Your Doctor? Not His Fault?

The "Lie of the Year" for 2013 was "if you like your insurance policy then you can keep your insurance policy." That was a total fabrication used to help shove Obamacare down the throats of an unwilling American public.

Today's magic number of insurance policy cancellations due to Obamacare sits at 6,286,257 policies, not people but policies. The Onbama administration has some cooked up numbers being released today that 5 million people have signed up for Obamacare as of today. The problem is that no one, including the HHS Secretary, is able to tell of us of that number how many people have PAID for that coverage. It remains a mystery which in my mind makes it another lie to the American public.

This past weekend the whine House trotted out their straw man named Dan Pfeiffer to throw some buffalo manure around on Meet The Press with David Gregory. Now keep in mind this is the same man who actually said, "The law is irrelevant" when trying to defend some administration policies.

So out trots Pfeiffer to play the blame game about "losing your doctor." I suppose Harry Reid will follow next telling us how all of those who have lost their doctor are liars?

Then And Now As Caught On Tape

Like any other of Obama's failures and lies the fault never lies with "The One." According to Pfeiffer if you lose your doctor, no matter what Obama promised, it is the fault of the insurance companies. That despite the fact that Obama has been taped over and over again claiming that it wasn't going to happen. PERIOD.

Obama's quote one more time:

“No matter how we reform healthcare, we will keep this promise to the American people: If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. Period.”

He then had his Congressional parrots parading around their states repeating his Obamacare lies. Now they are ducking for cover as more administration foils parade out to deny the undeniable.

Blaming the insurers is the biggest bunch of hogwash I have heard regarding this whole fiasco. No matter what Pfeiffer contends I contend that "it is irrelevant" because Obama himself made such a broad, sweeping promise to the American public about all of it, most of it not true. That is what is relevant and the insurance companies have been trying to comply with the law as written and promulgated by the Department of Health and Human Services. That agency has been exhibiting the height of federal government incompetence since it was passed.

A Little Snippet Of Double Talk From Pfeiffer

This whole thing is a moving target and laws should not be a moving target despite what Dan Pfeiffer says. This is a country, supposedly until Obama came along, of laws. The very shifting and lifting of the law's provisions are major disruptions in insurance networks, doctors and plans. Everyone must know that but Pfeiffer? So lets just pretend that Obamacare has nothing to do with the turmoil that it has created. Really?

The individual mandate losses are but the tip of the iceberg and by this administration's own estimate upwards of 90 million American's prior policies will be cancelled when all is said and done. Said and done needs to never happen and this whole mess needs to be undone. What the White House is doing is an insult to thinking Americans. I don't have telling more lies as the fix to their incompetence and over reach.

So back to what Pfeiffer said about the individual mandate and reality. The reality is that immediately preceding his appearance, or shortly before, the rules got changed again which directly affect the individual mandate. Surprised? Don't be because this is an election year and the Obama administration thinks you are as dumb as a box of rocks in Omaha. it turns out that all one has to do to keep from being insured and having to pay a penalty (TAX) one just has to claim a "hardship waiver" and, VIOLA, it will be done. So easy even a 5th grader can do it.

What Dan Pfeiffer proudly, and too loudly, claimed would never happen had already effectively become a part of the law with the stroke of his bosses pen.

The whole house of cards is about to collapse and it will be whose fault? Everyone, and anyone, else's but this administration and the Democratic Congress that rammed this down our throats. The whole premise was to get young, healthy people to front the money to provide free or affordable insurance to those in need of it. But they put the cart in front of the horse as the federal government is prone to do, I find it amazing that this administration, and the Democratic party apparatus, reformed our whole nation's health care system to insure how many people at this point? And how many of those people were previously insured and lost there insurance to be fed into the Obamacare exchanges? How many of those people have actually started paying their premiums?

Someone needs to get their stinkin' thinkin' in order and it isn't those who know very well that this was a bad idea from the start and needs to be repealed. So let watch one more video of Pfeiffer beating his chops and lying out his yazoo before we close this segment out.

Political Ploys Will Nor Solve The Problem They Created

More total rubbish. All Obama's policies are anti-job creation and more regulation and control. That isn't on the right side of anything. I suggest that Obama keep this barking nut job out from in front of the cameras. It might be best for Obama to do likewise.

Obviously David Gregory must have been unaware of the "hardship waiver" provision for any old thing one wants to claim it for. either that or Gregory didn't want to have to watch Pfeiffer wipe some serious egg of his face in front of the Meet The Press viewers. I would have slam dunked him for lying right there on live television. that is the presses job - get to the truth of the matter.

Even more laughable is his claim that Barack Hussein Obama is going to be an asset in the 2014 elections. Doing what? Placing blame and telling more lies? I doubt any Democrat seeking reelection wants Obama anywhere near them, their district or their state. They, in fact, are asking him to stay away. Gee! I wonder why Dan Pfeiffer?

QUOTE OF THE DAY: On the seventh day God rested; Obama rested the other six.

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As Always,

The Frog Prince

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tsadjatko profile image

tsadjatko 2 years ago from maybe (the guy or girl) next door

Actually I believe what was said was that "Barack Hussein Obama is going to be an ass in the 2014 elections." but like they did with Travon Martin and others the media edited the tape. Just a theory, probably more likely than the "theory" (I mean pipe dream) of evolution though.

profile image

Hxprof 2 years ago from Clearwater, Florida

I'd be laughing at all of this if it wasn't so freakin' disasterous for Americans.

breakfastpop profile image

breakfastpop 2 years ago

Obama doesn't give a dame about getting people insured. His aim all along was power and control. Take over healthcare and you take over the people and the economy. He has destroyed healthcare in this nation and he must be held accountable. Up and awesome!

Annette Akerman profile image

Annette Akerman 2 years ago

I got a notice that my Dr. was no longer on the provider list, and called and got a letter of reprieve for a year; during which time I will change providers, but it sure won't be to go with 0vomitcare!

I at least still have some options where I live, but a lot of people don't, and that should be illegal. This is the most horrific and tragic bill to ever have been passed, and triple that considering they didn't even read it! How disgusting of the entire governmental body.

The Frog Prince profile image

The Frog Prince 2 years ago from Arlington, TX Author

Annette - Obamacare and how it was crafted and passed is illegal.

breakfastpop profile image

breakfastpop 2 years ago

Actually, Obama doesn't give a damn or a dame about healthcare!

Jackie Lynnley profile image

Jackie Lynnley 2 years ago from The Beautiful South

Keep going FP, you are a voice for many.

tirelesstraveler profile image

tirelesstraveler 2 years ago from California

My dear how could you not love O-care. Don't you like paying more for your insurance? What about the huge bills you get because your policy doesn't cover anything and there are no hospitals or doctors that take that kind of premium insurance. Don't you like what the benevolent government has done for you? If you don't like this garbage...

May I shake your hand, you must be a real American. :) TT

teamrn profile image

teamrn 2 years ago from Chicago

I NEVER thought I'd hear the day when David Gregory, a dyed-in-the-wool-liberal, would utter, "IS THE PRESIDENT A LIABILITY OR AN ASSET TO THOSE CANDIDATES?"

I also agree with breakfast pop in that the POTUS doesn't give a rodent's rear about healthcare. It's his legacy that he cares about and working towards a single payer system.

This has all been orchestrated from waaaaaay back. Why do you think people from Occidental, Columbia, Harvard have not come forth. "I remember Barack." "He always had a smile on his face" or "He was always late for class," "He was a great roomated"; JUS T SOMETHING to say that SOMEONE knew he existed.

The Frog Prince profile image

The Frog Prince 2 years ago from Arlington, TX Author

teamrn - The reason is the same reason his academic records are sealed tighter than an oil drum. Of course no one remembers him.

The Frog

Stu 2 years ago

All sad, and all so true. The proportion of young, healthy Obamacare enrollees is coming in at just over half of what's necessary to prevent a self-feeding cost/dropout spiral, and the proportion of subsidized enrollees are coming in at about 10% of expected, meaning that Obamacare is not succeeding in insuring previously uncovered people. Also, workers are facing reduced hours and loss of group coverage as employers escape the Obamacare mandate. I.e., instead of insuring the working poor, Obamacare is merely pushing the middle class off the insurance rolls. Absolutely nobody is benefiting from all this. While Obamacare fee caps, at least in my home State of Vermont, are very strong, providers are nonetheless drastically raising fees, likely because people don't like the Obamacare plans, can't afford them, or are having trouble enrolling. Having more uninsured people in the State obviously means doctors and hospitals are going to take losses on this segment, so radically higher uncapped fees must be charged to insured people with non-conforming plans. These people will face absolutely CRUSHING balance billing as a result of the most recent price hikes at hospitals and doctors' offices, now that medical care prices at the provider level in some cases have MORE THAN DOUBLED in Vermont in only the past few months. Providers can't subsidize the poor by overcharging Obamacare enrollees without going out-of-network, refusing Obamacare assignments, and losing alot of patients. So the only recourse is to ABSOLUTELY RAPE anyone with non-Obamacare insurance, as by definition such policies don't have in-network providers; the insurance departments are already busy cancelling all non-Obamacare policies that employ provider networks so these big PPO plans can't peel off the better risks from Obamacare policies. But it turns out that all these cancellations had no effect, because far too many of the better risks are choosing not to insure at all rather than buy Obamacare policies. With all due respect to Mr. Pfeiffer, Obama is a liability on EVERYTHING he ever touched.

teamrn profile image

teamrn 2 years ago from Chicago

It was advertised and it was one of the selling point of the ACA was the YOU CANNOT BE DENIED coverage because of pr-existing conniptions. NOT TRUE. ANYONE who seeks a Medicare supplement policy who has pre-existing conditions, (lupus, cancer,HIV and a few others) will have a HARD time finding a supplement plan F. I've got my denial letter from Blue Cross/Blue Shield right here.

The 'pre-existing condition speak was meant to placate Americans that this was going to be COVERAGE FOR ALL. Instead, it was another lie to seniors and those who rely on Medicare. If you're of Medicare age and need certain supplement plan (Medicare only pays 80%), you're screwed for the other 20% if you want certain supplements. UNDERWRITING GUIDELINES.

Stu 2 years ago

Teamrn - The preex coverage in the PPACA is a subterfuge. Far too few young, healthy people are signing up for Obamacare. To save costs resulting from the toxic risk pool, the IPAB will make ad hoc decisions that make fee caps so low for selected patients, i.e., those needing major care, many of whom will have preexisting conditions, that hospitals will go out-of-network to evade the IPAB fee cap reductions (as well as more broad based reductions in published fee cap schedules). That means patients will have to pay the uncapped hospital charge at time of service, and then receive a much lower capped amount as reimbursement from Obamacare. As long as a provider is out-of-network and thus not taking Obamacare assignments (i.e., being paid directly by Obamacare), the provider is not required to honor Obamacare fee caps. It will take some time, but I think you'll find almost every doctor, clinic, and hospital go out-of-network. Imagine the horror of say needing a $50,000 operation, but Obamacare's fee cap is $10,000 for that procedure. The patient will have to pay the balance once hospitals begin to refuse to accept Obamacare assignments (because eventually Obamacare fee caps will become so low that it would force hospitals to take a big loss on every procedure).

teamrn profile image

teamrn 2 years ago from Chicago

But it was said "you can keep your insurgence" While that may be true for the population, the younger generation, the POTUS pulled the wool over EVERY senior's with Medicare. 'You won't be denied coverage because of pre-existing conditions." Deception/lie number 2 and the American people bought that one hook line and sinker.

Thoose may be true on the younger than 55 or without disability side, the fact that those tenants don't reach the Medicare side is deception #3. Seniors were sold a bill of goods on this one; but we have every senior who bought into this without doing his/her homework that this couldn't POSSIBLY be true to blame for the nightmare that we call the ACA and Kathleen Sebelius pledge that the ACA would be in full-swing has been proven untrue-again- but Kathleen Sebelius says it all:in 21 seconds:

teamrn profile image

teamrn 2 years ago from Chicago

Over the weekend, I received a notice that my Medicare supplement is going up $100 month effective 5/1/14. If that is no someone's way of saying let's put the screws to the disabled, even though we promised them insurance with no pre-existing condition coverage. Now, I've got both: a denial for coverage from Blue Cross/Blue Shield and an increased premium by $100 or SEVENTY PERCENT!

Stu 2 years ago

Hi Teamrn,

You really of course can't "keep your insurance if you like it." While it's legal to keep your original insurance, as long as you're willing to pay the Obamacare optout penalty (will be $2,000 per year by 2016), the reality is that insurance departments are forcing insurers to cancel pre-Obamacare policies to limit these policies from peeling off the better risks. But the ploy isn't working - young, healthy people are choosing not to insure due to high Obamacare costs and OOP's.

Seniors covered by Medicare are going to be hit especially hard. Since the Obamacare risk pool is toxic due to low signups by good risks, Medicare is already reducing benefits to bridge part of the funding gap in Obamacare. Obamacare can't raise premiums to fund this gap, as this would just make the shortfall worse by chasing away yet more good risks.

Medicare supplement premiums are going to skyrocket. As Medicare reduces benefits to help finance losses in Obamacare, the Medicare supplement plans will be forced to pick up the slack (pay much more in claims to pick up the benefits that Medicare is reducing). My Mom's Medicare supplement policy just went up the same 70%. She's 90 years old, and simply must have this coverage. She's very healthy, but she's at an age where a sudden costly medical condition is not uncommon.

I'm curious why your BCBS plan denied coverage to you. I thought preexisting conditions were no longer a cause for denial under Obamacare. Is the BCBS plan in question a conforming Obamacare plan, or a non-conforming pre-Obamacare policy?


teamrn profile image

teamrn 2 years ago from Chicago

Stu, the Obamacare lack promises, and I'm not going to list them, don't hit the Medicare side of insurances. I was denied coverage by Blue Cross Blue Shield because I did have the pre-existing condition of lupus.

Before a Medicare supplement plan is underwritten by their bean counters, you have to answer some health questions. For some companies (Humana, Aetna) lupus is not considered a condition that precludes their covering you; but for others, it is.

Seniors and the disabled thought, erroneously so, that when President Obama spoke of these grandiose plans, "you'll be a a able to keep your doctor, insurance won't be able to deny you coverage b/c of pre-existing conditions, and they can't raise your premium rates without warning) that he was speaking TO THEM.

He wasn't. That was one of the biggest scams perpetrated on serious of this country, and those seniors who didn't do their homework, bout it hook, line and snicker. It was deception at it's best. I have the letter from Blue Cross denying me coverage, but after I'd received it, stunned, I called the Blue Cross/Blue Shield rep who

I'd been working with.

Her answer to my question, "I thought insurance couldn't deny you coverage because of a pre-existing condition."

She responded that as of that time, that that promise (about preexisting condition cocerafe hadn't reached them on the Medicare 'side.'. Yes, seniorss are going to be hit extremely hard, when their premiums go up ( mean, if mine can go up $81/month thus warm si cab every sebuirs orenium.

Why did this large voting block vote this fellow back un?

The Frog Prince profile image

The Frog Prince 2 years ago from Arlington, TX Author

teamrn - Here's a former top Democrats answer to your question about "why."

teamrn profile image

teamrn 2 years ago from Chicago

I asked WHY? I don't remember or see it, but I'll read it. In the HP. That is likely to be spun or opinionated, but I'll read. All I can say, is that when seniors get their premium notices (as no doubt they will) they'll wonder what it is that possessed this huge voting block to vote the way they did. They didn't do their homework and even if they had, THIS would befall them. Off I go to read.

That really doesn't answer any question about WHY that I might have had, because I I don't know WHY WHAT? One thing is true, he won the election, not because he sucked less that Romney, but b/c he sucked up MORE than Romney. Romney is not a politician (now), he's a businessman and having done everything else, why not do a little civil service to his country (not the way Barack Obama and company is going to bilk this country for years and other politicians will, too.

Romney sucked up less because he has class. Class is a long-forgotten word in the Democratic leadership. But this is a discussion about healthcare in the United States , the ACA. It is working (now) for younger people (when those folks go onto the insurance exchanges online-when they're working) they are directed to a bunch of plans or medicaid. And if they can't afford the plans, but financially make a bit too much to qualify for Medicaid, they can get subsidized from the government.

Now, everyone is happy, right? Wrong. Seniors and disabled CAN'T go to the exchanges (well, they can but they pay full price if they do), so their better off with their guaranteed issue Medicare plans. This is, those guaranteed issue Medicare plans only cover 80% of the bill and the other 20% if you're in ICU or a completed surgery is too much for most seniors.

Let me test you. I had a $120,000 surgery last fall. Medicare gladly (?) paid their 80%. If I didn't have a supplement, I'd be responsible for $24,000, No where is a senior, who is on a fixed income or disability, going to get that kind of money? Yet, many a senior fell for the ACA, thinking it was some sort of panacea for them: WHEN IT WASN'T EVEN MEANT FOR THEM! Such a deception; if nothing better, the people who promoted it, did a darn good job of pulling the wool COMPLETELY over senior eyes. Health care should not be such a political football.

But, because the American people decided to let it become just that, they should have been cautious, real cautious when they saw the tapes of the new POTUS telling John McCain, "the election is over" and to the effect, 'IM THE ONE WHO'S RUNNING THE SHOW, I'VE GOT THE PEN!'

Stu 2 years ago

Hi Teamrn,

Thanks for the explanation. Now I understand your preex issue. I think you are absolutely right that alot of seniors think Medicare Supplement plans standardly cover preex (of course many don't). So if you have a preexisting condition, and your Medicare Supplement plan goes up too much in price, moving to a more affordable Medicare Supplement plan can leave you with a giant coverage gap.


teamrn profile image

teamrn 2 years ago from Chicago

Stu, unfortunately, that is not always possible to simply 'shop' for something less expensive. Often there is only one plan that will cover your preex and if you want a supplement, you have an incredibly hard choice to make.

That may mean biting the bullet and giving up your supplement, knowing that if you have an ICU stay or expensive surgery, the bill will never get paid, or you'll not have that surgery which could drastically improve the quality of your life-because you can't afford to be saddled with debt the rest of your life-or having it and declaring bankruptcy.

Is that the way our seniors should be treated?

Stu 2 years ago

Hi Teamrn,

I completely follow what you're saying. The ugly reality is that Medicare Supplement has to soar in price because it is a secondary payer after Medicare, and Medicare is being slowly gutted to subsidize funding gaps in Obamacare due to its risk pool being toxic (too few healthy signups).

You can of course cut your Medicare Supplement premiums by going to a less rich plan, but then you'll have a bigger OOP and almost certainly lose coverage for preex. It's sadly a no-win situation.


teamrn profile image

teamrn 2 years ago from Chicago

Stu, you've got it in a nutshell! If I find another supplement with the exact same coverage, but a lower premium, I'd be tempted to go where the financial grass is greener. But, I've been 'grandfathered in' to coverage with my current provider.

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