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Most women's breasts grow during pregnancy but for some, the gain may be very large - perhaps four or five cup sizes by the time their baby is born. The day you buy your first maternity bra is a momentous day indeed. It reassures you that you have finally grown up and are about to become a parent. The best maternity bras will offer lots of support for your growing figure. Decorations like satin and animal prints help to make you still feel really feminine and can also increase comfort for the pregnant lady.

Bedtime used to be a time for relaxing and forgetting the stresses of the day but it may start to become uncomfortable for your breasts in bed. This may be the time to wear a special sleep bra. Do not try to make do with a normal day-time bra as it will not be comfortable to sleep in, especially if it has underwires that will dig in. You may find that putting a cushion under your breasts at night is helpful to prevent their weight dragging down if you are starting to get uncomfortable in bed. Some of the sleep bras available are rather soft, rather like a teenager's crop top with soft cups, and offer little in the way of support. If your boobs are growing large, look for a sleep bra that is more substantial.

A bra that fits properly will be much more comfortable because it will help your breasts to feel less heavy and achy. Do not underestimate how much they will grow in weight. The well-fitting bra will prevent your back from aching. You may even find that your breasts grow so quickly that you get some stretch marks, so proper support is essential. You need to make sure that you get a good, comfortable fit when choosing your maternity bra. It must fit you the size you are now, even if you think that your bust may continue to grow. Getting one to ‘grow into’, like school uniforms, is not a good idea. This is because it will not support you correctly. It is a good idea for all women to go regularly to get measured as one's bra size is not constant throughout life.

In an ideal world, your bra should fit neatly and snugly when fastened on the tightest pair of hooks. This means that you will have a little room for easing out when your bump gets bigger. You can then let out the hooks and you will also get some more space as the elastic relaxes with wear.

You may suffer from sensitive skin. This is more common during pregnancy. If it is proving to be a problem for you, I suggest that it may be a good idea to avoid wearing lace next to the skin or synthetic fabrics like nylon when choosing maternity lingerie. You would be wise to think about buying a bras with wide, comfortable straps to prevent them from digging into your shoulders and leaving sore red lines as your boobs get heavier.

Some people on a tight budget economise by buying nursing bras when they are pregnant instead of maternity bras. This doesn’t work out for a lot of people. This is because you will probably need separate ones later anyway, as your boobs may be a completely different size after the baby is born. The nursing bras that fitted you before the birth may well be too small.

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