Women's health and the human pheromone

Sorry ladies, you will be seduced, pheromones make it impossible for you to resist men, no matter how dreadful the man wearing the pheromones may be. Wait, don't panic. Sadly the pheromone marketing craze may be causing us to turn a blind eye to an interesting discovery. I think it's like hearing about vitamins for the first time from a hard core drug dealer. When you get over your encounter with Mr. Dealer, you are not going to think of vitamins in the same way as a person who had heard about vitamins from GNC or Vitamin World. I believe the same thing is happening with marketers and pheromones. With that in mind let's take a look at pheromones.

Most people still believe pheromones are no different from X-ray glasses sold in the back of comic books. Others have been using them for years. To be sure, they are used heavily by government agencies worldwide. Business uses them daily, you may even use them. Of course I'm talking about insect and animal pheromones.

It was well known by the late 70s that females of the insect and animal kingdom produced chemicals for attracting males of the same species. By the late 70s pheromones were already being manufactured for pest control. Pheromones were being used to attract or repel bugs and animals. Pheromones were already protecting crops from damage. Roaches were checking in and not checking out. At the same time scientist were working hard to find and prove the existence of human pheromones. This evidence was found in the mid 70s but did not reach the public with any power until the mid 80s.

Human pheromones made front page news in 1986 when Researchers at the Monell Chemical Senses Center of Philadelphia released their findings to the scientific journal Hormones and Behavior, as well as to the public by way of:

Time Magazine: “Studies find that male pheromones are good for women's health.”

News week: “The Chemistry Between People: Are Our Bodies Affected by Another Person's Scent?”

USA Today: “The Real Chemical Reaction between the Sexes.”

The Washington post: “Pheromones Discovered in Humans.”

The human pheromone was big news in the 80s. It was found that women's health was directly affected by male pheromone. Pheromones help to maintain the health of women. To be more exact, they keep a woman's reproductive system healthy. A healthy testosterone rich male pheromone signature somehow encouraged a woman's body to keep itself healthy and young. It can stabilize the menstrual cycle, and reduce the symptoms of PMS. Pheromones could lift a woman's mood actually alleviating depression, even postpone and then alleviate menopause.

How did we get from health benefits to wild seduction products? People can't resist a fast buck. If it's about money, maybe we should be using pheromone products to make women's lives better. Strike that. We should be using pheromone products to make people's lives better. Provide pheromones that do the things mentioned above. Help to enable pheromone research that will gain more knowledge related to health and longevity. I don't have anything against attracting the opposite sex. I think that's a good idea. It's just sad to see a good thing, or potentially good thing, be lost because of poor focus.

There is always more to the story than meets the eye. The person who does not ask questions has either been beaten down low by the people who know-it-all, or, they are the people who know-it-all. Keep asking questions. You will keep finding better answers.

Garry Nelson

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Patty Inglish, MS profile image

Patty Inglish, MS 8 years ago from North America

Pheremones may indeed do good.= and keep couples and families healthy.

In addition, Psychiatrist Barbara Houk of Missouri has shown that pheremones from a psychologically ill/dysfunctional parent or constant caregiver often cause mental disorders in infants up to the age of 3 months old or slightly older and those disorders manifest with time. Most frequently - personality disorders, the tendency toward committig abuse, addictions, etc. Pheremones affect the neurological "wiring" in the studies performed at her insitute.

Garry Nelson profile image

Garry Nelson 8 years ago from Hawaii Author

Hello Patty,

I appreciate the great information. I will track Houk down and check out what she has discovered.

If anyone else knows of interesting pheromone related research please leave a message.

Thank you,Garry Nelson

Rudra profile image

Rudra 8 years ago

Very interesting, but it seems that there is more to pheromones than meets the nose. The existence of pheromones in man is still questionable.

Garry Nelson profile image

Garry Nelson 8 years ago from Hawaii Author

Yes, far more.

I think the problem is not whether pheromones exist or not in humans. It's the label that bothers people. We know for a fact that there are airborne biochemicals that affect our hormonal levels, change the way the brain routes the body's chemicals, alters heart rate etc.

For example: Copulins are produced by women, they can raise a man's blood level of testosterone over 100% in minutes. Why? Because the woman is ovulating and she is at the perfect point in her cycle to get pregnant. Her body tells his to fire up she's ready to mate, and his does.

Women during this time tend to stay away from dangerous places or untrustworthy men. They don't know they are doing it. It's not something they think about. They also tend to snuggle up to men they like. They may even be argumentative with these men. Why? High testosterone, close proximity, aggression, passion…. However, is it a pheromone? I say it does not matter. It's there. You can call it a biochemical, a pheromone, or the domenow syndrome. While some people argue about it others are using it, and the serious pheromones have not hit the public yet. First people are going to argue that pheromones do not exist. Then they are going to want them to be illegal.

Thank you,Garry Nelson

RainbowRecognizer profile image

RainbowRecognizer 8 years ago from Midwest

This is a really great article on pheromones! Okay, I'll say what's on my mind - another topic in itself: what about vibration? Any thoughts on that piece of the puzzle? :o)

Rhym O'Reison profile image

Rhym O'Reison 8 years ago from Crowley, Tx

I have always believed in the power of pheromones but didn't know that there were also healthy effects. Great info and it made me want to learn more, which I think was your point.

Garry Nelson profile image

Garry Nelson 8 years ago from Hawaii Author


Yes, there is more coming I actually have so many lines of information related to pheromones that I’m having trouble deciding which way to go.

 Thank you,

Garry Nelson

glassvisage profile image

glassvisage 8 years ago from Northern California

There's a pheromone marketing craze? Huh.

Garry Nelson profile image

Garry Nelson 8 years ago from Hawaii Author

Oh, poor thing Glassvisage you have obviously been left out of the loop. If you want to leave your email I will be sure that it gets to the pheromone marketers so you can get up to speed.

CheryleJ profile image

CheryleJ 8 years ago from NEW JERSEY

I 100% believe in this pheromone thing because if I think back to some of the men I've been attracted to, I know for sure it exists and my hormones don't lie!!! Thanks for sharing.

Garry Nelson profile image

Garry Nelson 8 years ago from Hawaii Author

Me too CheryeJ. Thank you

DaMaGeD_GooDz 8 years ago

Personally I find the pherome mass marketing idea completely ridiculous. It's not as if something's been discovered that has never existed before. They've been hanging around a while. We just continue to study it all. By the way, I once tried a pherome perfume just out of curiosity. I didn't think it would do anything, but it smelled great so why not. For some strange reason only women noticed it, no men. What's up with that?

Garry Nelson profile image

Garry Nelson 8 years ago from Hawaii Author

Hello DaMaGeD_GooDz,

Thank you for the comment. Some pheromone manufacturers use strong female pheromones in their perfume to attract men. Others use strong Male pheromones in their perfume with the idea that it will lift the female wearer's mood, making her feel more sensuous and outgoing. Therefore attracting men. The manufacturer also hopes that  she will buy more because she feels so much better when she wears it. Usually it makes guys avoid you or just be very polite, and chicks flock around you and talk like crazy until you just have to walk away from them to get them to shut up. 

Thank you,


DaMaGeD_GooDz 8 years ago

LOL! That was pretty much my experience. But they failed at their mission. I just liked the smell period but I never felt any better wearing it than other non-pherome perfumes I've worn.

dav.wane.mo2 7 years ago


I just recently bought the Pheromone Advantage product and thought I would just give it a try. It's suppose to be scentless, but it hasn't arrived yet. I'm just wondering if you know of this product and whether it works?

Garry Nelson profile image

Garry Nelson 7 years ago from Hawaii Author

I know very little about the product. They claim to have four pheromones combined but do not tell what four, or in what concentration. This should not be considered condemning though as many pheromone producers do not tell what their formulas are anymore because competition is duplicating their work. Or even worse, they simply claim the same thing. 

One point in their favor is that they at least claim different pheromones from their attract men to attract women products. Many companies sell the exact same formula for either sex. Usually the attract women formula is used for all their formulas. Of course that is unfortunate if you are a woman trying to attract men.

It appears that they are using Copulins in their version for women to wear, they do not say that they use Copulins. However, they quote from the Astrid Jutte study that found Copulins increased a man’s testosterone by 150% in minutes. 

I know many serious pheromone users. I will ask what is on the grapevine about this product and then report back here, if I find any info from first hand users.

myownworld profile image

myownworld 7 years ago from uk

really enjoyed reading this....looking forward to reading more stuff...!

jamterrell profile image

jamterrell 5 years ago

Great information, thanks for sharing.

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