Why men go bald

Middle age is when most men notice a bald spot or that their hair is thinning at the temples.

For those men who are younger, perhaps in their twenties, then going bald can have some serious effects. For some, their self-confidence takes a knock and they go to extreme lengths to restore their hair.

Here we will look at the main reasons why hair loss occurs in men who go bald could be down natural factors which lead to hair thinning.

For many, the lack of a good, healthy diet may be a factor while for others, using a specialist hair growth shampoo may help.

Going bald - why men lose their hair
Going bald - why men lose their hair

Healthy proteins help grow hair

Hair is made up of healthy proteins so it stands to reason that a vitamin deficit could lead to male hair loss or thinning. To help prevent this eat more meat along with whole milk. You may even find that health protein shakes, particularly those made up with whey, will help boost hair growth.

Man with balding hair may also find that using vitamin supplements will also help – use a good quality multi-vitamin but you will need to check that there is a healthy level of biotin to help hair growth.

Research shows that biotin can be beneficial but a good quality vitamin supplement will have this and other helpful vitamins to help hair grow - or to slow down the rate of hair loss.

Why do men lose their hair?

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Vitamins to help promote hair growth and prevent baldness

While we are on the subject, the role of vitamins could be crucial if a man – or indeed woman – is wanting to prevent a bald spot from developing.

One of the best vitamins for hair growth is vitamin C which help lead to a healthy head of hair. If you don’t fancy using a multi-vitamin pill, then eat more citrus fruits such as oranges and lemons and peppers. There are also some specific Vitamin C pills available which have high doses available.

However, the best source for growing hair are Vitamin B complex pills which have high doses of a vitamin thought to play a vital part in helping to regrow.

In addition, you should be looking to increase blood circulation to the hair follicles which will help spur hair growth. Anyone with bald hair loss should be eating more iron found in things like liver, raisins and apricots.

Another useful vitamin to help hair growth is vitamin E which helps stimulates growth.

Again, by using a good quality vitamin supplement, you should find that the vitamins needed by your body will be there but don't forget another hugely important aspect - and that's to keep hydrated.

Facts about male hair loss

To help prevent or even help regrow hair:

Cut down on stress

Improve your diet

Try using commercially available products such as Rogaine

Water can help hair growth

An often overlooked factor is the role water intake plays while trying to grow hair or help a bald spot recover.

It’s important for our general well-being to remain hydrated so make sure you drink eight glasses of water every day.

What causes male pattern baldness?

Why you should cut back on alcohol and smoking to boost hair growth

This article has examined the ways in which most people can combat the loss of hair in both men and women by using a healthy diet and vitamin supplements to help fight baldness.

However, it goes without saying that there are a range of other factors which are in play which also lead to male pattern baldness.

Firstly, stress is known to major contributor to baldness in men and steps should be taken to lessen the impact stress has on the body. Losing one’s hair could just be one symptom of a wider problem being brought about by stress.

Those who are losing their hair should also cut back on their alcohol intake as this minimises hair growth – drink less alcohol and you should see a hair growth spurt.

It should also go without saying that smoking is also bad for you – it restricts the flow of blood to the vital hair cells. If you smoke and don’t want to lose your hair then there’s a tough decision to be made.

Essentially, a healthy diet will help since the nutrients will help provide the building blocks for hair growth.

You may not be able to combat the effect of aging as the body’s hormones change but you can help boost your wellbeing and also use supplements which mimic the effects of the body’s own chemicals.

Prevent hair loss with Propecia

There are several items available on the hair loss market aimed at helping hair grow and eradicate bald spots.

One of them is Propecia which is aimed at stopping hair loss – it has a 92% success rate in users but doesn’t help hair regrow. For that you will need other supplements, such as those described above.

There can also be side effects to using things like Propecia while another brand – Regaine (Rogaine in the US) which contains minoxidil is widely believed to help hair regrow and prevent hair loss.

Other treatments include the use of Botox in baldness treatment with one study showing that hair loss was reduced in 40% of male users when injected into the scalp.

There’s also a fairly new low level laser treatment therapy (LLLT) which uses battery-operated lasers in a cap to encourage hair growth in hair follicles and cells.

It can be expensive but the results are encouraging – 85% of users saw hair loss being stopped, while 55% of users said their hair began to grow again.

Hair transplants to solve bald spot

The other, perhaps more traditional method, is to have a hair transplant. This is expensive and time-consuming but there have been big steps in the techniques being used with some very good results being promised.

Ultimately, hair loss is a natural process which affects a large majority of men but there are simple steps available to help them overcome baldness issues and worries and help prevent hair loss and promote hair growth in the long term.

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