Wonders of Bitter Kola

The Wonders of Bitter Kola

Bitter kola is another type of kola found in Igbo land of Nigeria. Its biological name is Garcinia kola. Like the kola nut it is produced from a big tree. Unlike the kola nut it is monocotyledon. Although it is eaten widely for different purposes it has nothing to do with the tradition of any known ethnic group. It is medicinal as well as has some aspect of spiritual healing factors attached to it. Although modern sciences could try to disapprove of the belief but the issue is that "It works" whether you belief or not. I am glad to proclaim that my friends from different geographical areas who had in the past argued the possibilities of what I claimed bitter kola could do are now addicts in bitter kola usage. One general remark is that bitter kola is an Anti-Biotic. It can be eaten at anytime and again no side effects under normal condition. It is one of those medicines that have no overdose.

To spiritualists and knowledge seekers if you want to know what bitter kola could do find out we offer subscription which gives you the opportunity to buy and have instruction on what it does and how to use it.

Medicinally any body can eat as many as bitter kola as he or she prefers to consume by pilling off the outer coating of bitter kola but be mindful that as the name sounds it is really bitter. However if you can have fun eating bitter kola

you have the chances of not contacting or suffer from common cough syndromes, sour or mouth odor, stomach upset and tooth ache. If you are interested in healthy lifestyle and wellness please go to http://www.healthyspot.vacau.com/ or http://www.naturalmedicinescure.com/myblogger.html If you need specific instruction on how to derive the best benefit from Bitter Kola write to medinature2009@gmail.com

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You can identify Bitter kola as nut with brownish outer cover while the inner part is yellow in color. Bitter kola contains a juicy substance which is assumed to be the active ingredient. It does not require any preservative and survives under any atmospheric condition. However if it is kept in the refrigerator, it remains fresh while if it is left in the open space it dries. In dry condition it can be revived by soaking it in water for hours or days depending upon the intensity of its dryness.

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Dotun 6 years ago

Bitter kola is indeed medicinal. I've been eating more of it since I discovered it detox

Evan O 6 years ago

I am glad you did realize the good effects of Bitter cola. I am developing a site that is intended to give everyone the opportunity for healthy life at no cost. It is intended to furnish information for natural healing or preventive measures. If the instruction is followed chances of becoming ill is reduced. All natural.

Kevin 6 years ago

Bitter Kola cures cough and help alleviate allergy symthons

emma 6 years ago

does bitter kola contain caffeine

Classycut 6 years ago

Bitter cola does not actually contain caffeine instead it contains Quinine. It is really bitter but its usefullness is unmeasurable. It has advantages in in curative measure both as medicine and spiritualhealings.

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Eva Opara 6 years ago

Try read about Kola nut. get the lonk from www.free-est.com

This has caffeine and it make person not sleep and it does it naturally without any side effect.

Aladi Chijioke 6 years ago

It is true that, Bitter Kola is planted and grown in IGBO land of Nigeria. Real it is medicinal.

For business deal on Bitter Kola, call +2348037913600. Enjoy good health with Bitter Kola.

ayo oladiran 6 years ago

does kolanuts makes spermatozoa watery

Tiger 6 years ago

Contrary to Classycut's response, bitter kola is a stimulant and does indeed contain caffeine. When I was younger I used to eat, but not anymore, now that I am more health conscious. It appears that bitter kola has been portrayed as a cure-all nut. I went into an African food store and it was advertised as useful in reducing high blood pressure. I asked the owner, if so, why then are many people in Nigeria suffering from high blood pressure? One Nigerian exporter even touted it as an aphrodisiac.

Tiger 6 years ago

Update. On further research, I uncovered the following supporting evidence with references for any one wishing to learn more about bitter kola and kola nuts.


Bitter kola is also rich in caffeine and threobromine and is also believed to be an aphrodisiac (Odebunmi, E. O, et al. 2009). Unlike other kola nuts, however, bitter kola is believed to clean the digestive system, without side effects such as abdominal problems, even when a lot of nuts are eaten (Onochie and Stanfield, 1960).


Odebunmi, E. O., Oluwaniyi, O. O.*, Awolola, G.V. and Adediji, O. D. (2009). Proximate and nutritional composition of kola nut (Colanitida), bitter cola (Garcinia cola) and alligator pepper

(Afromomum melegueta): African Journal of Biotechnology Vol. 8 (2), pp. 308-310, 19 January, 2009.

Onochie CFA, Stanfield DF (1960). Nigerian Trees. Gov. Printer, Lagos, Nigeria. pp. 5-10.

Eva Opara 6 years ago

Hi Tiger,

I like people like you who come out with positive criticism. I quite know that Bitter Kola is a stimulant however in comparison with Kola nut I do not envisage its content of caffeine as significant. I would however let you know that i have done research with Kola nut and Bitter kola with Professor Ibu and some medical students in University of Port harcourt. Bitter Kola is a stimulant and it increases the blood pressure as well as gastric acid secretion. In my blogs and Hubs I am not discussing academic writings rather my main approach here is what can literally help people to live a healthier lifestyle, talke good care of their health and thus reduce health-related costs with reference to diease control, prevention and cure.

Please feel free to make comments in my Health web site, every health related issues, ideas are welcomed.


Eva Opara 6 years ago


This is the site for all. tell us what you know to help other live longer, healthier, reduce health insurance expenses...weight loss, diet, natural herbs, natural preventive and curative measures etc.

obikaonu Anthony ,Iheoma and Chibuike. 6 years ago


Eva Opara 6 years ago

Bitter Kola is good for consumption. You must not try to eat it in excess. Even when water consumed in excess causes a disease condition or say malfunction called diuresis.

You can consume the Bitter kola for its numerous medicinal benefits.

Would you say marijuana is good for consumption? But this destructive herb is used in medicine and it is becoming a common practice nowadays to kill or reduce pains.

uzodinma.emmanuel@yahoo.com 6 years ago

can consumption of bitter kola cause low sperm

count or watery sperm in men.?

Eva Opara 6 years ago

I would say that there is not enough evidence so far as to whether bitter Kola or Garsinia Kola reduces, increases or just immune to any effect of sperm count when consumed. Apparently in herbal remedies combination of herbs which by each of them would produce a nagative effect give entirely an opposite result. The only known fact is that Bitter kola is a stimulant and increases blood pressure. It is also an antibiotic and cures so many illnesses. However combination of Bitter Kola and other ingredents produces a great healing result which might include increase in cell count.

Please read the following extracts from different authors for more information. You can also go to my website and on the page of each health related blog you will see some adverts read them because many of them are very vital information that would help you to produce a thesis. http://www.healthspot.vacau.com

The herbal remedies include a combination of one or more of these plants: bitter leaf, lime, latex fruit and seed of pawpaw, unripe guava, basil (effirin in Yoruba, nchuanwu in Igbo), unripe pineapple, mango leaves, soursop leaves, bark of stool wood, bark and fruit of cashew, banana, plantain, fruit and leaves of okro, pepper, onion, garlic, dried pulp of watermelon, seed and leaves of black pepper (iyere in Yoruba, uda in Igbo), nutmeg, avocado fruit, pepper fruit, seed and leaves of garden egg, leaves of fluted pumpkin (ugu in Igbo).


In some research revealed lower sperm count


While another research but this time with rat, there is increase in sperm count.


vincci 6 years ago

There are too many stories about bitter kola, both positive and negative. My own concern is on the negative side of it. Please, i would like to know the side effects of this kola to man.

Eva Opara 6 years ago

Please note that too much of anything is not good. Water as the most vital element of life causes problem when drank too much. Therefore if you consume the Bitter kola normally it is healthy beccuase of its antimicrobial effect. If you eat it too much it might aid high blood pressure. the best way to use if is to soak it in the mouth or have slight bites. One or two nuts a day is ok.

Joy Alasa 6 years ago

All i want to know is the main website to know how to and on what to us this bitter kola for.i actually believe this bitter kola is so good but i want to know more about it.

ty 6 years ago

Does bitter kola prevent snakes from a particular domain? if true, how?

Eva Opara 6 years ago

Traditionally no hypothesis has been put forward toward the reaction of snakes to the presence of bitter kola tree or nut. there are other herbs however that snakes don't like to go near. But the most spectacular killer of snakes is kerosine and cats.

Murad 6 years ago

Hi,my name is Murad from Duesseldorf Germany.

I grew up with 2 Nigerian brothers,twins from Calabar They introduced me to bitter cola.

I can tell you about some effects that i discovered.

The first thing is about health.For example,last summer I ate bitter cola every second day.Sometimes 1 sometimes more of them (max.5 or 6)

You dont have to eat them sober !!! Eat something before,otherwise it will cause nausea/sickness !!!

It also has the effect to give a little high if you eat it too much,something like Ecstasy in a smoothe form.I m a Jiu Jitsu fighter and it can push your traing also.If you eat bitter cola half an hour before training,you are more present,it has an effecht like ephedrine in a natural way.

The medicinal effect that if you consume it for a few weeks,you will feel fresh.Like you're clean inside.In the morning when you wake up,you feel like "you got to do something"

But like i said,dont consume to much,it can cause sickness and headache.An other thing that i discovered is that you can use bitter cola for very deep meditation.You can use it together with Weed,and it can open up your mind and feel the Nature.

But in this case,bitter cola is only an assistant !!!! It is not the reason for a good meditation,but it can assist it very very well !!!!

There is another thing about bitter cola.It can help you also pushing up your sexual feeling.After a little practise and with the help of bitter cola I can have multiple orgasms. You have to eat it for a few times to discover this effect.You can also come many many times after another,your girl will love it !!!

But dont youse this effect too much,cause like Mr. Opara said:"Nothing is good if it is used excessiv!!!!!!"

So,I hope I could give some of you some informations about bitter cola.One last thing that my friends told me.The most people only chew the bitter cola,and throw the rest away.But my friends told me to eat the whole nut and then swallow it.It can also have a good influence on your stomach,because they told me the last ingredients can only be absorbed inside the stomach !!!

The things I wrote here is on my own exeperience and you can trust me that I tried bitter cole for many years.

If you have any questions you can contact me via this side and I will trie to answer.

Greetings from germany and all the best to the people,


Grace  6 years ago

Bitter cola is good for the body. It cleanses the system and makes sickness not to invade the body.

Uchenna Ejikeme 6 years ago

Actually in Igboland and among the Yorubas, there is a strong belief that bitter kola is used to chase away and prevent snakes from places. My father says it is also used in the treatment of impotence. But from personal experience, I can confirm that is used in the treatment of cough and musicians and choristers are encouraged to chew bitter kola to treat their cracked voices.

Eva Opara 6 years ago


Uchenna, you have made a good input. I have not heard about the bitter Kola and the snake. I would also be interested in learning more about how it can cure impotency. I know it is antibiotic. Therefore, it can cure cough and make possible better vocal expressions.

Taker 6 years ago

does bitter contain caffine and nicotine

Ichekor kingsley 6 years ago

What is the relationship between bitter kola and blood glucouse? Since bitter kola contains QUININE,I am of the opinion that it may not be good for guys especialy as u said if consum in excess, this is because reseach has shown that Quinine has negative effect on male reproductive system.

Eva pls am interested in this ur site kind kip me posted on other health info using my email adress: visitike_20004u@yahoo.com or 08064077476.


Eva Opara 6 years ago

Kingsley, you made a good point though about the effect of quinine on male reproductive organ however, most natural fruits or nuts have antidotes. We cannot question the nature but the side effects that naturally occuring chemical elements are not as effective as the purely chemical elements. The quinine in Bitter kola is natural and different from the chemically formulated quinine medicine.

Classycut profile image

Classycut 6 years ago Author

Odutola Tajudeen,

Please this blog is not for advertisement. Even if you must be allow to advertise here it has to be on related subject matter. Please note and your ad is deleted forthwith.


Victor 6 years ago

Am really excited on all the posts i have seen on the health benefits of kola nuts.As an anti-biotic,i will like to know if it can effectively cure a bacteria infection like staph.Thanks.

Eva Oparah 6 years ago

Bitter Kola is a wonderful nut in terms of its anti-biotic effects. If eaten properly or administered correctly, it cures effects of most bacterial attacks. However prevention is better than cure and that is where eating of bitter kola at appropriate time and correct quantity is essential. Please if you have need for special consulting services feel free to go to our Health website and contac the ROOTMAN. All your needs will be met with little or no cost.

Ebi 6 years ago

I read the other day of a study of bitta kola as contraceptive in rats, can it be used by humans, since it is natural?

Rootman 6 years ago

Anything that affect other lower animals will definitely affect human beings. However you must understand that for any medication to work you must administer the correct dose.

babygirl 6 years ago

Is bitter kola good in pregnancy?

Rootman 6 years ago


There is not known side effects of bitter kola on pregnancy. It is a well known fact that there is a lot of stress due to hardship. As a result people misjudge. But anyway Bitter kola was consumed by pregnant women in olden days so if it has any side effect, the elder would have discovered that long ago and issue a warning. However whatever you do during pregnancy, make sure you don't over do it.

Godswill Ohazuruike 6 years ago

Bitter kola is a good medicine, It helps to cure some diseases, when you look into your village, you see old mamas bouncing healthy due to what they eat in those days that's making them strong, Kola Nut nourishes the body and makes your body unavailable to some sickness.

DO You know the most better aspect of it, is that bitter kola nuts are needed outside our Country in large quantities.

You can join the team of exporters exporting Bitter Kola Nuts, Its still some how a secret not every body knows about this biz.

To Get More Information On How To Start Bitter Kola Nut Exporting Business call me now on 07032912565.

Or send an email to godswill4model@gmail.com

somto 6 years ago

i see bitter cola as one of the best herbal medcine.pls is bitter cola good for children under 0 - 7 yrs.

ikechukwu Victor 6 years ago

kola is good for blood pressure.I have used it to treat my

Ndubuisi 6 years ago

How i wish all dis things dat are been said about bitter kola have been scientifically proven then we can accept it without doubt or dat it has been divinely revealed, then we accept it authoritatively. But now we are accepting it flimsily b/cus we have no option.

chinwe 6 years ago

can bitter kola be aeten at early pregnancy?

Eva 6 years ago

Bitter Kola can be eaten at all times but during pregnancy it is advisable to just have a bite at anytime the pregnant woman is hungry of it. Women at their early pregnancy tends to throw up so bitter kola is nice at this time to help stop the feeling but just a bite to keep mouth dry and fresh

D.Virtual.Doctor profile image

D.Virtual.Doctor 6 years ago from Europe

wooow! What an extra-ordinary information.... Are these really true? Its worth trying and I seriously will look into it as one of my researches even when I am becoming a professional. I am an advocate of natural medicine and I get easily attracted to any natural medicines. They have lesser side-effects and more efficient. Great to read about bitter kola, keep the nice work moving.


Okorie, O. 6 years ago

Just to make some clarifications, there is no difference between natural quinine and synthetic one. Both perform the same function.

Classycut profile image

Classycut 6 years ago Author

As a general notice:

People from diverse geographical regions have said many things based on individual perspectives and experiences. Some people have also indicated their concerns about scientific proves while others are worried about doses and ages at which the Bitter kola can be safely eaten.

I would like everyone to get one thing clear...Bitter Kola is just a natural nut as every other nut existing that we generally consume in our daily lives. Due to discoveries in the primitive times about its importance to our health, Bitter Kola has been chosen to include the class of natural occurring products that are categorized as natural herb. We consume a lot of natural herbs without knowing their natural functions in our body therefore why being scared, simply because it belongs to the class of alternative medicine? At this point I would like to point out to you that all the vegetables we eat, all the fruits we consume are all naturally occurring alternative medicine. They have their functions in our body. The only thing I would advice is that any herb that is not commonly consumed or plucked for a specific function is the only alternative medicine that requires close attention. The reason being that some of the herbs are active ingredients; some are catalyst, while some are carriers.

I have written so many blogs on natural medications or alternative medicine and you can get information by going to www.naturalmedicinescure.com and check out some of the blogs and related topics on the blogs. Most blogs have links which you have to click, read and exploit the information. Please contact me if you have any question.

Nenyenwa 6 years ago

I like bitter cola coz it neutralizes the sugar content on my body

Ita-Asuquo Prince (Uduak) 6 years ago

Your discoveries on bitter kola(Garcinia) are very wonderful. Please keep on keeping it on...

Classycut profile image

Classycut 6 years ago Author

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Please keep participating and if you have anything tangible that you would like us to publish feel free to contact me. I can create a link where the voices of our reader could be heard all over the world.

Sheriff 6 years ago

Again nobody hasn't really significantly spoke about the affects the bitter kola nut has on blood pressure....And whether how much to eat to cure the blood pressure issues that I have been having...And does anybody have real input on proof of what it really does for blood pressure or are all these wonderful good news just a hunch (meaning Idea)

Chuk 6 years ago

Hey Sherriff, you have never told us you have blood pressure problem and if you have...what type of problem? I have found a lot of information by going to the blogs in this website reading the blogs but more essentially the links that relate to the topics have detailed information. Sometimes I come across links that advertise for their new discoveries or products that are really inexpensive and helpful. Do the same and find out if that would help you. The site is: http://www.naturalmedicinescure.com/

bamidele 6 years ago

i am asthmatic, but believe me i dont ve to take my inhaler again. i accidentally ate bitter kola without really knowing about the medicinal part. i felt a kind of ease with breathin after. i tried it again thinking it was an accident i stil felt the ease in breathing, now i eat atleast 3 a day an i dont even bother about my inhaler.

Eva Opara 6 years ago

This is a wonderful testimony. I am glad you share this information with everyone. This is how discoveries are made.

dele 6 years ago

can eating bitter kola help in control blood sugar

kenny 6 years ago

see,all said and good,i am a heavy eater of bitter kola and all i notice later was that my manhood becomes weak and could not penetrate.i am thinking dis is cause by too much eating of bitter kola,now i have decided to put a stop to it for sometimes while i treat myself.for any advice, pls contanct me : kennytim2000@yahoo.com.tanx

kenny 6 years ago

see,all said and good,i am a heavy eater of bitter kola and all i notice later was that my manhood becomes weak and could not penetrate.i am thinking dis is cause by too much eating of bitter kola,now i have decided to put a stop to it for sometimes while i treat myself.for any advice, pls contanct me : kennytim2000@yahoo.com.tanx

Rootman 6 years ago

Kenny check your BP. Sometimes high BP causes a lot of stress on organs thus ten to weaken them but for erection? a lot is involved. If you need consultation let me know so that I will give you a sort of questionaire and at the end of it I will know the right medication for you. The medication might not be something you would use money but it depends. However be careful in treating dysfunction of any reproductive organ.

kaltum 6 years ago

can bitter kola be administered to children under one year?my childs cold defied all medecation.

Rootman 6 years ago

Bitter Kola unlike other medications has no age limit. However you can do better by keeping your child warm and stop giving him/her cold water and cold food.

Isreal G. 6 years ago

I believe that bitter cola is very good for human health. Thanks to God for this great discovery.

David K. Lawort 6 years ago

I have just read about the bitter kola. I am a regular eater of bitter but did not know the medicinal aspect of it or the various it does.

I also found out that it can be exported. Please provide me with more information on the procedure for exportation through my email at fdlawor@yahoo.com.

Thanks very kindly.

David K. Lawort 6 years ago

I have just read about the bitter kola. I am a regular eater of bitter but did not know the medicinal aspect of it or the various it does.

I also found out that it can be exported. Please provide me with more information on the procedure for exportation through my email at fdlawor@yahoo.com.

Thanks very kindly.

Noble 6 years ago

Please how many should i take in a day to detox my system?

New Yorker 6 years ago

Bitter Kola is one of those gifts of nature that researchers had not yet taken enough time to explore its importance. It might be probably the fact that it is commonly consumed. However for nowe there is no identified quantity that can detox anyone b ut bear in mind that every medication is almost based on body weight. Eat the bitter kola normally and it will naturally take its course in helping you stay out of bacterial troubles.

tayo 6 years ago

thanks for ur insight on benefits of bitter kola,but can it be used to cure rheumtoid antritis?

German Apple 6 years ago

My favorite website is www.naturalmedicinescure.com I have been helped onces. If I can remember I only paid the $20 consultation fee and got all information that helped me.

Traditional reasoning based on the local treatment shows that Antritis is caused by constriction o blood vessels and irregular circulation of blood. Although there is evidence of increase in blood pressure when you eat the bitter kola but antritis is more of local then overall body illness. You might need to browse the health website I gave here and check out the blog for related topics and I bet you will fine some tangible information. Good luck

pamela 6 years ago

Am yet to be convinced that bitter kola can increase blood pressure.can someone explain to me further.i have been eating it for many year though.

does it help to stop a new born baby's stomach pain? thank you

pamela 6 years ago

Am yet to be convinced that bitter kola can increase blood pressure.can someone explain to me further.i have been eating it for many year though.

does it help to stop a new born baby's stomach pain? thank you

Eva_NY 6 years ago

Preliminary studies at student project level demonstrated that Bitter Kola increases blood pressure but that does not mean that it actually does that in normal consumption rate. More studies as per weight/dose need to be done before confirmation.

However for the new born Babies bitter kola would definitely serve as an antiBiotic and not as such have harmful effect.

Nigeria News 24 6 years ago

Please can anyone post a site here where one could read more abouyt this bitter cola.I have been told in the past that it can cure live problems

Static Caravan Sites 6 years ago

I am sure there are not much research of bitter cola powers. It appears majority are just undocumented and proofs unsubstantiated

ogie victor 5 years ago

bitter kola can also hence sexual performance.

Josiah 5 years ago

I want to know more about the uses of bitter kola because i eat it a lot.

jemimah Malgwi 5 years ago

i want to know if bitter kola could be used in the treatment of diabetes

Kenneth 5 years ago

i want to know if bitter kola is for babies consumption, maybe from 2yrs old.

Dr Herb 5 years ago

Bitter kola is a natural substance. Anyone can eat it. Children may not like it because of its bitter taste but it is not harmful to children rather it will help them combat stomach problems.

Regis 5 years ago

Wow! am so excited to hav all this useful information about bitter kola,i don't like to chew it because of its bitterness but with all these health benefits from it i will start chewing it,believing it will aleviate my allergic reactions,thanks for this wonderful information.

lafalyse 5 years ago

my God! i am a 24yr old cameroonian living in the U.S. i had been suffering from constipation for 15yrs. so 4months ago while on a road trip to cameroon, i bought a handful of bittercola just for the fun of it. i have to say i actualy like the bitter taste. anyways... that night i forgot to take my regular laxative(which i used totake every night!). lo and behold! the next morning i had the biggest number 2 in the past 15yrs. i continued taking bittercola for the rest of my two week trip in cameroon and i had frequent bowel movements. i felt so stupid for spending almost all my life wasting money on laxatives. needless to say that i bought a big bag t take with me back. when i got here i stopped eating it for two weeks but still went to toilet morning and night. I even lost weight because of loss of apetitite. im sorry but i am so excited, and i wana encourage whoever is out there to eat bitter cola. it is a life safer. now to think it can be anti viral as well??? where am i? in heaven?? it is true that God gave us everything already, we just need to open our eyes and go natural. THANKS BITTER COLA!

Lyno 5 years ago

Lafalyse, you are so correct. I got introduced to bitter cla on the grounds of constipation. I had a five days constipatin which was beginning to get me worried,after eating a nut i began to fart and three hours later i had to empty part of my bowels.

As bitter as it was i had to ask for more for the sake of my health.

I try chewing at east 3 per week now.

I am beginning to get hooked.

Thanks to the CEO of Roadmarks who introduced me to it.

Rootman 5 years ago

I am glad to hear about more wondewrs of Bitter Kola. I will continue to share information that will help many to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Please check for my health blogs and gain more from the links that are within the blogs. You can find my blog on the main page of the website or scroll down the bottom. But soon I will put all together in a page for easier accessment by everyone. Some of the latest blogs are:






Bongben 5 years ago

I am pregnant and suffer a lot from nausea and vomiting. I spit like every other minute until I discovered that bitter kola could keep me from spitting and I eat max one a day as I chew little bits every now and then. Is this safe????

Bongben from Cameroon

Rootman 5 years ago

It is safe but reduce the quantity because some women develop high BP during pregnancy. I would advice that you bit to get the bitter taste which would quench the vomiting aspect. However this occurs at early stage of pregnancy which means you will soon be over it.

tonimiller 5 years ago

Are you saying that somebody with high blood pressure should not eat bitter kola? I thought it lowers blood pressure.

castle 5 years ago

what can it cure when you add it groundnut.

mystical 5 years ago

I am asthmatic and can confirm that bitter cola reduces the chances of an attack. It opens my respiratory tract systems for an easier breathing. It can also suppresses gas released from my stomach that may cause bloating and flatulence.

Anna 5 years ago

With my own experience with Bitter Kola, I have known a lot by eating it every morning before breakfast. I have experienced cleansing effect, correction of my pupil in my eye, my voice was very deep all of that had gone and I like it very well.

Eva 5 years ago

Thank you anna I have learn something now. Perhaps I will make it a habit of eating it every morning no matter how small because it is scarce where I live.

izzo 5 years ago

In the preceding write up, reference was made to spiritual effect of bitter Kola and silent afterwards....I'll like you to throw more light on the spiritual aspect....And that's a good job on the write up and responses.

Nkechi 5 years ago

Garcinia kola (bitter kola, a name sometimes also used for G. afzelii) is a species of flowering plant in the Clusiaceae or Guttiferae family. It is found in Benin, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ivory Coast, Gabon, Ghana, Liberia, Nigeria, Senegal and Sierra Leone. Its natural habitat is subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests.

Traditionally used to treat illness by African medicinemen, trials on the plant have shown promising signs it may benefit ebola victims by slowing down multiplication of the virus, giving the victim's body more time to develop a proper autoimmune response. The active compound responsible for its curative properties is a dimeric flavonoid, much like those found in orange and lemon rinds, and yields to modification, so even if this particular plant cannot cure ebola on its own, it provides the foundation from which scientists can discover a cure. Studies, if successful, could spill over to other types of antiviral treatment.

Its medicinal uses include purgative, antiparasitic and antimicrobial properties. The seeds are used in the treatment of bronchitis and throat infections. They are also used to prevent and relieve colic, cure head or chest colds and relieve cough. Also, the plant is used for the treatment of liver disorders and as a chewing stick.

The constituents include biflavonoids, xanthones and benzophenones. The antimicrobial properties of this plant are attributed to the benzophenone, flavanones. This plant has shown both anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antiviral properties. In addition, the plant possesses antidiabetic, and antihepatotoxic activities.

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Selling of Cola Nuts

Rootman 5 years ago

This is an excellent piece of information. I hope those who have been seeking for some scienctific info would benefit from this information Nkechi has compiled and sharing with everyone.

bassey 5 years ago

they say it drives away snakes,how true is it?Why is it bitter?

Izuogbe A. 5 years ago

Because I eat bitter kola often, I decided to open this page and find out the efficacy. I know am eating a well deserved nut and pleased with it. Thanks

Nwoko Ogechi profile image

Nwoko Ogechi 5 years ago

Does the bark of bitter kola have the same effect as the seed?

Nwoko Ogechi profile image

Nwoko Ogechi 5 years ago

Does the bark of bitter kola have the same effect and active substance like the seed.

Orovmeh 1 5 years ago

Can a person chew d bitter kola with something else, like soothing sweets before eating it?

GloriousJay 5 years ago

Any plant, fruit, leave etc that is edible and naturally bitter is good for human health.

James Egwu 5 years ago

I believed all u said about this Cola called bitter. please i will like 2 no the qty one can consume 4 a day. thanks.

okey 5 years ago

is bitter cola good for lactating mothers

Bright 5 years ago

Before i was having chest problem but one day i engage my self in bitter kola with faith to heal my chest problem low & behold it worked i cannot complain of chest problem any more, so is more about your faith on every thing do bye.

Rootman 5 years ago

I have been reading through and now I have decided to respond to some of the concerns people have about the Bitter Kola. It is not poisonous to clean your mouth with something sweet after eating the bitter Kola. My electronics teacher here in NY was suffering from sinus ... and underwent surgery. I like the man and I suggested the bitter kola and brought it to him in the class. He also mentioned to me that his German friend uses it for so many things ... After seing how I was chewing it he took one from me and as soon as he chewed it his face changed from white to red. He ran out and came back to the class afer awhile with his hands full of candy. He offered me some but I told him I did not need it. But the little he ate made a different in his illness that he demanded for more and now he goes periodically to african market to purchase bitter kola. In effect the candy mixed with bitter kola did not have any adverse effect on him but that does not mean it is a normal thing to do. In our culture we eat bitter kola with alligator pepper. For those of you who are seeking for health blogs that work please be my guest go to www.naturalmedicinescure.com i hope to make a separate page soon that would contain only blogs. Thanks for visiting my hub

Emmanuel 5 years ago

Bitter kola is a wonderful artificial medicinal. I have been having pinpples for many years, use many drugs and creams to cure but all prove abortive. But when i started eating bitter kola i discovered that all the pinpples as gone, my body even look more freaher. Bitter kola is good for manything i will not be able to explain now. Thanks for this site.

Sweetie 5 years ago

Is bitter kola good 4 nursin mothers?

achiraende@yahoo.com 5 years ago

what about bitter cola and its effect s on hypertension

achiraende@yahoo.com 5 years ago

can bitter kola be able to cure ursa?

henry 5 years ago

please, does bitter cola indeed contain coffein?

niran O. A 5 years ago

Bitter kola reduces fat. Ladies with big tommy eat two to three bitter kola daily before break fast for a month and see the wonders.

Lexdavid 5 years ago

Besides its anti-microbial effect, bitter kola has positive effects on the liver and aids digestion aswell; but it has an adverse effect on the heart and can cause excessive weight loss depending however on consumption rate.

Chika 5 years ago

Indeed God created man and provided with him all dat man will eva have need of. Bitter cola is one of those natural medicines God gave to man-kind for cure of some disease. Bitter cola solves d problem of constipation and bloating,jus take a little bite of it and u wil feel better. Also from experience,snakes does nt bite anyone with bitter cola on him or in his mouth,though no scientific prove to dat.

Chioma 5 years ago

I am Glad to have bursted into this site it has added to the little I know about bitter kola. I have been bitter kola from when I was 4 years, I formed it as a habit which is still there at 31. When I got into the Uinversity my hostel mates who saw the way I eat this bitter nut was greatly concerned, because I can consume more than ten nuts in a day, they will always tell me that I am doing more harm than good to myself, of course they thought so, but I was not bothered one bit. To me its like eating groudnut. I even include it in my list as one of the things I need to go back to school with, so it is always in my food cupboard. Some ask me the health benefits all I knew then was that I feel relaxed after eating it, also it helps in digestion because I eat it after meal and when I consume alot of sugar.If you are drinking alcohol with bitter kola in your mouth, you can consume more bottles because you will hardly feel tipsy, even when you are drunk, bitter kola can make you feel better if you eat it. You are doing a good job anyway, keep it up.

Olusola Adara 5 years ago

I am happy to have visited this site today in search of proofs of the efficacy of Bitter Kola; I have learnt much more than expected. I will like to confirm that the nut has positive health effects as follows:

1.Clears the throat, reduces cough and cleanses breathe after some alcoholic drinks.

2.Detoxicates generally.

3.Stops vomitting in early-morning-sickness stage in pregnant women.

4.A good 'starter' and 'finisher' nut along with peanut and banana daily

Lekan 4 years ago

I work a twelve hour shit, i eat 2 bitter nut every 6pm, I delays hunger, increases my alertness, the white boy i am training keep making coffee runs every 1 hr. My african bitter nut is always working.

Chinedu Medes 4 years ago

Bitter cola is my daily nut,i eat bitter cola to flush my liver after after production. It work more better than pick milk in a chemical industries. Regular chewing of bitter cola help in normalizing my body system after inhaling any poisonious gas. Every home need biter cola.

Usman 4 years ago

It is good to take bitter kola each day.

Samuel. 4 years ago

Can bitter kola prevent menstral pain.?

sharon hughes 4 years ago

My African Boyfriend gave me Bitter Cola tonight because i feel a cold/cough coming on, its disgusting!

John 4 years ago

Can bitter kola cure staph infectn?

Classycut profile image

Classycut 4 years ago Author

Bitter kola is not artificial rather it is natural

Classycut profile image

Classycut 4 years ago Author

Get more from www.naturalmedicinescure.com

This is my website and there is a blog page that would help you live a healthier lifestyle.

Olalekan 4 years ago

I am very happy to search for the uses of biter cola.I support all the useful points about the biter cola. Gud work guy.

Sulaiman ola k. 4 years ago

I love eating bitter cola even to the extent that i don't even know if it really has the bitter taste that people talk about. I notice sound sleep throughout the night any day i eat it, experience higher sperm but watery within that very day only, feeling good in the mouth and lighter in weight.

CK 4 years ago

is kola nut good for a patient with liver problem

Chizoba 4 years ago

I want to start exporting bitter kola pls i need mor information about the d bitter kola export u can reach me through zobazion@yahoo.com. Thank u, ur post is educative

Tricia 4 years ago

Love all comments I have seen in this page cos am a bitter kola eater and it is veru effective.try n see the outcome friendd worldwide.

Jay 4 years ago

Bitter kola is good i love eating it.

Henry Ezenwa 4 years ago

Dear Rootman, i have been sufering from weak erection for some times now and also experiencing something like germs crawlling inside my body system for many years which i have tried to cure with some english medicine and local herb but no avail..pls anyone with right information shld let me knw what to do to regain my healthy life..Thank you and God bless... Here is my email id (henrry@justice.com)

AMARA 4 years ago

This is really interesting.please i just read that bitter kola can help with weight loss.am really on the fat side.how many can i take in a day for this to be effective?

Abas 4 years ago

Somebody asked why we stil have many people suffering high blood pressure if bitter kola subsides it. The truth is, many people know the health benefits of bitter kola, but will never chew it cos it is bittet. People like sweet and sugary things no matter the awareness of diabetes, kidney failure, etc.

Infact the wonders of bitter are much. For pregnant women, it helps to curtail the vomitting. It freshens their breath, soothe and relaxes the belly. The anti-biotic effect prevents infections and illness. It also strengths the muscles by the water. It prevents sore-throat, stomach ulcer. It is an internal cleanser, if taken very often. So many health benefits. Just start eating it regularly, at least 2 of it daily. You will not fail to call me to know more.

You can reach me on: 08098639166, (Abas) eagleabas@yahoo.com

Konji 4 years ago

I was ill with typhoid and malaria. Got treated with English medicines(Anti-biotics and co) but after sometime, I started having different serious side effects.

Bitter kola helped me to regain my health back in detoxifying my body and making me agile and focused again. To top it off, it increased my erection and makes me want to tow tow tow every minute.

There are a lot of natural herbs God gave us especially in Africa that needs to be explored and embraced in the treatment of a lot of illnesses. All we have to do is research more on them. Another great medicines are Bitter leaf, Utasi and coconut water.

Konji 4 years ago

I was ill with typhoid and malaria. Got treated with English medicines(Anti-biotics and co) but after sometime, I started having different serious side effects.

Bitter kola helped me to regain my health back in detoxifying my body and making me agile and focused again. To top it off, it increased my erection and makes me want to tow tow tow every minute.

There are a lot of natural herbs God gave us especially in Africa that needs to be explored and embraced in the treatment of a lot of illnesses. All we have to do is research more on them. Another great medicines are Bitter leaf, Utasi and coconut water.

Emmanuel Abed-Nego 4 years ago

I was just going through the pages of Nigeria dailies and i came across this web blog on bitter cola efficacy on some negative health conditions and it's wonders. I am an addict when it comes to natural remedies but never take bitter cola as a serious curative nut. My question is this; Can i mix garlic,bitter cola,honey and ginger together for personal use? Here is my email id for quick response on positive advice;nnamzico@yahoo.com

What are the specific natural remedies for hyper tension?

youngest 4 years ago

how can bitter kola help to improve sex perfomance. At gmansa@hotmail.co.uk

Kream-in-al 4 years ago

I think I have a testimony on this bitter 'wonder' kola. I have been eating this great fruits since february and here are my own observation.

1. It makes me feel healthy and agile.

2. Used 2 have low sperm count b4 eating but now I have thicker,whitish and a handful of sperm during an ejaculation.

3. Ma d**k is always harder. Can go for about 20mins and above in a sex bout.

4. Used 2 have bloated stomach but now its no more.

These are own observations 4 now. Would still continue it though. Up Wonderfull Kola.

JONAS NNAEMEKA 4 years ago


OBJ 4 years ago

Great column, am enjoying myself wit bitter kola, just medicinal.

Ameh 4 years ago

pls can somebody tell me the challenges of exporting kolanut?

Afolabi Oromidayo 4 years ago

i initially got disturbed after running an analysis on colanuts, cocoa and bitter cola to determine the content of caffeine using HIGH PERFORMANCE LIQUID CHROMATOGRAPHY(HPLC). I noticed that caffeine was absent in bitter cola but present in colanuts(2 and 3lobes) and cocoa. fortunately, i found this site in which some previous analysis also confirm d absence of caffeine. Thank God i was right anyways.

Imam Babatunde 4 years ago

What should be the level of consumption every day or every week

Alvin Uche 4 years ago

Biter cola in indeed a gift from God to mankind....i found out that after eating bitter cola in the night, i wake up the next morning with my breath still fresh...i bet Bitter cola kills all the odour causing bacteria in the mouth.

Cynthia 4 years ago

since Bitter kola contains Quinine, pregnant women should avoid it

123chri123 profile image

123chri123 4 years ago

if you need it in large quantity,contact me: krysoeme@gmail.com or call +2348165227137

ScholaBamai 4 years ago

I'm really amazed at what bitter kola can do. I've been coughing for almost a month now I've taken drugs already but still coughing and I was having difficulty breathing until yesterday around past 3pm some friends persuaded me to eat one bitter kola and I did, I also ate half today to my greatest surprise I can breath very well right now. As I'm typing dis am lying down and feeling very well, the coughing has reduced considerably. I have never eaten it before bcos I was scared of its bitterness but I don't care abt dat anymore. I will eat it almost everyday from now on.

ScholaBamai 4 years ago

I'm really amazed at what bitter kola can do. I've been coughing for almost a month now I've taken drugs already but still coughing and I was having difficulty breathing until yesterday around past 3pm some friends persuaded me to eat one bitter kola and I did, I also ate half today to my greatest surprise I can breath very well right now. As I'm typing dis am lying down and feeling very well, the coughing has reduced considerably.

NOOM 4 years ago

Does bitter kola cure chronic cater

Oluwagbemi Sanmi 3 years ago

We are suppliers of Garcinia Kola (Bitter Kola), We are based in Northern Part of Nigeria were we supply agro products and also export. Kindly REVERT back if you are still in need of this Nuts.

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latief ninkpeng 3 years ago

i have the belief in the cola nut because i realized it importance when i took it the first time i use to experienced chest pains but i started taking it i am seeing a dramatic declined of it hope it will heal me soon

Futamarka 3 years ago

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yemi ojeniran 3 years ago

what is the effect of the bitter kola,

what is the advantage of it

how do one need to be taken a day?

chinyereconstance@ yahoo. com 3 years ago

bitter kola is indeed good both spritual and physical aspect of it. Am a testimony.

papa B 3 years ago

This is wonder NUT. I have realised that bitter cola curtail blood sugar. I tested this by eating plenty sugar food night then eat one bitter cola before bed. In the morning when I test myself with blood glucose meter, my sugar level is usually within normal range. I am type 2. I have been using bitter cola and still using this today. My sexual health is superb as well. I recommend it to everyone

LialLooth 3 years ago

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Rich 2 years ago

How do I come into this business

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excel 2 years ago

what is the substance that is present in it that reduces the multiply of ebola virus

obanle 2 years ago

As an eater of bitter cola and observant i can categorically stated that among all the benefits of bitter cola above pasted, it also facilitates the interest of reading and is a natural regulatory system drug. Advice is that avoid abuse of usage.

Master christopher nwonu 17 months ago

All dez about bita kola 're true. I 've tested & saw especially wen it komz 2 throat cleansing & voice enhancement.

Master christopher nwonu 17 months ago

All dez about bita kola 're true. I 've tested & saw especially wen it komz 2 throat cleansing & voice enhancement.

destiny 16 months ago

it's a natural body cleanser it renews age kiping one fresh nd young I mean bitterkolanut

123chri123 profile image

123chri123 16 months ago

For more info on Bitter kola and diseases it cures: Visit : http://naturaltreatmentforum.blogspot.com.ng/

Ogochukwu1 15 months ago

nice teaching

123chri123 profile image

123chri123 15 months ago

bola 12 months ago

am trying to get pregnant,does bitter kola increase fertility in women

anonymous 10 months ago

does bitter cure hiv

Oluwaseyi 4 months ago

Oh My GOD! I read all the comments abt the wonders of Bitter Kola wt Wild-Amazemnt. I hv always bn scared of eating it bcs of its bitterness & som said it decolors one's teeth. bt i cant wait to give it a try. Our loving father Jehovah already gave all tht we will need to repair worn out tissue (if any) bt ignorance of this makes us spend unnecessarily on junks-drugs!

Kind Regards.



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