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Free Meditations Are Good

Shapes have Spiritual meanings, look them up and find the one you want to meditate with today.
Shapes have Spiritual meanings, look them up and find the one you want to meditate with today.

It's Easy to Meditate

You don’t know how to meditate? Is that what’s been stopping you from practicing one of the world’s oldest, most reliable, drug-free stress remedies? Well, consider this a non-issue the instant you’re finished reading this. It’s so easy you’re going to wonder why you didn’t just try meditating before now?

Although it’s easy, rare is the person that can just sit down and, after only a short while of learning to do proper breathing for relaxation, can ignore the distractions.

Some of the first few sessions will be spent doing various squats, lunges, and other stretches while practicing to ignore sounds and keep clear the mind. Doing all this while breathing correctly, every day for at least 30 minutes is the goal. Try it for five minutes and when you have that one down, add five minutes. You want to do a maximum of about an hour a day.

Mothers and people who work in places where there are many constant sounds often learn to ‘tune out’ the distractions. Sometimes it’s the only way a person can get anything done.

Watch How to Easily Meditate

Unnecessary stress runs rampant through the day of most people, and in a myriad of ways, too. Things that don’t need to happen do, and suddenly you have to deal with something you shouldn‘t have to deal with. Like the lady who made her work lunch and put it in the refrigerator before she went to bed at night.

Several times, her son would get up before her and leave, taking her lunch with him, thinking she‘d made it for him to take. The answer to this kind of unnecessary stress is: take control back and get those stress levels lowered. Tell the son to make his own lunch, or make two lunches instead of one.

How to Meditate for Beginners

Go to the restroom if you think you may need to before the hour’s up, but while waiting for your turn, don’t sit with your legs crossed or hands behind the head, or any other way that could cut off circulation. That‘ll cause an arm or leg to ‘fall asleep’ and that’s a tough distraction to ignore - and it actually raises stress and anxiety levels because you cannot meditate through it.

Set aside at least an hour and find a place that’s very comfortable for you, whether it is:

  • The couch
  • The bed,
  • The floor
  • If you know of a place where you can relax undisturbed and out of the way, go there.

Get completely comfortable so you don’t have to move for a while, for any reason.

Some people close their eyes and use creative visualization of an image of something peaceful and comfortable to them, while others stare at a point or object while focusing on their breathing.

Relaxation-breathing correctly is very important to meditation because it creates a rhythmic cleansing that raises our vibrations and it thoroughly oxygenates the blood. We should try to breathe in this manner all the time, but unless well trained, we forget and naturally fall back on shallower breaths.

Your Perfect Place is Important in Meditation

Outside is most people's favorite place to meditate.
Outside is most people's favorite place to meditate. | Source

Combat Stress This Way

Once you’re comfortable, close your eyes and blow out all your breath, as far out as you can, and hold it out for five seconds (count, one thousand one, one thousand two, etc.). This is a great stress reducer. Then, inhale semi-slowly through the nose, feeling the life-giving air gradually fill your chest and stomach. Your chest and stomach actually are bigger, being full of air. It involves the entire diaphragm; hold it for five seconds before slowly exhaling.

Make the lips into a whistling pout and exhale slowly through the pursed lips. It’s harder to blow out too fast when the lips are pursed or pouted in this manner, so it keeps your breathing pace more steady. Blow every bit of your air out and hold that for five seconds.

Repeat this with every breath you take; in through the nose, out through the puckered lips. In your mind, see the electric-looking currents of air and energy rushing in through your nose and throughout your entire body; hold it for five seconds and see the air rushing out of your body through your mouth.

Notice the air; it’s a different, dull color going out because it’s got the trash and thought forms you’re washing away. You’re starting to learn meditation.

Focus on your breathing in this manner until you’re doing it without effort and clear the mind of everything, making a point to ignore all distractions. All there is, is you, breathing rhythmically.

Meditation Can Enhance a Person's Income, Too.

Wouldn't you be less stressed if you had more of this? Set your mind to it.
Wouldn't you be less stressed if you had more of this? Set your mind to it. | Source

Meditation Techniques for Beginners

Now change your vision to see the happy scene that you created before; a field of wildflowers, a cabin in the woods, a place near the lake; wherever your place is, simply see it with your mind‘s eye and only you are there. I will start to guide your first meditation. Feel welcome to record your own voice reading this to guide you, too.

For this example, we’re in a meadow of wildflowers edged by a conifer forest and it’s a beautiful, warm day, the sky is deep azure and cloudless, and you can hear what seems like every kind of bird singing. Lie down in the tall grass, lying on your back, taking advantage of what is known as the earliest and most simple meditation techniques; staring at the sky.

Feel the grass on your body and skin; soft stems and leaves stick into your hair, insects buzz away, and there’s the sweet smell of flowers and wild mint wafting about the gentle summer breeze. Inhale deeply, extending your stomach. Breathe for a few moments.

You sit up to look around and spot a luxurious cabin at the other side of the meadow. The mere interest in it brings you instantly there, and you find yourself standing in the cool, shaded edge of the forest in front of the cabin.

Secret Garden With a Cabin

Entering through a curtain of tiny sea shells and glass beads in the doorway, the inside seems familiar because all of your favorite things are there. It’s uniquely your place and there’s no other like it. Look around, explore your place and get comfortable in it. You could spend a lot of time in there at first, until it’s all completely as you want it.

There’s the bed you used to love as a child and it’s shaped like a boat with a mermaid at the head, her red hair flowing down the sides of the boat, and sea-inspired decals, only now it’s adult size and in your place. You love natural lighting, so there are strategically placed skylights throughout the dwelling. It’s you; the place is you, spend time in this place where there is only Peace, and You.

Problems can be worked out in this very special of all places. While meditating in your place, plans can be made, heartfelt Prayer and/or worship can take place, and generally, you can learn to be more spiritual, while learning Patience and Peace and what kinds of objects will fill your place.

It isn’t recommended to bring anyone else to your place, unless you know them very well and they‘re going to meditate, too. Not that you would keep secrets from your spouse or anyone, but hey, we’re all human, and chances are good that your innermost thoughts aren’t for everyone to see. But that doesn’t mean we should never meditate together, no, not at all. Meditate as much as you can without messing with work, school and family.

Life is a Long Hallway; Keep Going!

Remember, it's the Journey, not the Destination that matters.
Remember, it's the Journey, not the Destination that matters.

A Great Home Remedy for Stress That Works Again and Again

Return to your place as many times as you have opportunity. The meditation will become second nature after a short while, and you’ll be able to relax and de-stress easily. If you can, voice record the instructions and read them in a very calm, stoic tone, so you can listen to it and guide yourself through the meditation each time, until you learn it.

Or, have a friend sitting with you, reading it calmly and out loud. Once done, the friend can begin his own meditation and both people can accomplish it. Be careful at first though, that the other person doesn’t pose as a distraction to you. It sometimes takes a while to be able to clear your mind with another person present.

Once you can pop into and out of your place at will, then it’s time to begin manifesting good things in your life by meditating on them while in your place. For instance, shapes have meanings; a circle means a single unit that has no beginning or end.

Meditate With Shapes

Concentrate on that shape when meditating to represent to Spirit that you are on a Quest, whether it’s to repair a marriage or get extra money, and dedicate that shape to the meaning of the Quest. Then, you merely have to think of the symbol throughout the day to keep it there within you. See it, know exactly what it’s for.

Practice, practice, practice! Like any muscle, the brain needs to be worked to remain in good tone. It will get easier to keep you in your place and do what is required by you there. Try to manifest only positive experiences and turn negative ones into positive ones, somehow.

Good luck, and good living!

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smfay profile image

smfay 4 years ago from Manila, Philippines

In Meditation...one sees the structure in everything. there is no fear nor any cynicism because the practitioner becomes part of all that there is. Best regards.

SandyMcCollum profile image

SandyMcCollum 4 years ago Author

Thanks so much for reading!

Rusti Mccollum profile image

Rusti Mccollum 4 years ago from Lake Oswego, Oregon

Sandy I watched the video again and it was so good, I miss so much on my heart pills,(making it easy to meditate lol)I missed alot of the video. It was so good I was doing what he said and I am so relaxed now lol! Seriously I didn't remember it ,but you know what goes on with these meds. I forget things mid sentence.Glad I read it again.

Rusti Mccollum profile image

Rusti Mccollum 4 years ago from Lake Oswego, Oregon

I need to do this!

SandyMcCollum profile image

SandyMcCollum 4 years ago Author

Thank you, Clinton! It took me 3 days to write fully because I was having too many problems with my 'puter.l Thanks for reading it.

clintonb profile image

clintonb 4 years ago from Adelaide, Australia

Hmmm..very good hub!

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