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A Great Workout --

Greetings folks. Well, I've got a secret for you to really lose some weight and it has absolutely NOTHING to do with marketing, diets, fads, pills, etc. And, it's a BLAST!

Play ball hockey. Yes, you heard right -- "ball hockey"! And more so, be a GOALIE.

OK, some details. I have been playing this sport for many years as a goalie in a men's recreational league. We play once a week for about 1.5 hours and usually get two games in. We use one of those bright orange balls you see in the sports stores and none of us would miss this night out for the world.

As a goalie, you are required to wear full gear: athletic supporter, pants, pads...the whole thing. And, we play indoors at a local boys and girls club, in their basketball court. The game is played depending on how many runners show up, usually 3 on 3 because of court size, with a couple of "substitutes" per side when runners gets tired.

It's hockey, plain and simple. We face-off and one team tries to get the orange ball into the net of the other team. Here's the big catch: it's a great SWEAT! Bar none, the runners are VERY soaked after and during the game from running, checking, ball handling, court atmosphere (humid and thick on foggy and high moisture days) and this is during the fall and winter.

As a goalie in full gear and with constant moving, you are immersed in a virtual sauna for 1.5 hours. Totally drenched after a night of goal tending and as well as the gear. However, we do it because it's FUN! As a purely Canadian guy, I was raised on the game and to this day, still love it and always will. I could never play ice hockey as I just wasn't good enough, but the boys wouldn't do without me each and every week in goal for them with ball hockey. THEY all pay to rent the facilities and it's free for goalies as goalies are hard to come by.

Check it out -- there are men's and women's recreational leagues around and if there isn't, perhaps you could start one.

The point here is how much weight you can lose in a single night of wearing full hockey goalie gear and stopping shots. A great workout for sure and you feel absolutely awesome, win or lose, after the night is done. A shower when you get home, a snack and rest, although that type of action pushes the adrenaline up a bit and your sleep may not be quite the same just for that night.

You'll feel weird the next day and if you're just getting into it, you'll feel the REAL results about two days later when your adrenaline goes back to normal and your muscles relax. And if you're not fully covered and you stop a shot (especially slapped) in any area that is not adequately covered by gear, you'll know it. Stings a lot and I have the scars to prove it.

Bottom line, you CAN and WILL lose weight each and every week with this sport, because of the sweat factor, The comraderie in the dressing room is fun (you get the odd spat because it is a game and some might take it a bit more seriously than others), but overall, very fun, great for the heart and soul and system, and a sure weight remover.

Give it a try as a goalie or maybe even a runner. Runners have to RUN obviously, up and down the court or rink, after the ball and the other players. Thus, you should be in a decent shape to run because it's not on ice, but an indoor court or a cement floor rink after the ice is gone. Goalies just stand there and stop the balls. I am 57 years of age, weigh 136 lbs. and wouldn't miss it for the world. A great 'clean out' if you would, win or lose.

And I lose a lot in both ends of the rink! <smile>

See you on the court and thanks for reading.

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