Why Your Symptoms and Causes Are Not Being Researched But the Cure Is

The dominant health care system in America is called conventional medicine. This method of medicine is time proven to prevent injuries that are traumatic and illnesses caused by infection of viruses. Unfortunately is does not do as well treating or curing common ailments such as arthritis, allergies, depression, or other ailments that cause man pain and discomfort. Why? Because through the decades of traditional medicine they are looking for that magic formula that will be a cure for each condition instead of focusing their research on treating the pain and discomfort that accompanies the illness. Sadly, we may never see a one treatment, one cure fits all for some of these afflictions. Pharmaceutical companies are even jumping on the band wagon of looking for the one pill, one cure polyannic situations.

An example of this mismanagement is cardiac care is that coronary artery diseases cause over 1.5 million heart attacks a year and over 500 thousand deaths. Surgeons perform over 300 thousand bypasses each year which each costing more than $30,000 each. Instead of fighting the cause, poor diet, alcohol, and smoking, they are fighting the final result. For the health care industry to truly turn itself around, they will have to take a hit in the pocket by helping changing people's lifestyle and start treating the cause. Disease prevention must be the primary focus of the health care professionals and this emphasis must be on alternative medicine and the use of vitamins, supplements, and natural foods that are prescribed as a preventive measure as they would prescribe a pain killer or chemotherapy.


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