When Should You Hire A Wrongful Death Attorney?

Facing the death of a loved one is the most stressful thing that you can go through.  It's worse when it was due to some else's negligence.  A wrongful death attorney will help you get the compensation you need to begin putting your life together.  Money will not bring your loved one back, but it will relieve financial stress so you are better able to get through the grieving process.  

Wrongful and negligent deaths come as such a shock that it's very easy to feel lost as to where to turn next to you and your family back on their feet.  Not to mention the cost of funeral expenses and the time taken for grieving.  Getting the compensation that you and your family deserve will help you through the process.  A wrongful death attorney will guide you through the legal water that you are going to face in the coming days.  There are a few elements that are necessary for a wrongful death lawsuit and in this Hub we'll examine those so you can determine if it's the proper course to take.

Image courtesy of _Skender_ via Flickr.com.
Image courtesy of _Skender_ via Flickr.com.

There are a few necessary things that need to be present for your situation to be a wrongful death case.  These things will differentiate it from an accident, manslaughter, or homicide.  There needs to be a death that was caused by another person's negligence or by their intent to cause harm (it will get blurry with manslaughter and homicide if this is the case, speak with your attorney), and a family that is financially broken due to this death.  Someone will have to represent the estate of the family, usually a wrongful death attorney.

Each and every case is different.  This is why it's extremely important to have a wrongful death attorney on your side to help you decide which path is the best for your family to take to get you back on your feet.

Common Causes Of Wrongful Death

There are some (unfortunately) common causes of a wrongful death.  There are also wrongful death attorneys that specialize in each of these.  Lung cancer from asbestos (mesothelioma) is a common wrongful death lawsuit, and there are attorneys that handle nothing else.  They also have very high success rates with these types of cases because of their deep experience.

The common causes of wrongful death are medical malpractice, death during supervision (daycare, school), car crashes, plane crashes, hazardous conditions at work, chemical exposure at work, or victims of criminal activity.  Along with these things, there are countless other possibilities.  If your situation does not fall under one of these, that does not mean that you do not have a case.  Speak with a legal advisor to determine if you have grounds for action.

When To Take Action

It's important not to wait too long before contacting a wrongful death attorney.  Evidence that led to your loved one's death could be compromised if too much time passes.  If your situation matches closely to the elements outlined above, contact a wrongful death attorney right away. You will be relieved that you did, and you'll begin the process of putting your families life back together.

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How do you feel about the attorneys that advertise for specific injury/death causes like mesothelioma?

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