I don't want to be ugly:(

Do you have a feeling that you are not beautiful? Do you think you are not able to move on because you don’t look attractive? If you think so, you’ve come to the right page. I am going to talk about the real beauty and how to look attractive?I am not against the thought that we want to look beautiful.Its okay!Everyone wants to look good in their appearance.But that is not the complete beauty.You can be more beautiful than you actually are.How is that possible?

Today I am not going to talk about how to make yourself look beautiful from outside.But I'll focus more on the real beauty inside and why the inner beauty wins.Today in this 21st century ,people want to look good to b successful but that is not the complete truth.There are more factors added to it.This hub has been written to those people who think they are not beautiful.To make them believe that everyone is equally beautiful, I've written it.So all the ladies and gentlemen, "DON'T HIDE YOURSELF, COME OUT OF THE DARKNESS AND SHOW YOURSELF IN THE LIGHT.YOU ALL ARE BEAUTIFUL.NO MATTER WHAT OTHERS THINK OF YOU .IT IS YOU WHO HAS TO DECIDE TO .DEEP INSIDE YOU SHOULD FEEL YOU POSSESS A LOT OF QUALITIES THAT ACTUALLY OTHERS CANNOT SEE AND THAT IS WHY YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL TOO"

External appearance?

It is sad to see that people want to look beautiful on the outside more than the inside these days. There is no problem in trying to make yourself look good in front of others but neglecting the real person inside you? Can we really look beautiful by the colourful paint outside? Is that what a real beauty is all about? Our home is beautiful not when it looks pretty on outside but has a happy family inside. Just take an example of a book? How many of us try to buy a novel looking at the picture on the outside cover? If we are smart enough, we always try to know from others how the content of the book really is. After we find that the book has a good content we buy it.

I am happy because my heart is not ugly.Everything looks beautiful to me
I am happy because my heart is not ugly.Everything looks beautiful to me

Who finds you really beautiful?

The saying is true “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”. Have you ever understood the reason how people fall in ‘true love’? I mean ‘true love’. Many times I hear people saying “...the girl is really pretty but the guy is not good looking at all. What made the girl fall for such a guy?” Well, the answer to that question is the above saying. If you like someone, you like him or her because of the real quality that is inside the person. One person may find someone attractive and others may not feel the same. This is because beauty lies in the eyes of who sees it. ”We tend to see things that we know”. If we feel that things are good then things that will also look good to us and vice versa.

So what I want to say you is, you may think that most people think you don’t look good. But the truth is; those people who know you, they will always find you beautiful. To look beautiful you need to have a beautiful heart inside. To look beautiful, the person who judges you should also have a good sense of judgment. That means that person should also be beautiful from inside.

You think outer appearance has more value than inner beauty?

The outer beauty is just a cover. A person cannot always maintain that external attractiveness he or she has. This will fade away someday with time. That is why we age. God wants to teach us that we should not go after things we see but should believe in what we feel from deep inside. Our intuition always guides us the right way. The only thing that will remain with us is the good quality we possess. Life doesn’t move on with our external appearance but it moves on because of our skill and talent. You may tell me about actors and actresses who are beautiful but do you think they are able to maintain that position just because they look good? No! They are maintaining their position with the other qualities they possess; their acting; their dance and their attitude .And it is us who makes them popular. Of course saying such things is not easy at all. We might feel bad looking at people around us, why we don’t look like them. But we should accept the fact. We always got a chance to make ourselves look beautiful spiritually.


Of course in today’s world we need to learn a few things to make people believe that we are civilized. We should maintain our hygiene, be clean and dress in a manner so that no one thinks us insane. This is what we have to do to prove that we have civilized. A lot of people are accepted to various jobs and offers because of the quality and skill they possess. Students pass their entrance exams not due to their looks but because of their scores and hard works. Mother Teresa was beautiful even when she wore a simple sari. It is believed that her sari cost just around 2 or 3 dollars. Whole life she served people that made her beautiful.

Inner beauty wins

So, if we’re talking about the real beauty, then this is it. If you look good from outside but you have a nasty personality with no spirit then you are already ugly. You don’t have to boast that you are beautiful. To those who think that their boyfriends can cheat on you just because you think you’re not attractive, then let them cheat on you. That way those boys prove that they are just uglier.

Beautiful 'Mother Teresa'
Beautiful 'Mother Teresa'
I hope you enjoyed reading my hub!Thank you!
I hope you enjoyed reading my hub!Thank you!

You are beautiful no matter who you are

Don’t we think that our mothers are beautiful? Yes! To be beautiful one needs to have that quality from inside. Don’t think that you’re not attractive. If you have a good heart and a pure soul, you are already beautiful to God. Your inner beauty is what makes things beautiful. Today, our earth is not searching for people who are trying to disguise their ugliness with their attractive appearance .The earth wants the real beautiful people. You are beautiful no matter who you are. As long as you have a clean heart and you don’t have an evil mind, you’re beautiful.

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annart profile image

annart 4 years ago from SW England

Well said! Well written. It's a pity more people don't think like this but I guess it's difficult for youngsters not to want to look their best and emulate the famous; genuine people usually find their inner beauty and therefore others' too. Voted up and beautiful.

jirel profile image

jirel 4 years ago from Philippines Author

yes.I am not against it, if people want to look beautiful.But I think they should try to preserve their inner beauty also.Thank you:)

sam209 profile image

sam209 4 years ago

My personal hub of the day! It was certainly a pleasure viewing your passages! Beauty on the inside magnifies our beauty on the outside! You know I got to vote up on this one!

jirel profile image

jirel 4 years ago from Philippines Author

Thank you so much Sam.Your kind words always lifts my spirits!I'm glad you liked it.Thank you!

dmop profile image

dmop 4 years ago from Cambridge City, IN

This is so true, not to dwell on the negative, but I have known several attractive people who became less and less beautiful as their personalities were revealed. Good Hub thanks for sharing, voted up and beautiful.

jirel profile image

jirel 4 years ago from Philippines Author

Thank you dmop.You are absolutely true!

kingphilipIV profile image

kingphilipIV 4 years ago from Iloilo, Philippines

In order for someone to be beautiful, he or she must believe that he or she is beautiful.

Inner Beauty matter most. I love it. :)

jirel profile image

jirel 4 years ago from Philippines Author

Thank you KingphilipIV for stopping by and reading my hub.

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