Why Is It So Hard To Stay Sober



For any person that is addicted to alcohol and decides to stop drinking has taken the most important first step towards recovery, but why is it hard to stay sober?

Congratulations to anyone that has taken that first step toward sobriety. You should be so very proud of yourself for surrendering to you addiction to alcohol.

Now comes the second hardest thing that you have to endure, and that is what has to be done to stay sober? keeping a positive attitude during this trying time is you best medicine to keeping sober.


  • First, I started with a positive attitude by telling myself, no matter what happens in my life I will stay sober. That was the promise I made to myself and will stick to that promise forever.
  • In the beginning I stayed away from all bars and any parties or family functions until I knew it would be safe to join attend, meaning when I felt comfortable enough to associate with those that were drinking alcohol. I figured why should I torture myself being surrounded by alcohol. The best thing for me was to stay away until I felt I was ready to be exposed to the one thing that was ruining my life.
  • I try to stay busy each and everyday to help keep my mind off my addiction to alcohol I had.
  • I WRITE hubs and blogs each day from the time I stop drinking alcohol to the present hoping that what I write will help many others realize it is never too late to change your life. By writing these articles it helps me so much to stay sober just knowing I might help one or more people get sober by my experiences of drinking alcohol and surrendering to my addiction and getting sober.
  • I have spoken and speak to those in my family and my friends regarding my past addiction to alcohol. It makes me feel good and helps me stay sober talking to people about the addiction. I am not ashamed or embarrassed about my past because I have made good for it now and want everyone to know anything is possible, including those that are reading this now.
  • It does keep me sober to speak of my addiction. Many people never knew I even had a problem with drinking alcohol, BUT they know now. I have nothing to hide anymore so I speak about it to anyone that wants to listen.



Alcoholics ask, "why is it so hard to stay sober?" My personal answer to that question is, "it is only as hard as you make it." If you worked so hard to get sober and wonder why the urge and temptation is always there to drink, then I believe you haven't totally admitted that you are done with your addiction, so may still have that craving to drink. I had that craving and desire for a few months to tilt the bottle, but over time those craving and desires slowly disappeared.

When something like alcohol has been in your life for so many years it is hard to say goodbye. The demons that are in you will remain hiding and waiting for you to mess up and relapse. You must give sobriety 100 percent of yourself and just forget about the addiction you once had. Just live today and don't look back at your past as an alcoholic.


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barryandjudy@shaw.ca 4 years ago

thanks, i needed to read this tonight. i will be in touch

the clean life profile image

the clean life 4 years ago from New Jersey Shore Author

barryandjudy@shaw.ca I hope it helps you and thank you for reading and your comment.

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