Why is Green Tea Good For You?

The Healthiest Drink In The World?

Healthy Packs a Punch

Green Tea is perhaps the healthiest drink in the world and is packed with things that are just too good to ignore.  So why isn't it more popular? 

Asides from water, black tea is the most popular drink in the world.  And According to Chinese legends, tea was discovered by the Emperor Shen Nong in about 2700 BC, when a gust of wind blew tea leaves into a kettle of boiling water.  Sound kind of far fetched?  Maybe.  But you can't argue with what we now know about this boiling water accident.

The Huge Benefits of Green Tea!

1.  Japanese researchers have found evidence that Green Tea may actually help a person live longer.  It protects against death and especially cardiovascular disease.

2.  It heightens learning capacity and increases memory power.   A  Japanese study showed that high green tea drinking maintains cognitive function. Furthermore, according to the results from animal studies green tea consumption may enhance learning and memory ability.

3.  Weight Control!  Woo-hoo!  Numerous studies all resulted in strong evidence has fat burning and weight control elements.  Green tea polyphenols are proven to induce weight loss by increasing the metabolism of fats by the liver (thermogenic effect), inhibiting lipase (fat absorption enzyme) in the digestive tract, and providing a feeling of satiety and fullness.

4.  Studies have also shown that Green Tea elements can protect our fragile skin from the damage caused by ultraviolet rays.  Green Tea polyphenols also protect the skin by improving the elastic tissues.

5.  Some studies even suggest that Green Tea may actually prevent or inhibit arthritis from setting in by slowing the break down of cartilage over years and reducing inflammation. 

Who would say no to this stuff?

I mean, seriously? It helps with weight, prevents arthritis, protects the skin, improves the function of the brain and ELONGATES life!  Try it out yourself...add honey which has great benefits of its own!

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Mr. Smith profile image

Mr. Smith 5 years ago from California

I hope it's been a benefit all these years. Good info!

daisy chua 4 years ago

Green Tea is realy a healthy drink plus is has lots of health benifits for human life.

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