and by FAR the healthier option.

Independent studies have confirmed that there are cheaper and healthier fruit juices available from your local convenience store – such as Welch’s Grape Juice which does not contain sodium benzoate AND tested considerably higher in phenolics, anthocyanins and vitamin C than Monavie.

As for “making money”, it’s been pointed out that Monavie haven’t released an Income Disclosure Statement since 2009. Taking a look at the 2009 IDS, it’s no wonder either - this grossly unfair and top weighted compensation plan resulted in a group of only 377 (who represent 0.053% of the entire sales force) received nearly 40% of the total commissions and made in excess of $7000.00 per week, fewer than 12% of the sales force made less than $50.00 per week and 87% earned ZERO in the first instance. The IDS confirms that in the vicinity of 99.64% of the entire sales force LOST money.

In saying that, this isn’t an opportunity to make money, it’d be more accurate to state that it’s an opportunity to LOSE money.

Cyberfool states “I generally target people that are already too busy to be bothered with network marketing, as they are generally the ones that will work the business.”

That doesn’t even sound remotely logical. But I guess that explains why you’re pursuing an opportunity where the likelihood of success is less than 1%. Or more accurately, the likelihood of failure is a near 100%.

Cyberfool brings up “The More Project.”

Nothing like a bogus charity to convince the evangelical Monavie participant who despite luring participants in a venture where failure is essentially guaranteed, but where their own “success” is dependent on their ability to recruit other distributors from whose backs they intend on earning every single dollar.

Firstly, this is a “charity” which was founded and operated by Monavie executives - in a clear case of nepotism the director is the sister-in-law of Monavie’s own CEO, Dallin Larceny. Secondly, donations have been made for purposes that fall outside of the charity’s charter – for example, in 2007 for fire relief in California and of particular note is that no IRS990 was filed for MORE until 2010 – 5 years AFTER the company commenced and which is NOT how reputable charities operate.

The 2008 IRS990 showed that greater than 25% of funds got eaten up by operational costs in the U.S – with more than $1 million spent on non-project related expenses, some of which are highly questionable. Six figures of course went to Katy Holt-Larsen herself. Of the $4,055,560 million raised, only $2,795,145 of it allegedly went towards programs – however there are NO reliable details about how this money was dispersed.

Cyberfools states “The world is starving; nutritionally, emotionally and financially. I'm just trying to feed people.”

Of course you are. This has NOTHING to do with your own visions of “financial freedom”.

Cybernoob, how do you explain Dallin Larsen’s history as Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Dynamic Essentials, an MLM which was shut down by the FDA for illegally and fraudulently promoting their products, namely Royal Tongan Limu, as a disease cure?

And what do you tell your prospects when they listen to the below recording of Dallin Larceny himself making the illegal claims himself, when they note the striking similarities between Royal Tongan Limu and Monavie (which was similarly packaged in wine bottles, similarly priced, recommended dosage was 2oz twice daily) AND when they hear him promoting Dynamic Essentials in the precise same manner as Monavie itself? web.archive.org/web/20020205212919/

Or better yet, do you even accurately inform them? Somehow, I highly doubt it.

Cybernoob's post impresses for being so full of unimpressive misinformation and a lack of factual content to convince us of both the value of the product and viability/legality of the scheme itself.

thefount profile image

thefount 5 years ago from North Central Louisiana Author

Somebody's feelin' mighty spry this morning --Must be the Welch's grape juice! Thanks once again for an informative and challenging post, Blessings To Ya AA!

CGC 5 years ago

As part of his scripted sales pitch, Cybernoob wrote, "Feel free to add your own questions."

Unfortunately he doesn't seem to have any answers for them :)

Alex 5 years ago

thefount, Very interesting to read your blog, and I want to add something, I see some of the defenders of MV take apart th focus on the MLM bussines trying to defend the product with the value of it, but as many others have mentiones it can be defeated with many other arguments about natural products, and at the end my believing is that our body does not need speccial products to be better i f you just try to keep a balanced way of life: excersice, food, beverage, relaxation and well behavior that keeps your mind in peace. Why do I write, the reason is I was looking for info about the product because I thing is over-valued but I did not have elements to be sure about, I also thought it was over-priced and the worst of all i am sure it is a pyramid system where you get money from others selling something really cheaper even whe n someone will say the research and all that things. The person who tries to get me in the bussines has the flag of money and wellness for my wallet and of course for my family, but I think in the other hand is how you can feel trying to get some others into something seems to be a solution of your economic dessires across the dreams of others you have to catch, and to make it work you always have to be looking for someone else not to understand that part or worst that don't care about, because if it were true it is for helping improve health of others there are to many other ways to do it, let's be sincerous.

thefount profile image

thefount 5 years ago from North Central Louisiana Author

So sorry for taking so long to reply, thanks for stopping by Alex. You gave me something else to consider or at least another way to look at it.

In reference to the downfalls of MLM, you said "to make it work you always have to be looking for someone else not to understand that part" --very insightful.

And you're right, the diet and exercise are huge components to a healthier lifestyle that we all can implement. Blessings!

gilmar Betzcowisky 5 years ago

I do belive everybody has right to express yorself so this blog here is very helpful. I´m from Brazil I wrote down at google:" Monavie" and I found this spot, the reason I`m researching about monavie is becouse a friend of mine inveted me to join monavie - he´s making in one year business 30 thousands dollars monthly, but I know he tried many MLN companies and didn´t work out for him, but I know some people that are doing great as a herblife distributors. I was in the past doing that also, now I only use the pruduct that is great and not that expensive. maybe I didn´t work the right, way...I noticed that the people that succeed in MLN sometimes think to much in doing the job...that forget the rest...but somebody can say: many people work hard to survive and do the same...the botton line is: We have the free will to do watever we feel like doing...but the question is: Am I serving God in first place, and being honest with the people around me and making the difference in this world...Sorry about my English...I wish all the best for everybody up there!!!

thefount profile image

thefount 5 years ago from North Central Louisiana Author

Thank you for commenting Gilmar. Like you said, people are free to express what they feel and make money the way they please. It was my convictions and belief in God that led me to quit MonaVie because I concluded the company was not representing its product truthfully and was encouraging it's new recruit distributors to take advantage of what people don't know to make money. If you decide to do business with the company and even do well with them, no hard feelings here. :)

Scott Henry 5 years ago

Have a heart for others, walk in faith that God would use something like this not only to make people healthy, but to get those poor people you speak of, some extra cash in their pocket as people begin to see the value in a product that is washing away pain like nothing we have ever seen before.

To see my friends mom recover from cancer, AMAZING!!

To see my friends dad get discharged from the hospital in a 1/4 of the time predicted, and not lose his leg from swelling. AMAZING!!

To see my friends back to work because the pain in their hands and knees have disappeared in zero time flat, AMAZING!!

To see me not have to have a FIFTH surgery (achilles tendon being removed or lower leg cut off) because a friend was so persistent in sharing Monavie with me. AMAZING!!

The last two and a half years of my life have been a living hell since being hit by a car while riding a motorcycle. My foot was almost completely tore off, and I have been through four surgeries, and now I was able to tell the Dr. to discharge me from his care all because of what God saw fit to provide in my life. Monavie!! Now walk virtually pain free, and can live a somewhat normal life again.

Since I have started drinking Monavie a month ago, i haven't paid a dime for it. I have seen your comments along the way about how no one does a price breakdown. Check this out. Work with your upline in the company first of all. Follow the policy's and procedures that are in their documents that you should have read as distributor, and you would end up like many others. Ordering 12 cases at a time because you are working with those you know. What this equates to is getting bottles for $21.50 a piece. What you can then do, is like God has sent His people to do, be the light of the world. Show those around you that you have the heart to do the work required to get them a significantly cheaper product for them, and watch them be healed of all kinds of ailments. Watch the love in your relationships grow as those around you recover because you go out of your way and put your heart into Monavie. Be the blessing that others aren't. You have an opportunity to get back into this thing, and make a change that you aren't capable of making in others lives through telling them how to buy a mass of products, when what everyone wants is simplicity. One product, tons of various results. I myself am a walking testimony as you were, but you chose to look at some math, and back out. What I offer is free product, what God does through blessing people with something that can bring healing into their lives for free, is amazing.

This is grace:

Being that man that does for others what they should have done for them selves, but couldn't.

Get your arse back in Monavie, and work with your upline like they tell you to, and bring the product to people at a price that blesses people. Your reward is in heaven, not here.

I appreciate your post, but you are making people stray away from a product because they will believe you and not do research of their own.

Honest opinion as a brother in Christ, I would delete this whole post, so others don't read this, and walk away from what could heal them. After all, it is all 100% made by God.

If I would have read this post, I would have told my friend to piss in the wind and take that expensive crap somewhere else. and My leg or achilles tendon would have been removed, all because I read your opinion of a product.

thefount profile image

thefount 5 years ago from North Central Louisiana Author

Scott Henry,

People are entitled to their opinions and you have not compelled me to back down from mine. If you like the stuff, it's not costing you anything and you're getting great results that's GOOD for you!

If I was getting it free I'd probably take it too :D But then again, some of the bloggers on my post here have opened my eyes to some stuff that give me pause.

Tell you what, be free to be who you are and do what you do and I'll do the same because this is America. The stuff costs too much in my opinion and several others' as well --and besides Scott, MonaVie is not the only way God is healing people. I hope you get that Brother.

richard 5 years ago

Hi, I have recently joined Monavie in Australia,

I just would like to know if this is a pyramid scam or an actual MLM company.

Also, do you know anything about the lawsuit against Monavie and factual information about the company.

Thanks, Richard.

Tdolon 4 years ago

You really did your research but did you consider that some people may not share your opinion on price? Especially if you were a good person you wouldn't have tricked your friends into buying anything even if you did do it? And third you, if you believe you would have started making big money from this and that you have a good soul then why wouldn't you sign up and help your friends with your newly acquired fat wallet do they can have the benefit of making money to buy those supplements you mentioned, and to have the extra nutrition from Mona vie which could never hurt ? Not only that but not everyone has the will power or ability to swallow fifty pills drink some oil and some other less appetizing supplements

VoiceofReason 4 years ago

If someone has failed at this business it's either because you arnt social or you didn't put in the effort, if you look at pyramid schemes they arnt to much different from the job force. Let's see the top 10 percent richest people in our country have about 40 Trillion dollars.. all together the could pay off our Governments debt they made. of 16trillion. But yet we stand by and watch both of those numbers get bigger. I see that as a country with no will power to work their butt off and stand up for themselves so you people are surprised that most people fail at marketing??? Only the people with money, the root of all evil, drive this country and it's headed straight for a nuclear meltdown as we all sit idle, punching the clock, while the congressmen laugh at the flames of our burning flag("in god we trust" haha funny, when will they change that btw none of them care about god getting paid 250 thousand plus a year to be a representative ) while they count their bribe cash.

Marsi DeCasas 4 years ago

Monavie has worked for our family, my son with Autism has seen a huge change. Largely because an DIS EASE is about what YOU EAT, or WHAT your MOM & Dad ate. The price is worth the value. If you are sick or even looking at Monavie you are doing something WRONG in life choices and spending money in the wrong places because you are still not feeling good, even the author of this BLOG "Had to see what his friend saw in Monavie come on he's still looking too he's not feeling good OR he wouldn't care...Get the book or watch the movie "Forks over Knives" then read or watch FOOD MATTERS this is information Monavie teaches us to research before we even talk to friends. Then you will look at Monavie differently. Stop eating JUNK and start making REAL LIFE healthy choices, then you will have money to spend on other things other than YOUR HEALTH. Also...Monavie is NOT a get Rich quick scam it's about YOU feeling the healthy difference, and sharing it with a friend. It's NOT a pyramid, BECAUSE PYAMIDs are ILLEGAL...Monavie couldn't be in business 6 years if it was. DAH!!! YES it is MLM, and recommended by "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" author Robert Kiyosaki, or Miles Monroe. It's not a Mormon based company, it's christian leadership is Brig Hart.com. Oh and

LASTLY... MONAVIE IS IN 34 countries, and makes a millionaire every 24 days Monavie is making a difference in peoples LIVES, Plus best CEO in 2010. I am 60 and LIFE IS GOOD drinking monavie

thefount profile image

thefount 4 years ago from North Central Louisiana Author

If you'll notice, this blog is about why I quit MonaVie. It's all about freedom of choice and my freedom to express my opinion.

If you like MonaVie, that's great and you don't have to worry about what I do or what I say --Help yourself, and do what you gotta do. As for me, my mind is made up.

doubt_lady 4 years ago

hi, i'm frm malaysia. i'm interested in this post and had read all the comments above. Just because recently i went for this monavie's talks. I just simply research on it and found this post. The argument on above i felt have is own point. Making me feeling doubt, do not know which to choose and what to decide for joining or buying the product. Just my own comment, no offense. But, is good to bring the issue up and thanks for sharing.

Global Freedom 4 years ago

Try spending 20 years in corporate america and 20 years in MonaVie. It is high in price because its high in quality. The best way to absorb is through liquid form, ask a doctor. www.monaviestudios.com or youtube: "I am Monavie" and see if people are being "tricked". People quit where ever you go, the problem is people never quit and say I quit, they forward the blame, that way they dont look bad. I'm 22 years old, i've with Monavie for 1 year and 4 months and I'm a Ruby Executive making 104,000 a year. Where will I be at 30 years of age??? Haters will always be my motivators! P.S. those people who fail in Monavie, fail in everything in life. They dont hve the ability to do anything, its in their nature... Good day all! I AM MonaVie...

thefount profile image

thefount 4 years ago from North Central Louisiana Author

Global Freedom --Is that your banner, really? I'm happy you found something that is working for you, however, not everyone who 'fails' in MonaVie fails at everything in life. That's a pretty naïve thing to say, categorizing everybody that way. Where's the freedom in that?

You make it sound like MonaVie is the only thing a person can succeed at, which is utterly ridiculous, and putting people down for their beliefs is not the way of success ---no matter how much $$$ you make. Now THAT'S called hating.

Why would you even feel the need to come to this blog to brag, and blast somebody for the expression of their freedom of choice, just because it doesn't line up with what you believe? That's not freedom, that's condemnation. But after,all, YOU ARE MonaVie...

Please be sure not to take it for granted that you'll survive to be 30 because young people are leaving this earth to meet their maker at a faster rate than most realize. IF you happen to make it to 30 years of age, perhaps you'll have the sense to give the Good Lord His glory for it, and you'll have the wisdom to look back at your 22 year old self and understand you sure had a lot to learn back then. Until then, Adios!

confused boy 4 years ago

mmm...i read these post and find it usefull for my research on this monavie.

i was thinking whether wanna join in or not,just have this bad feeling telling me not to join this.

btw...one thing i wanna ask is,how you quit the monavie membership?.

any form need to fill in or email?

I'm a malaysian and just wanna know cause the monavie membership is no re-newer fee

thefount profile image

thefount 4 years ago from North Central Louisiana Author

There are many viewpoints regarding whether one should sell MonaVie or not. I wrote this article to let people know how I became attracted to their product enough to sell it, and why I changed my mind.

I don't knock anybody who wants to sell MonaVie --it's just not for me, and I'm not moved or shaken by those who want to dog me out for my free-will choice.

When I quit MonaVie, I simply stopped drinking it, stopped ordering it, stopped sharing it with my friends and family, and because my mind was made up --I didn't listen to anybody who was trying to change my mind.

As a matter of fact, the more they pushed me to reconsider selling MonaVie, the more I was driven to publish my convictions not to sell it by writing this article. That's my story, let me know how yours works out --I pray you're confused no longer. Amen.

sen sandy 4 years ago

I agree with wat everFount says but i really dont agree with anything of ausie comments....overpriced yeah its right but if someone else whose is gonna come up with same ingredients with a lesser price and with the same benefits which monavie gives we are opened to promote it or use it...Fount- the other products which u told me cinnamon,oliveoil etc...i really dont like the taste of it.But monavie tastes good and it gives me good energy too...AND MAINLY SODIUM BENZOATE is a preservative even in all d products which are available in d market.even in home made fruit juices to stay langer....Im happy with monavie and so do my friends n family...

thefount profile image

thefount 4 years ago from North Central Louisiana Author

I'm glad you like the product and find beneift in it. Thank you for commenting and although MonaVie is not for everybody, I appreciate the respectful way you express your disagreements.

Sammy 3 years ago

My wife was talked into purchasing the MonaVie (Active) product by her friends/associates. She shared it with me and it did seem to have quite a punch in regards to the health benefits it had to offer, but when I discovered the outrageous price of the product, I exclaimed to my wife that it was a big Rip Off. Surely there are ways of getting the same benefits from other not so expensive but similar products. This is quite obviously a scam to make huge profits for MonaVie and some more for its agents. I would like to see a competitor produce a similar or even better product and blow MonaVie right out of the water.

thefount profile image

thefount 3 years ago from North Central Louisiana Author

Indeed!! Thanks for commenting.

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