Wu-Yi Tea - Real Weight Loss or Hype?

Wu-yi Tea
Wu-yi Tea

Wu-Yi Tea is an amazing natural drink that burns fat and adds additional health benefits. Read on for an interesting look at wu-yi tea as a regular part of your daily life. Picture this, you run into an old friend whom you haven't seen in ages and he/she has lost a significant amount of weight to the point that you almost don't recognize them. You exchange greetings and you just have to ask, "How did you lose so much weight, you look great!" Your friend smiles and says "Ancient Chinese Secret..." You say "No, really..."

Well, if your friend has been drinking wu-yi tea lately then he/she might just be telling the truth about that "Ancient Chinese Secret". If you're reading this then you've most likely heard about wu-yi tea and by drinking it regularly one can lose weight easily. Hold on, can you really lose weight drinking wu-yi tea everyday or is it just all hype? Those who want to lose weight, Americans especially, want to know...

In the United States, the percentage of overweight individuals has always been much higher compared to other countries. Over the past few years that rate has been rising at an alarming rate. Billions are made each year by the health and fitness companies on products like supplements, diet systems, etc, yet we still have a large population of overweight and obese individuals. People flock to the newest "in" or "fad" diet these days. Not surprisingly wu-yi tea has now made it's way to notoriety.

The Origin of Wu-Yi Tea

According to accounts, wu-yi tea's origin dates back to over 400 years ago in China. As we discuss "wu-yi tea", note that we are actually talking about oolong tea which may be a more familiar name to most than wu-yi. Oolong tea is often referred to as wu-yi tea as it is harvested from Mt. Wuyi Shan in the Fujian Province of China.

Since it's original discovery wu-yi tea has developed into much more than just a simple drinking pleasure. Drinking tea has evolved into a respected art practiced in many ceremonies of various customs. On top of that the tea has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for its natural health benefits.

24 lbs. Lost in Two Months Drinking Wu-Yi Tea!
24 lbs. Lost in Two Months Drinking Wu-Yi Tea!

Lose Weight Using Wu-yi Tea

Because of the various health benefits, wu-yi tea has found it's way to the top of the list lately primarily because of it's natural qualities of burning fat. What natural quality does this particular tea have? Well, it's called "polyphenol", and not only is it found in oolong tea, but green and black tea as well. It just so happens that oolong tea is king when it comes to polyphenol as green and black have less amounts.

A polyphenol is a bio-active ingredient that stimulates lipolysis (the breakdown of fat) by activating enzymes that dissolve fat (triglycerides) in your body. This in turn speeds up your metabolism! (increasing your resting metabolic rate) Thus, drinking oolong tea regularly enhances the function of fat metabolism and controlling obesity.

Authentic Wu-Yi Tea at Easy Weight Loss Teas

The Finest Chinese Teas

"We began as dedicated drinkers of fine Chinese teas. As we drank the teas with our friends we saw that they too shared our enthusiasm for this beverage. We wondered how many more people had yet to discover the enjoyment of premium tea. We knew that there were many people who would love good tea, and that not only would it taste good, but it was healthy. At Easy Weight Loss Teas we offer you premium Chinese teas. We utilize our resources, experience and knowledge to provide you with quality tea at competitive prices."

Easy Weight Loss Teas is currently offering a limited time FREE Trial of Wu Yi Tea. If interested, give it a try for yourself.


Wu-yi Tea REAL Results
Wu-yi Tea REAL Results

Interesting Example of Weight Loss

An interesting example of losing weight while drinking wu-yi tea can be found at this Wu-Yi Tea website. While searching for studies on the weight loss effects of drinking oolong on a regular basis I stumbled across what the writer of this site calls a "common man's case study of losing weight with wu-yi tea". The writer claims that he drank oolong tea daily for two months. At the end of two months the writer lost 20 lbs. Pretty impressive if in fact his claims are true. Before and after pictures are included as proof. I found no reason to dispute his testimony and actually found the site to be interesting, humorous at times, and got the impression of a sincere, up front and honest tone overall. As the writer states, maybe this tea truly is one of those "ancient chinese secrets" when it comes to losing weight. Should you be interested to look into these real results further for yourself, the site can be found at Wu-yi Tea Results.

Video From wuyitearesults.com

Other Health Benefits of Wu-yi Tea

On top of the natural process of burning fat, wu-yi tea also has other health benefits that have been scientifically studied and documented. Case studies showing that tea reduces the risk of heart attack, protects against cancer, strengthens bones and protects against tooth plaque and decay.

As noted, Chinese culture incorporated tea in traditional medicine for hundreds of years and to this day continue to do so. With so many natural health benefits to provide, wu-yi tea should definitely be a consideration for anyone who is health conscious and/or looking to lose weight and keep it off.

Where to Find Wu-Yi Tea

Get a FREE Trial of Wu-Yi Tea at Easy Weight Loss Tea

"We specialize in teas from China. Each region produces different varieties of tea, each with its own distinct attributes. Our tea producers take pride in the aesthetics of each tea and carefully hand process the teas making each one look as special and unique as it tastes. As you discover all the nuances of tastes in these teas, it is easy to understand how Chinese teas are a world unto themselves."

How Wu-Yi Tea is Grown and Harvested

The intricate growing and harvesting processes necessary to produce authentic wu-yi tea is definitely time consuming, which is the reason this type of tea is more expensive than others. Any manufacturers that skip any of these crucial steps aren't producing wu-yi tea the way it was intended and aren't really creating genuine wu-yi tea.

Step One: Following centuries of ancient tradition, wu-yi tea leaves are picked in the early morning sun and then immediately set out to dry and age for a certain amount of time, which will actually depend upon the month of year and the positioning of the sun.

Step Two: After drying, tea leaves are carefully shaken into woven baskets crafted from bamboo, which is said to "tenderize" the edges of the leaf, and then laid out on woven drying mats for curing.

Step Three: After two to three days of curing, the leaves are brought indoors for the fermenting process, which is critical for ensuring the most delicious tea that will also be packed full of powerful antioxidants and fat-burning properties.

Step Four: Next, leaves are hand-rubbed, which stimulates the releases of the various beneficial chemicals and enzymes and also enhances the tea's flavor. Sorting and careful checking for quality are done before the process is complete.

Step Five: You, the consumer, drink the tea at least twice a day, enjoying natural weight loss qualities and the additional positive benefits of wu-yi tea.


The Making of Formosa Oolong Tea

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Dianne 9 years ago

I believe this is worth a try to lose weight. Thanks for the great informatin on this hub.

Lyn Bell profile image

Lyn Bell 9 years ago from Christchurch

Drinking tea sound much more fun than the usual diets. Thanks for the info.

greentea 9 years ago

raelly is it by drinking wu-yi tea one can loose weight ..

Thanks for the information..

I have also created a hub on green tea..where you can share ur views & ideas..


victoria 9 years ago

victoria 9 years ago

Does it really work? has anyone actually tried it? Can it be purchased locally or can it only be obtained on-line? Someone please help. Mahalo

melody wilson 9 years ago

I have tired everything and every diet since my massive wt. gain afer my hysterctomy and heck,,, I'm gonna give it a try . I let you all know how it goes. Sincerely Chris Wilson

simone 9 years ago

how old do you have to be to take wu yi tea?

Ray 8 years ago

I have been doing this WuYi tea for about a month.....I have been on a diet before and lost weight. drinking this tea I think is just a supplement....I do however have better results drinking tea along with diet and exercise but nothing real significant. for example on diet and exercise alone I could probably lose about 2 pounds per week but add in the Tea then maybe 2.25 pounds

amy 8 years ago

Chinese aren't fat at all.... maybe it is true?!?

Cindy 8 years ago

I don't know if tea will really make you loose weight but i just like to drink it, i grew up drinking it after all... if it helps me loose a few more pounds all the better :D I don't need a reason, for it is obviously good for ones health, and adds some favor to plain water :D

Anne 8 years ago

I ordered one batch of tea to see how it would work. Acouple of weeks ago I received 2 boxes of tea. Today I received my credit card bill to find that I had been charged 54.95 for the two boxes of tea. I want my money back. Please cred it my credit card.

Heather Peters 8 years ago

I just purchased four boxes of this stuff and am drinking my first cup as we speak. I feel like I've got more energy and don't feel hungry (which I always do) Perhaps it's mind over matter, but I feel full and it seems to have given me extra energy. I hope with diet and excersize (which I already do) it will help me loose this extra ten pounds..

Sarina 8 years ago

There r so many different diet remedies and i think unless u don't try it personally then u really cant just assume it will work or wont. Many facts and testimonials are always a part of the product. I say "buyer beware" or try at "ur own risk" etc...well i just ordered the tea and its the first time i've ever bought something based off the internet or magazines etc...if it works for me....i'll definitely write about it! :) i'm 180 now so lets hope just like everything else i do..lol it works! haa

Green Tea 8 years ago

I have been drinking wu-yi tea for about 4 months and absolutely love it. I have lost more weight than I would normally just working out and feel much healthier. I thought it would taste but but I actually love it now. Some facts about it and its benefits at www.greenteahealth.net

lydie rose 8 years ago

i was about to try to your free trial but you don't have transactions in United Arab Emirates... pls tell me how to contact you


hello I'm from Mexico City and i want to buy it where can I do it. I had tried from the web page even by phone but it doesn't work I have try it by credit and debt card and doesn't work

Do you have any place here in Mexico where i can buy it

Thanks judith my e mail address judith.gargollo@gmail.com

Jackie 8 years ago

I am also from Mexico City and I have no idea where to buy it

Can you help me out?

kila 8 years ago

i think im going to give this tea a go i have read loads about it and i have not really seen any bad benefits from it yet i suppose it would be lots cheaper to buy from a local herbalist or? could has anyone tried to get it from there local herbalist?

8 years ago

I just signed up for the free tryal

Wu-Yi Tea 8 years ago

Yea, I got some too!

Nicci 8 years ago

I just signed up for the free trial. they really talk it up so i hope it works. Good luck yo all

JORGE BONATTO 8 years ago

How to buy Natural WuYi Green Tea Maximum for whom live outside USA?

How can I be shure that the tee I will ordered is from WuYi?

Scott Medoses 8 years ago

WuYi tea works, it flushes all the crap that gets stuckin your digestive track out, after about two weeks of enjoying this tea, you will notice you don't feel bloated after eating pizza, bread, or any of your favorite foods. I have lost 4 pounds and have not been watching what i eat at all. i enjoy the tea after big meals and in the morning. it also helps clear up your skin from accne and blemished.

kym 8 years ago

I just made a purchase of the tea 2 nights ago. I am very anxious to start. I have a question? When you lose all that weight, what happens when you stop drinking the tea?

ANNE  8 years ago


JohnW 8 years ago

I have to agree that research on any thing is a must these days. There is an Oriental store here and that is where I am going to look for the oolong tea (Wu-Yi tea). I hope all goes well and I will update as the weeks go on.

Lisa 8 years ago

I've just gotten the tea and quite excited to start, I've heard great things about the tea. Of course eating and excersice would help. As a mother it's hard to get out there and excersice so for all the other parents out there good luck in achieving your goals in weight loss. I'm really hoping that this tea will help.

Debbie 8 years ago

Ordered my "Free sample" from Wu-Yi Source still have not received it has been well over a week. Have boxes of Nutri-System sitting here hoping the tea will work the Nutri-System is nasty. Will let you know.

Celest 8 years ago

I have been drinking the tea for 4 days now and must admit I do feel a lot better after eating. I'm usually to fall asleep at my desk after lunch but for the past few days I've had no problem staying awake and my sugar cravings have pretty much stopped.

Estela 8 years ago

I want to try it but for what I read it looks like a lot of womens are just now trying it out and it's new and not very many people tried it out yet. I need more proof and will not order until I see more evidences and results.

LIsa 8 years ago

THis is my third day of drinking the tea and I haven't lost any weight yet but for some reason I feel lighter. lol. Maybe I'm just less bloated. It has only been 3 days though. I"ll keep everyone informed. Is there anyone out here that's had success with the tea???

Christie 8 years ago

I would like to hear success stories - Is there any. Does this tea really work?


Lisa 8 years ago

I've been drinking a mix of oolong and pu-erh tea (from Generation Tea) for the past 10 days and I have lost 10 pounds so far. (I was bloated when I started though. Oh, and I started at 184 lbs) I've also just started college and have been doing a lot of walking and I've been averaging around 1,000 calories a day. So yeah, I haven't been eating much but I feel fine. But the thing is, I haven't had sugar since I"ve been here and the reason why I've had so much trouble in the past is cravings. I really think it's the tea, but I haven't had sugar cravings at all! It's amazing! =) So now it's really easy for me to eat less. I'm also really motivated and determined to lose weight right now, so that helps me not eat as much too. I really hope this works for the long haul!

Lisa 8 years ago

Yeah, I have lost 10 pounds so far, and I've been using the bathroom a lot most days (like today) =D, but that could be that I'm drinking more than I used to as well. Maybe I should point out that the tea I'm using is loose leaf; I think it might be more potent. Also, I'm not going to directly credit the tea to my weight loss, but more to the fact that I'm simply not craving food/sugar anymore. I think that's because I read oolong or pu-erh (forgot which) helps stabalize blood sugar levels. I know before I'd be going crazy with sugar cravings by now! But, It would still be easy for me to eat more if I wanted. (Like I wouldn't mind eating right now, lol.) I really hope what you ordered helps you! But just in case it doesn't and you'd like to try what I got, it's the "Little Bear Tea Wulong & Pu-erh Blend" from generationtea.com.

mary jane - Tinian 8 years ago

I've just heard about this product, and would like to try it. Does anyone from the MP ever tried this product?

allene 8 years ago

does this really work or is it a waste of time and mony? some one who has any info please e-mail me at alleneb007@aol.com thanks.

Amber 8 years ago

FOLKS stop living in a fantasy world. If you real want to be fit and look great its going to take patience (time) hard work (exercise) and dicipline (eating right! and less!). Weight loss is (20% exercise) and (80% diet). When I say diet I don't mean going on some magic diet but I mean making long term lifestyle changes to your eating habits. Tea is great and should be part of your daily intake but remember alone it won't help you achieve your goals. It has to be part of a well balanced nutritious diet rich in fruits, vegetables and wholesome foods. I don't believe in dieting and I don't think it works. Dieting is like trying to fool your body but our body is a lot smarter than we think it is and that's why diets normally don't work. You have to make permanent lifestyle adjustments in the way you eat, sleep and activity in general. When I go to starbucks for example I opt for a simple green or black tea with no sugar or artificial sweetner, That sugar free stuff I can't stand it. I sometimes order their protien shakes with non fat milk but ensure that they don't add any sugar or junk to it. I am just giving you examples of how I manage to minimize sugar and other empty colories and stick to something more wholesome its hard sometimes but this works for me.

tee boon keong 8 years ago

just sing for free trial.hope it works.sounds great with all the testimonials.i exercise 2 to 3 hrs in the gym 5 to 7 times a week and not very successful in loosing this stubbon fat.wu yi tea yr my last hope after trying so many methods.

Wu Yi Tea 8 years ago

It works but for effectiveness it is better to use it together with some other technique.

sue 8 years ago

I have been using wu yi source for a month now and I love it. I have lost 27 pounds in one month with combination of tea and weight watchers. I used to be hungry all the time and would crave sweets all day now not one craving. I have had no desire for cookies cakes or candy since using the tea. before the tea weight watchers was working very slowly and now I am getting great results. I highly remomend the wu yi tea.

Weight Loss Tea 7 years ago

Does any one know if http://weightlosstea.com is the same as this, better or worse? I'm confused but would like to try it...

ny 7 years ago

wu yi tea is a scam, i had been on in for a month an i didn't lose a single pounds, what a waste, don't listen to someone put on a comment that they had been lose weight those are people who work for wu yi tea.

nathan 7 years ago

ordered my free trial last night it was telling me that the shipping costs were $4.95 after giving my card details it told me i was being billed to $24.95!!!!

M&M's 7 years ago

I'm trying out the the Wu-Yi Tea Source and loving it. With such a busy schedule of working full time, going to school, and being a mom, I had to work in drinking two cups a day along with watching what I eat and some light exercising (it sounds impossible, but you can do it). After 3 months, I was able to lose 19 pounds and counting. If you haven't tried it, you should. At first I was unsure of whether this is a scam or not, but it isn't....if you order it from the company. Wish me luck in losing a few more pounds and good luck to you too; should you decide to try it out.

rickdog 7 years ago

All one has to do is google wu-yi to see that it is a scam! I don't think what the Chinese use for dieting, the generic pu-erh, is a scam though. It's a fermented tea from the Yunnan provence, with many many varieties, growers, and dealers. Because it is fermented it has probiotic organisms along with the polyphenols. It's also very collectable because is improves with age, just like wine - in fact it's sold as varietals such as "Golden Mountain - 1996". It's a favorite with the Chinese.

nad 7 years ago

ill start it on monday ill let you know how it's going in a couple of days

IMRAN 7 years ago

I am from pkistan having no idea to buy this tea. please help me how to purchase and also tells me how it effective to lose weight. is it available in pakisatn

Deeh 7 years ago

I too, just order the free trial. I hope it works because I need to loose alottttttttt of weight!!!!!! Can anyone give any tips on how to make it work better?

Barbara 7 years ago

Wu-Yi tea WORKS!! I ordered Wu-Yi Source tea from the internet here; www.teasupermarket.com - £14.95 for TWO 60 teabags boxes. I received a letter with my order 2-month supply. I am into my sixth week and the weight is starting to come off...it's been 4 days so far and I've lost one pound a day! 4 days ago, I actually ate 4 meals which included a McDonalds Quarterpounder at 10:00 pm...I thought I would get on the scale the next morning to see I had gained 3 pounds but I ACTUALLY LOST A POUND !! I got off the scale and got back on, thinking something was wrong with it...but it was real. I was in shock. I am going to keep doing what I'm doing (except the McDonalds part!) and see what happens....

olamide 7 years ago

i just started using it today hope it dosnt have any side effct for someone about to conceive.

olamide 7 years ago

please where can we get this wuyi tea in Nigeria, cos the one am using is been ordered for from london

Jessica Horn profile image

Jessica Horn 6 years ago

Unfortunately, the wu-yi website in this ad is no longer available. You can find a similar product (that ships worldwide) at http://www.wulongforlife.com

Celeste 6 years ago

I really want to purchase this tea but don't know where in South Africa as placing an order Internationally doesn't suit me at this stage. Please advise???

Celeste 6 years ago

I really want to purchase this tea but don't know where in South Africa as placing an order Internationally doesn't suit me at this stage. Please advise???

Tava Tea 6 years ago

Celeste you can purchase Tava Tea. It contains Wu-Yi Tea as one of its ingredients and promoted by Roduve - a well known Dutch firm. Tava Tea will be launched tomorrow.

Green Tea Tava 6 years ago

Yup .. agree.Tava Tea is the best tea ever created.Well blend with the right combination of tea.

Angela Frost 6 years ago

Tava Tea really is a great tea, in response to the other comment I beleive you can buy this tea anywhere in the world.

cheryl 6 years ago

Don't waste your money. I've been drinking this tea, eating healthy and exercising my ubtt off for 2 months and haven't lost an ounce. Not worth the money. You can buy green tea and any grocery store for way less than what these people are charging.

Cheryl Torres 6 years ago

I drink Wuyi tea 3 times a day not only for the health benefits but also for the fat day burning. I have noticed the inches melting away around the middle area where the love handles are. Great product. If you want to know more on my weightloss secrets go to www.blueprint4weightloss.com Cheryl Torres

olivia 5 years ago

i don't know about you but in my case it worked like magic!

Rania Constantinou 5 years ago

Will you supply me with the authnetic Wu-Yi tea. I need to loss weighT. It seems that my metapolist is not working.

My address is:

7 Platonos str.,

2362 Ayios Dometios

Nicosia - CYPRUS

e-mail: cm.costas@primehome.com

Tel: 0035799562990

Thanks for your attention.

Best regards,


grace akowe 4 years ago

i'll like to try this tea,but i don't know where to get it from in my country (nigeria).pls help me.thanks.

marty 4 years ago

My father got some of the wu-yi tea at an auction and he read the side of the box where it said to consualt you doctor first. and he gave them to me. I drank a cup hot that night, and I slept so sound and when I woke up the next morning I found myself not hurting. I know that the tea is not for this. but I have fibromyalgia and I hurt everymore all day long everyday, for the past 25 years. and when I got up and I didn't hurt I could only say it was they tea that was the only change I had made. it had to be the tea. I am going to keep drinking it and if I keep going pain free then I know it is the tea. I will let you know.

Renee 4 years ago

I have been drinking the tea for a week. Purchased it from the health food store! I am pleased ! Honestly, I feel lighter and it does cut the cravings! I drink it at night cuz it does send me to the bathroom. But I think it cleans out your system. I am also doing weight watchers! But will let you know if it worked . I definitely hope I lose about ten pounds! I weight 159 now. I was 162.

Stafford 4 years ago

How much tea do you consume each day?

Sarah 4 years ago

I just drank the tea n realized the best before date was march 2011 will the tea still work or do any harm??

Grace 3 years ago

Was there ever an answer to Sarah's question about the best before date?Did I miss it.

margie 3 years ago

Wu Yi tea along with eating under 1500 calories a day and exercising for at least 30 mins three times a week WORKS!

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