Why am I dizzy, the 3rd doctor's visit. Could it be Menier's Disease?

sign posted in my doctors office
sign posted in my doctors office

My doctor’s visit today was the first thing this morning after I took the kids to school. I had been diligently fasting so the rest of my blood work could be done. I was hungry so I hoped to get it done quickly and devour the granola bar and banana in my purse. Unfortunately my blood did not cooperate. I have very small veins and sometimes my blood pressure is on the low side which makes it hard to give blood. The nurse did find my vein, but no blood came out. To the disappointment of my grumbling stomach, we decided to try again after the exam.

The physical itself was uneventful, it turns out I’m a pretty healthy individual, which is always good to know. The paranoid side of me was a bit worried at the warnings to stay away from certain products and foods that cause cancer. It’s kind of scary to hear about the poisons in all the things we consume. From lotions to foods and even nail polish, we put poison in everything. The Europeans have forbidden this stuff in their consumer goods, but we still have them here. I don’t know if their governments care more than our FDA or if we are just not as advanced in this area.

Anyway, with the idea of a tumor stuck in my head, these warnings prompted me to try and get her to share her speculations on what the neurologist will be looking for next week. She was hesitant to do so, and I can understand, why give me something to worry about before it was confirmed? But she finally said that she thought they would find something behind my eyes or in the back of my neck. Then she said it could just be Ménière's disease. Of course I looked it up later when I finally got home. Who can resist such an exotic sounding ailment? I find myself wanting to tell people just so I can repeat the name. I must admit though, I won’t be disappointed to not be diagnosed with Ménière's disease. Instead of cures, Wickipedia listed coping mechanisms and experimental procedures. It’s apparently very stressful and in addition to the unpredictable dizzy spells which may last anywhere from minutes to weeks, it can cause permanent loss of hearing. Thank goodness this is all in God’s hands. Otherwise my mind could go crazy thinking about it. I think I’d rather have the tumor. That, at least in my perception, can be removed and done with.

Next it was back to the blood draw. Now I hate giving blood. It is always a problem and usually ends up in lots of needle sticks and digging around with those needles in my arm. Then there are times when they do get blood, but it stops flowing before they have what they need. All in all, it’s a very stressful situation for me. Often I will want to pass out by the time they are done, and have come pretty close to doing just that. I must commend my nurse Martha though. She really was trying to do her best and not hurt me, and she did better than most. I didn’t even come close to fainting. I think she was almost as stressed as I was. I don’t always get so much compassion.

After sending me outside to warm up (apparently it is harder to get blood from someone who is cold, which I always am) and making me drink a ton of water, she recruited someone else to do it. They made me lay down, massaged my arm and finally got some blood to flow. I was very relieved they didn’t resort to getting it from the back of my hand. That is really painful. It was worth the extra effort they went to in order to avoid that.

In the end, I ended up being there for almost two hours, which made me really late for another appointment I had this morning, and really backed up my day. But while I was sitting in the waiting room of my next appointment, dwelling on my sore arm and all the time I had lost, I overheard a conversation that made me feel much better, even put a smile on my face.

An older woman was telling the story of what had happened to her the previous day. She was out to eat with her family. As she had entered the restaurant, she had a premonition that something was going to happen. She just knew it would be bad and she wasn’t disappointed. At a nearby table, there was a young child just screaming at his mother. He was throwing a royal fit and wouldn’t stop. All of a sudden, without any warning, somehow his crayon, came flying through the air, and…landed right on her table! She actually saw it flipping through the air! She was so upset that she was beside herself. And that mother didn’t do anything about it. That mother didn’t even apologize or offer to pay for part of her meal. Neither did the rest of the family that was sitting with the screaming child. None of them said a thing. The child just kept on screaming and the mother just kept on doing whatever it was she was doing. She must have been on her cell phone, that’s what everybody does these days, but this woman couldn’t really see. In the end, she was so upset, that she had to take the whole situation to the manager.

I got the message. I am not the only one with problems. Bad things happen to everyone, and I should get over this. Really, it wasn’t that bad.

After all, this is not Solla Sollew

and everyone has troubles,

they really do.

So while I live here in the Valley of Vung,

I’ll give God my troubles,

and pray about every one.

(sorry, couldn't resist the Dr. Seuss reference. Solla Sollew is one of my favorites)

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newenglandsun 3 years ago

Meniere's disease doesn't look too serious. At least you aren't experiencing this disease:


April Reynolds profile image

April Reynolds 3 years ago from Arizona Author

yes, I would much rather loose my hearing. hahahahahha

newenglandsun 3 years ago

DDS (decapitation disease syndrome) and SEHS (sudden exploding head syndrome) are both terrible diseases to suffer from.

April Reynolds profile image

April Reynolds 3 years ago from Arizona Author

I would agree. I am considering burning all sharp objects in my house. And maybe the sofa pillows. I think I'll also throw out all the baking soda and vinegar to avoid ingesting them at the same time.

newenglandsun 3 years ago

That would be tragic to have them acheive the speeds required to multiply the DDS virus as well as the mixtures required to produce the SEHS virus.

April Reynolds profile image

April Reynolds 3 years ago from Arizona Author

It would be. In spite of the claim to the contrary, I'm not sure it wouldn't spread to my family.

profile image

Rayne123 3 years ago

Hi April I have not been on in awhile however while I m on just checking to see how u r doing

Do u have the final outcome are u ok I have been thinking a lot about u and praying for u

Love Laurie


April Reynolds profile image

April Reynolds 3 years ago from Arizona Author

Thank you Laurie! I appreciate it.

No, I don't have the final outcome yet, but they have discovered that I have sleep hypopnea so I must get that taken care of first. They have also ruled out an inner ear problem.

I will try to write an update soon.

profile image

Rayne123 3 years ago

Well hopefully it's not major and I don't believe so

Good luck and God bless


April Reynolds profile image

April Reynolds 3 years ago from Arizona Author

Thank you Laurie, I'm hoping the sleep hypopnea is the cause!

newenglandsun 3 years ago

Hail, Holy Queen, Mother of mercy,

our life, our sweetness and our hope.

To thee do we cry, poor banished children of Eve:

to thee do we send up our sighs,

mourning and weeping in this valley of tears.

Turn then, most gracious Advocate,

thine eyes of mercy toward us,

and after this our exile,

show unto us the blessed fruit of thy womb, Jesus.

O clement, O loving, O sweet Virgin Mary! Amen.

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