How to Grow Taller Naturally by Listening to Binaural Beats or Music

Can You Grow Taller After Puberty?

After puberty, many people are still left dissatisfied with their height. Is there any way to continue growing, even after you turn 20?

There are many home remedies and medical practices that claim to help you increase your height. Though most of these are unproven by science, many people claim to have grown taller with the help of hypnosis, exercise, acupressure, correct nutrition, music, and su-jok therapy.

In general, the best way to grow taller is to take care of your body while it's still growing. This means getting the correct nutrition, exercising, and getting plenty of sleep.

What Are Binaural Beats, Isochronic Tones, and Solfeggio Tones and Their Health Benefits?

Binaural beats, isochronic tones, and solfeggio tones have become very popular, with some groups claiming they have health benefits like inducing relaxation, stimulating different parts of the body (including the pituitary gland), enabling meditation, enhancing creativity, and promoting other desirable mental states. Here are definitions:

  • Binaural Beats—Use of tones at different frequencies to trick the brain into thinking it's hearing a beat where none exists.
  • Isochronic Tones—Regular beats of a single tone. At its simplest level, an isochronic tone is a tone that is being turned on and off rapidly. They create sharp, distinctive pulses of sound.
  • Solfeggio Scale—A 6-tone scale sequence of electro-magnetic frequencies said to have reparative abilities.

Though the grow-taller claims surrounding these particular tones and beats are unproven, it is known that sounds effect health. Noise levels and sound have an effect on our mood, productivity, and stress levels. Despite the fact that scientific research is inconclusive, many people use these beats for concentration, sleep, weight loss, stimulating the pituitary gland, meditation, and focus, and have found positive results.

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Do Binaural Beats Help You Grow Taller?

Binaural beats—like the name indicates— are simply two beats of different frequencies that are played into the left and the right ear.

When the beat of one frequency is played in one ear and the beat of another frequency is played in the other ear, the brain creates a new frequency. For example, if the frequency of 300 Hz is played in one ear and 290 in the other, the resulting frequency that the brain hears is 10 Hz. The effect of this can sound like a beat.

Some people say that frequencies can influence our bodies, since our brain itself is constantly producing waves of energy and sound is also waves of energy. While these claims are unproven, some groups say that binaural beats can also create a frequency that stimulates the pituitary gland, which releases a growth hormone. This is the same hormone that caused you to grow during puberty. The recommended frequency to stimulate the pituitary gland to release growth hormone is 1.00 Hz.

Some people even claim that by using binaural beats, their height increased after only six months or a year of listening, which is reportedly the minimum amount of time you need to see results.

There are many brainwave entrainments (any procedure that causes one's brainwave frequencies to synchronize with a periodic stimulus) on the market that have been developed for pituitary stimulation. You can see some popular tracks from YouTube below.

How to Stimulate Your Pituitary Gland Using Binaural Beats

Though these claims are unproven by science, some people say (and I believe) that you can grow taller by using binaural beats and following these steps. Please follow these rules if you want it to work.

  1. Be persistent. You should continue listening for at least six months. Ideally it would be longer, and you would continue even after six months.
  2. Listen to at least one hour of beats daily at intervals and before you sleep. You could listen to fifteen minutes three or four times daily.
  3. You should always use earphones as the beats that are being played have different frequencies that are meant for specific ears.
  4. Do not listen while doing other work: Listen when you are free and not driving or performing other tasks.
  5. If possible, listen to when you are relaxed and imagine that your pituitary gland is being stimulated and releasing human growth hormone.
  6. Promise yourself that you will only measure your height after six months.
  7. Do not measure your height the next day after listening to the beat. Remember that increasing your height takes time. Your body is a work in progress. Let it work slowly. Just as you cannot grow a plant in one day and need to water it and add some nutrients regularly, so your body also needs time to grow.
  8. After six months, promise yourself to continue for a year. You may see the change if you follow through with every instruction.
  9. You should exercise when you have time,, drink milk, eat plenty of protein, and listen to other hypnotic recordings to grow taller. If you would like me to make a hypnotic recording to help you grow taller, I will happily do it. Please let me know in the comments.
  10. Believe in yourself.

If You Don't Believe It Will Work, Don't Try It!

Many people say that the binaural music only creates a placebo effect, meaning we see results only because we believe they exist. However, I believe that our life is controlled by frequencies.

If you can, please supplement your listening with your imagination. Imagine yourself growing taller, which could also stimulate your pituitary gland. I have read success stories of people who have grown taller using this method.

If you do not believe that this will work, please do not try it because that will discourage people who are actually willing to try. I am just telling you what I've found through my personal research and experience.

If you want, I can write more articles on how to increase your height after puberty. If you need any help please feel free to ask me.

Happy growing!!

Binaural Beats from YouTube to Stimulate the Pituitary Gland and Hormone Production

Here are some popular beats from YouTube. However, there are many more. I hope you find some that you like and wish you the best of luck!

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lana 3 years ago

Hi. Is it okay to read books or sleep while listening to the beat? Thanks in advance.

jirel profile image

jirel 3 years ago from Philippines Author

I heard it's good to listen to it while doing nothing.But since its boring maybe it wouldn't interfere much when we are reading books. It would be better if you listen to it while sleeping or relaxing. Please let me know your results after using it for a year :) Happy growing!!:):)

Viplovesh Chaudhary 3 years ago

hello sir my height is 5'5 , 20 year old . Can i grow more because i had changed my diet from 6 months and doing lots of exercise.

i want to tell you that my feet size is 10 inches because of playing football.

it's look so weird

jirel profile image

jirel 3 years ago from Philippines Author

@Viplovesh We all can grow up to 3 inches taller from our spine with exercise. Also, I've seen people grow up after their growth plates fused. It's a good sign that your feet size changed.

You're also changed your diet into a healthy one with exercise. I am sure you will grow taller. But the main thing we have to focus on is belief. Our body responds to what we think.If we have a faith with our effort nothing can stop us.But like I said don't measure your height everyday.Once in 6 months would be best.Just do your work and don't wait for your results now.We should change our diet and lifestyle for at least a year for our height.Some people see results early but some it takes longer.It will be there!Good luck :)

profile image

hreddyhreddy 3 years ago

I followed the steps given in thr link I had grew 1½ it possible to grow still.

profile image

susjhugod 3 years ago

i'm 20 years old

i want to increase my height

please rply at my email..

profile image

hobyh 2 years ago

Hi! Today I watched the second youtube video “Human Growth Hormone - MegaDose - Grow Taller no drugs” and I had a weird experience. Actually, it was the very first time I was doing/listening to binaural beats for growing taller.I was sitting on a chair and then after about 2 or 3 minutes I started breathing faster and my head raised automatically like if it was reaching the sky or kinda doing a neck stretching except that it happened without any effort. I admit that it felt pretty good bud I was scared too so I decided to stop because I suddenly remembered an article I read about the kundalini awakening symptoms which can be dangerous if not mastered! -Lol- And then I had a headache during 2 or 3 hours after stopping it. I'd like to precise that I am used to practicing meditations (still a beginner) and hypnosis (even for growing taller) but I've never felt that way during my sessions, I just fall in a very deep relaxing state.

Was it normal? Or is it always like this when you do if for the first time? Or maybe the “dose” was too high for me for a first time (cuz it's clearly written "megadose" in the title of the video)? Or was it just a kind of a flow of energy in me that was awakening (intensively for the first time) or something like that? In addition to that I’ve just discovered that we can use binaural beats too while meditating but I am a bit reluctant after this experience. Isn't it dangerous? And can/should I listen to this track again so that I can overcome it? Thanks!

Manju 2 years ago

I dnt to knw hw to download binaural beat .

jirel profile image

jirel 2 years ago from Philippines Author

@hobyh Sorry,for the late response..The beats are designed to stimulate our pituitary gland.However,all of s could feel different.The exact mechanism is unknown.When you listen to the beats just sit back and relax.Don't force yourself into listening it. If you again have headache the second time,maybe you listen to the other beat.Also, it generates a lot of energy so we should be hydrated.Hope it helps:)

jirel profile image

jirel 2 years ago from Philippines Author

@Manju There are apps that can help convert youtube videos to mp3 or you can also do it online directly why entering the url.Just search it on google.If you still can't I will try to send it to you.:)

twees 2 years ago

i m 19 years and my height is 4'11 ..can i increase my height by listening to Binaural beats ...and should i use only one audio of Binaural beats for 6 months or should i change it after specific time period ?

profile image

fobles 2 years ago

my height is 4'11 and i m 19 years old.... do i still have chances to increase height ?// ...and should i listen to only one audio of beat for six months or should i change it monthly???//

profile image

fobles 2 years ago

i m 19 and my height is 4'11.... is there still any chance for me to increase my height my listening to these beats and should i listen to only one beat for 6 months or should i change them monthly?//

can i use homeopathic medicine to increase height along with these beats?

jirel profile image

jirel 2 years ago from Philippines Author

You're only 19.It's a good news.You can still grow taller.You can listen to the same beat for change it.But you should do it regularly and set the intention o grow taller. Also drink lots of water. Since, you're just 19 you can grow with stretching exercises too that will increase the length of your torso. Believe in yourself and the power within you.And don't check your height everyday.Please make sure that you don't have limiting beliefs then nothing can stop you.Happy growing :)

Ratu 2 years ago

Hello, thank you Sir, your article is really helpful :) i hope that i can grow taller and i will follow your instructions. Sir, could you make a hypnotic recording for grow taller and send it to my email? if you don't mind of course.

my email:

thanks xx

jirel profile image

jirel 2 years ago from Philippines Author

@Ratu: Hello, I will prepare one for you..Please give me some time..I will take some time to make one for you..But your mind has to be clear of doubts so that it will work for you..We have been tied up with limiting beliefs which prevents us from achieving our goal..All the best Ratu ..Good luck :)

Lv 2 years ago

Can i use headsets to listen to it ? Thank you in advance :)

G girl 2 years ago

Im 15 , will i grow within 2-3 months if i listen to this beat consistently ? Thanks in advance :)

John 2 years ago

Thank you very much for this article. I was wondering if this would work for someone who is 38 yrs old...

I was wondering if there's hope, or maybe grow a little bit. I'm not that short ( 5"11) but I would love to at least hit 6'.

Could you please make me a hypnotic recording that is more "potent" for my case?

em a1l : johnnyx88x AT gmail com

Thank you very much.

jirel profile image

jirel 2 years ago from Philippines Author

I will prepare the recording but please give me some time as I am really busy.Please read this article several times and read books on the power of mind that will help you prepare subconsciously.If I have time I will come up with an article on the power of our mind to change our body..Believe in fantasy guys! You won't be a kid of you believe in maagic :).The power is in our subconscious mind. All the very best!!Besides, i recently found a new video on binaural beats for HGH which has positive reviews by Homosapiens on youtube..Try it too :)

jirel profile image

jirel 2 years ago from Philippines Author

@Lv yes, you must use headsets for binaural beats because two different frequencies are being played on both ears.

@G girl Of course, you're just 15.You don't even have to try hard. Just make sure you include all the necessary nutrients in your food along with plenty of water...Yoga can be really helpful

@John I will specifically make a different hypnotic recording for you.Just think that age is just a number.Our physiology undergoes change due to our age but partly it's also because we feel like we're growing older day by day.Our mind also plays a big role in that.All we have to do is make our mind believe that our body is as young as a child who can grow and create that kind of environment in our body.Mind and body is connected.Body works based on what our mind orders it specifically our subconscious mind .I am glad that all of you are open and positive.This page is for those who want to change and who believe.Thank you..

jirel profile image

jirel 2 years ago from Philippines Author

@john besides you just want one inch.So you will..:) Just have faith in what you're doing..Please give me sometime to prepare it.

Dimes 2 years ago

Hey I'm 18 years old and 5'6 male... U say I can grow taller but is it permanent?

If I stretch my torso 2 inches... wouldn't I have to keep doing the stretches regularly to maintain my new height?

Last question. How much height have you gained from all of this?

jirel profile image

jirel 2 years ago from Philippines Author

If you're doing exercise and stretches to grow you should keep doing it until its permanent..But in this hub I'm mostly talking about stimulating with the use of beats..Yes, once you see the change you should not stop so that it will be permanent..In a month I was able to gain only 1 cm because of my age (I had stopped growing for so many years actually ) and I did not continue after that as I tried for experimental purpose only..However from my research I've seen that many people have gained more than that because of their persistence.Never have doubt and never have negative thoughts..Negative thoughts will reverse everything! Good luck :)

Lbm 2 years ago

I've actually been using beats for 3 months and i've grown 3 centimeters. Around 1.2 inches. It'll take a while, but I guess in due time I'll reach my goal. I really wanted to share this because it's so nerve-racking not being able to tell anyone and this is a good place to talk about this sort of thing.

jirel profile image

jirel 2 years ago from Philippines Author

Thank you so much for your response.It's great that it helped you too..It depends on our body too.Also, if we add proper exercise and diet to it, the result will be really good. How old are you?Did you add exercise and proper diet too? Thank you so much for sharing.The others will benefit from this.From your results.Thanks a lot..:)

Lbm 2 years ago

15. I know it's a young age, but when I last went to the doctor she said I probably wasn't going to grow anymore. I didn't alter my diet because in my house we usually have healthy foods. I've been riding my bike a lot and longboarding every once in a while.

I also try to enter trance while listening to the beats.

Hope this helps.

linah 2 years ago

Lbm how old r u?

linah 2 years ago

Hi sir. I do listening to this music whilst sleeping. Was it effective?

Lara 2 years ago

hey did you increase your height? and how much? please also describe your routine

jirel profile image

jirel 2 years ago from Philippines Author

From my friend's experience, its the 20th day and she gained 1 cm but I'e asked her to continue listening to the beats for next 6 months so that her height change would be permanent. As we don't know if her 1 cm came from improving her posture Another thing she has asked to MAINTAIN YOUR POSTURE and DRINK PLENTY OF FLUIDS-WATER. The grow taller frequencies generate energy so you need to hydrate yourself. My friend is already 26 years old and she stopped growing for so many years. I will update you guys if she continues but you should try it too. Be an example and inspire others. Besides, if you're ready add proper exercises and good diet-it's better. It will be faster and easier for your body to grow .ALSO BE POSITIVE AT ALL TIMES.READ ABOUT LAW OF ATTRACTION AND HOW TO USE IT TO GROW TALLER. I hope this helps. Please let me know if you need anything.

xoxajj 2 years ago

I'm 23 how to grow my taller .It is possible or no?

linah 2 years ago

2 of my friends told me i grew just only a few cm like 2-3 . i haven't told them bout the music or something abt for me to get taller. Just they noticed kinda.

But i don't know f they're just jokinh or nah

linah 2 years ago

Btw I'm 17. Will be turninh 18 on may. Pleasw give me the best info and intructions regarding binaural and my age


MatthewH 2 years ago

Dear Jirel,

I was just wondering, how often should I listen to these beats? (by the way , I'm 16 years old) and which one do you recommend listening to for optimal results? I am truly fascinated with your discoveries and want to experiment myself.


Matthew H.

profile image

matthou 2 years ago

Hey Jirel, I was quite intrigued to see this possible new way of getting taller. I just had a few questions though, how often per day do you recommend using these beats and which one do you prefer? (by the way Im 16).

linah 2 years ago

Sirrrrrr :)

linah 2 years ago

Im 17 and turning 18 in May. What is the specific way for my age for me to get the best result

ahmed 2 years ago

Hello i m 23 years..i am need 3 to 5 inch..plz know me

bads 2 years ago

Hello, thank you Sir, your article is really helpful. im gonna try using this and what is a hypnotic reording. does it really work. if it does can you mail me one if you don't mind.



jirel profile image

jirel 2 years ago from Philippines Author

@xoxajj as long as your parents have a normal height and not dwarf height you can grow taller..We can always grow taller than our parents

@linah you are very can still grow taller..keep listening to these beats..there are several ways to grow taller using law of attraction, yoga, nutrition, certain work outs, hypnosis and using these beats.If you can you please have a good diet--calcium, protein and vegetables with plenty of water..but keep listening to these beats as a daily routine for at least 6 months, at least and then continue more as long as you's a good thing that you gained few cms but please don't stop at this point..continue listening to this at least for 6 months to make sure your growth is really permanent and not because of your improved cousin grew really tall because of basketball and good food as you asked what is good for your can do all of it..but make sure to listen to these beats continously for 6 months without a break

@Mattheu Dear Mattheu..I personally like the binaural beat of Sapien Medicine and Megadose which I've posted above..You can use these beats three times a day..I am listening to it usually before I sleep.but most people listen to it 3 different times..also please drink water as these beats produce intense energies

@ahmed: please try listening to these beats with the instructions I have given in this article.Please read this article and the comments to know more about it. Hardwork and persistence always works. So, as this article is about listening to binarual beats please try it first..

@bads : in many cases hypnotic recordings have helped people to grow but it works if we believe in it..Our subconscious mind has beliefs which are very strong and works according to it..If you can change your subconscious mind saying it that you can still grow and there is no barrier to it.Then the subconscious will order the pituitary to release hormone, our cells to multiply and help in our growth.The work of hypnosis is to change our negative belief. If we start doubting again, then there is no use of hypnosis.But if you believe you can make your body believe that you can grow too. Remember our mind is very strong. I would recommend you to read about our subconscious mind so that you will start to be open minded and the grow taller hypnotic recordings will work.

Dear friends! I am asked if it really works. I am really trying to answer to each and everyone. I know why you all came to this page.In desperate need of a solution. So, I ask you to read this article carefully from top to down including the questions being asked and the answers I've given.I really want to help you all as I've wanted to grow taller too.But PLEASE READ EVERYTHING.Because I keep getting the same questions.









Besides these if you have any more queries I am happy to help.I will now try to come up with hypnotic and subliminal recordings according to what your problem is..Like for those who are worried about genetics, those who have negative beliefs, those who think they are old to grow..I can make personalized hypnotic recordings.It's just that I'm really busy so I couldn't do it.But looking at all these responses I feel like I must manage some time. But after I do all this, please try it and continue it as I am doing this for you.I know how it feels to be short! But now HEY!! WE ARE TALL!! WE ARE BEAUTIFUL AND WE HAVE THE PERFECT HEIGHT WE WANT!! WE ARE GROWING EVERYDAY!!NOTHING CAN STOP US!!

(At least we can pretend--Say it before you sleep and when you wake up..and lets not share our secret with anyone until we reach our desired height..sharing spreads the power of energy so we want the power to be just with us for the mean time)

linah 2 years ago

Thank u so much sir. More power :)

matthou 2 years ago

Thank you for your inspiration. I feel that I have the determination that I need to complete my goal.

timmie 2 years ago

hi im 35 can i still grow with this age?pls help me, pls send me more methhods that i can use for growing taller,thank you!here's my email add:

jass 2 years ago just 4"11and am 19 years old can i don't get time for exercise so only listening to beats can i grow my height.....please reply on this

Munna 2 years ago


Im 19 and 5'7 tall is it possible for me to grow 6". My basketball mates

are all 6 and above Im a bit shorty

Eddie Pollard 2 years ago

Hi, im 17 years old about to turn 18 on v-day im around 5'7 5'8 and i really wanna reach 5'10-6' flat lately ive been feeling really down and idk why. I just feel like a loser nobody notices. I really wanna get people to notice me.. Is there anything i can do to help me grow ?

jirel profile image

jirel 2 years ago from Philippines Author

@Eddie Feeling low will not help you grow because you are affecting your body that way by feeding it wrong beliefs..You are lucky because you're just 17 years old. Don't give up hope!Keep pushing..Read the above article and follow it. With proper diet, exercise and positive thoughts you can do it.Yoga and cardio really helps too. All the best :)

Anna A 2 years ago

hi im 15 years old. I believe i can grow with these beats but i would like to know if it can make acne ? because i don't want to have more pimples thank you for your help and your answer!

jirel profile image

jirel 2 years ago from Philippines Author

No it won't make acne..There is also a binaural beat to reduce acne ..Yon can find it in YouTube by SapienMed..

abhinavcorps125 2 years ago

@jirel do downloading these tones and then listening to these would work?

jirel profile image

jirel 2 years ago from Philippines Author

Yes, it will :) but you should use earphones as different frequencies are being played in each ear:)

Ivan16 23 months ago

Does it works for anyone

Ivan16 23 months ago

Does it works for anyone?

Louis ALbert 23 months ago

Hi jirel thanks for your post. Filipino ka ba? Pilipino din ako eh haha i'm currently using Hypnosis , Law of Attraction and Binaural Beats right now, thanks for backing up the Hypnosis and Binaural Beats by your article. I'm 20 and hope to gain an inch or two :D

miya 23 months ago

Hi im seventeen years old and im only five feet, and my doctor said i will no longer grow because apparently i already hit my growth spurt. Is this true?

Nero 23 months ago

Hey man, what happened with your friend, did she grew any taller? P.s. I'm 19, 5'8 and my height was supposed to be 6'1, but thanks to gaming I stayed late everynight, and didn't had the chance to take the full potential from my puberty years. My growth plates are also closed. Do you think that I may grow to 5'11? Only 3 inches. I'd kill for them. Wish you best, your work is motivational, I hope it's based on something and not only that you're a good guy trying to motivate us short guys. Wish you best!

namratha 23 months ago

Hello I have read the article and I'm impressed to follow it. But I just need a gaurantee that it will work out. And I'm 19 now. I'm 4.9" how tall I can grow if I listen to it regularly!? And can u please send me the audio to my number on whatsapp 9738498205 at the earliest pleaz

Willy 23 months ago

a friend of mine talked me about this site I want to know who tried it because it seems to be something new and useful. I have to say that he looks taller now and it is like 3 weeks ago

shan 22 months ago

nic article..very natural thing u explained..i read readers comments and ur response...ur response s tooo gud nd vry generous..

my age s 25 my hight s 5.6' i want to increase my height at least 5.10'..can u suggest and can u send me good music dat helps to grow thing that i am very gud @ listning subconcios mind.can i increase height..

tnk u..

acid 22 months ago

Hey i would like taller

Fayyaz 22 months ago

Hi there, im 17 and 5.4, aiming for at least 5.11. Could you please help me out with a plan (the diet and the exercises i could do) and with a recording? Your reply as (early as possible) would be greatly appreciated

jirel profile image

jirel 21 months ago from Philippines Author

@Fayyaz I will come up with new hubs on diet and exercises.Meanwhile there are many articles online you could read on so you have an idea about it. I think I have mentioned it somewhere in the comments. Happy Growing!!

@Nero my friend grew 1 inches taller just by listening to these beats.She could not maintain her diet or do any exercise though. 1 inch is still good for her age.And she is still continuing. Your brain responds to the frequency,so you need to have faith.

And guys!! You're all still teens!What are you afraid of? You can do it! Faith ,persistence and patience is a gem..Please don't get distracted by what other says because the power lies within you.Good luck!!

Sleep 20 months ago

I was wondering , which one of these videos should i trust more ?

Fahad Butt 20 months ago

Hi I'm 15 and I'm 5'7 and I want to be 6'. Will you tell me how.

Diva 19 months ago

Hi there, I just want to thank you for your time that you took of your busy life and share such important information. I really appreciate those who help just for the sack of people. I am very impress and wish you luck in your life. I am goanna try it. lets see what happens lol.

Phoebe 18 months ago

Is it ok to listen to binaural beats on YouTube on my phone? Because some people say not to listen to subliminal a on your and only listen to them on the computer. Thank you so much!!!

Saruman 18 months ago

maybe you could learn how to spell THEN grow taller.

simin 17 months ago

Sir, I am 16 years old. I had an early puberty at the age of 8 or 9. My height is 4' 9". Can I still grow taller? By the way my mom is 5'1" and dad is 5"4'

ashwini 16 months ago

Can i use multivitamin tablets....instead of balanced diet food..n carry on with my regular meal?? Pls reply

Butoyi 16 months ago

Im 15 and 5"3 can I still grow atleast like 5"8

mrr 14 months ago

HI! Awesome post! Thank you for all the effort in putting everything together!

May I ask if you could make a hypnotic recording for grow taller and to remove doubts and send it to my email? If you don't mind of course.

my email:

R2RD 14 months ago

Great article! Thanks for all the support and help! Would it be okay if you could send me a hypnotic recording for negative beliefs and doubts? If you wont mind of course. Thank you!

suresh 12 months ago

hello sir ,

is it possible to increase height even after 30 ..i just crossed 30 now i wanted to increase my height badly ..and u posted 4 music vidoes there which one i hav to listen ?

lom 12 months ago

reply please

moni 9 months ago

Does binaural beats have any side effects on us?

im really hoping to grow taller but im afraid of only dis

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