Yogi Detox Tea Bags vs Traditional Cranberry Tea for Reducing Belly Fat & Bloating



What is the Best Natural Detox?

People who are looking for a natural detox method may consider Yogi tea bags and cranberry juice or cranberry tea. Both of these have a beneficial effect on the body and can help you to get rid of belly fat and bloating.

Vitamins and supplements help people who may lack some essential nutrients in their diet. An herbal detox which includes cranberries is usually filled with ingredients that help the body as well. It specifically aids organs that are designed to purify the blood.

Yogi Herbal Tea

What is in Yogi Detox Tea?

Yogi tea contains a number of ingredients that support liver and kidney function. It does not contain any artificial ingredients or preservatives. The ingredients in Yogi Detox Tea include:

  • Burdock- supports liver function
  • Organic dandelion- supports liver function
  • Juniper berry- supports kidney function
  • Indian sarsaparilla
  • Ginger- supports blood flow
  • Black pepper- supports blood flow
  • Long pepper- supports blood flow

The Role of your Liver in Weight Loss

How Does a Natural Detox Method Help You?

A natural detox method eliminates many of the risks that are associated with having toxins accumulate in the body. It also helps people who are trying to maintain a healthy weight or want to lose weight, get rid of excess belly fat or get more energy. Drinking pure water every day is a good method of detoxing. However, there are also a number of fruits and vegetables that help to remove toxins from the body as well.

Yogi teas have been around since the early 1970s and offer a wide variety of tea, including herbal, black and red tea. The very first Yogi Tea combined cardamon, ginger, black pepper and other spices. Some of their teas are made to help solve specific health problems.

Yogi Tea

Yogi Tea Herbal Tea Supplement, Detox, 16 Count (Pack of 6)- Use for a Healthier Liver

Yogi Tea Herbal Tea Supplement, Detox, 16 Count (Pack of 6)- Customer Reviews

"I started drinking this tea right after Christmas and after 2 weeks, I lost 3 lbs! I know I probably shouldn't attribute this to the tea but it's the only change that I made to my routine... I wouldn't recommend this to anyone as a weight loss product but I mention it because it was an unexpected side benefit to me."

Yogi Detox Tea Benefits for Reducing Belly Fat & Bloating

Yogi detox tea helps to reduce belly fat and bloating in the following ways:

  • Yogi tea supports the function of the kidneys and they help to remove excess water from the body
  • It supports liver function and a healthy liver helps regulate blood sugar

Fatty Liver: Journey to Recovery & Weight loss

What are Some Alternative Detox Teas or Drinks?

Milk thistle tea is another alternative that can help you to detox naturally. Fruits, herbs and vegetables such as cucumbers, apples, lemons and mint also have a cleansing effect. A green tea detox is also helpful but is not advised for people who want to eliminate caffeine from their diet.

Fatty Liver Problem-Why You can't Lose Weight? The Fatty Liver Problem

Traditional Cranberry Tea for Reducing Belly Fat & Bloating

Traditional Cranberry Tea and cranberry juice are both used for reducing belly fat & bloating. Cranberries are a good source of antioxidants that play a role in digestion. These antioxidants include malic acid and citric acid. Malic acid and citric acid help to break down the fats that your liver is unable to process.

If you drink cranberry juice and cranberry tea, it will help you to burn more fat. That will help you to get rid of excess fat around your belly. Apart from drinking cranberry tea or juice, you can also add dried cranberries to salads or have them as a snack.

Cranberry tea can help with water weight gain. Women tend to struggle with temporary water weight gain more than men and it can lead to discomfort. Cranberries act as a natural diuretic so that you can remove excess water from your body during the menstrual cycle and menopause.

Traditional Medicinals Organic Weightless, Cranberry, 16-Count Boxes (Pack of 6)- Get it Today

Traditional Medicinals Organic Weightless, Cranberry, 16-Count Boxes (Pack of 6)- Customer Reviews

"This Cranberry Weightless tea is lovely, and has a marvelous taste. It seems to work as a diuretic, which isn't a bad thing, since it does so by promoting urological health. The ingredients are: bitter fennel fruit 150 mg, red clover blossom 150 mg, uva ursi leaf 135 mg, cranberry fruit concentrate 60 mg, cleavers herb 52.5 mg., organic hibiscus flower, organic roasted chicory root, organic parsley leaf, and organic stevia leaf."

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DDE profile image

DDE 2 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

I like cranberry juice and will have to start buying more of this special tea.

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jtrader 2 years ago Author

Yes, the juice is quite tasty. Thanks for stopping by DDE ;-)

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sangre 2 years ago from Ireland

This is so useful. I haven't heard of yogi tea before, but I often drink cranberry juice. I will have to see if I can find the tea anywhere.

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jtrader 2 years ago Author

I like cranberry juice too Sangre. If you want to try the Yogi tea, the link is in the hub.

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