Your Immune System Keeping it Vital

eat well

Your immune system is your first line of offense when it comes to infections. The immune system’s purpose is to fight alien entities (diseases, viruses) that have invaded your system.

You can help the immune system do its job by eating wisely and getting moderate exercise.

Fresh fruit, vegetables and whole grains are integral parts of a healthy diet, one that will assist your immune system protect you from whatever is going around. However, just because you eat well and get sufficient exercise does not guarantee that you will not catch something.

Start the day properly and eat a balanced breakfast. For example, fruit or fruit juices, a bowl of whole grain (hot or cold) cereal, with milk (soy or rice milk are other choices) and a slice of toast made from mufti-grain bread with a thin layer of peanut butter makes a sound breakfast that will feed your body.

A berry smoothie is a good breakfast alternative; in fact, smoothies are ideal meals for people in a hurry, whether it be breakfast, lunch or supper. I do not recommend them three times a day and fresh fruit or vegetables, juice, milk, wheat germ and so much more are good items to consider when blending your food. The

If you can walk to work or school, but if it is too far, you could bicycle. However, if bicycling is not possible then over the course of the day use stairs as often as you can.

Get your exercise in the evening when you get home. If you can’t get out to go for a walk or to the gym then consider stretching exercise or an exercising machine. The Wi-Fit has become very popular way to get exercise at home.

Whatever way you decide to get that important exercise remember to keep it moderate, you are not going for the burn, just working up a light sweat.

For lunch, choose salad greens, lean meat, cheese, chicken or fish. A piece of fruit will complement the meal and be sure to drink at least one glass of water. Do this at each mealtime.

If you can take a walk at lunch, if the weather does not permit going outside to walk, a mall is a good place to walk, and use stairs when you can.

Your immune system demands that you eat wisely and that you get moderate exercise, at least three times a week.

Stay away from processed, pre-packaged foods: eat fresh fruit and vegetables, lean meats, whole grains, fish, and chicken and you are making healthy choices.

Your immune system performs best when you help it along.

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