Your Secret Tricks to Reducing Stress, that anyone can use.


Why Do We Need Stress Relief?

Any system that is out of balance will break down. Try driving your car with a flat tire. If only the body's reaction to stress was as obvious. Instead, every body deals with stress a little differently. The varied responses are largely due to individual psychology. Are you a drama queen or hypochondriac? If a stubbed toe snowballs into your worst day ever, you might have a problem dealing with stress.

Think back to a time not too long ago. Our lives were to simply make a home, fish, farm, and hunt. Our biggest stresses were nature induced. Environmental stresses would cause hungry tribes to invade others looking for sustenance. In our quest to make everything quicker, easier, and cheaper with industrialization we have created more stress. Now we have gangs invading homes and killing each other for modern day consumption.

Cause and Effect

Shelter, food, and water are all we need to physically survive. A lack of any of these kicks the body into stress mode. The body has many reactions to stress. Metabolism slows down to conserve energy so we can go further on less food. Adrenaline rushes quickly into the body making us ready to pounce for a successful hunt. We become aggressive to fight for the necessary nutrition to survive.

All these reactions to stress are for survival. Unfortunately, the mind doesn't recognize the difference between lack of shelter and "We have no room to live." The mind doesn't recognize the difference between lack of food and "I am starving." The mind responds to this stress the only way it knows how. The intensity of the reactions is equal to the intensity of the emotions. When your emotions are extreme, your mind's demand on your body will be extreme also.

Diagnose Stress

Calm the chatter.
Calm the chatter.

The mind hears everything.

The mind hears all stress, and directs the body to react as if it were life threatening.

What can you do?

First and foremost is awareness. Are you stressing about anything other than a cave, tent, hut, eating one meal every other day, or drinking a couple cups of water each day? If so, you are biochemically shooting yourself. Your mind is hearing this imagined stress and reacts as if it is life threatening. So tell yourself the truth: You've got a place of shelter from the elements. Truly, you've eaten with in the last 36 hours. Drinking anything other than water is a luxury.

"But the Jones' have a bigger house", "I wasn't her best friend", "I need an IPod", "We have a math test today", "I only lost two pounds this week", "I've got to get dinner ready", "That action star cursed", "It's that time of the month", "I hate this city", "You suck"...none of these stresses are life threatening and should be seen for what they are...psychobabble. Successful people don't swim in a sea of psychobabble. Sure we all have a puddle from time to time. Recognize the psychobabble and move on to reality. Meet your three simple neccesities of food, water, and shelter. The rest is gravy, be grateful.

Quiet the Environment

Quiet the environment and you can better focus on the mind. Take a few minutes each day to remind yourself of the truth. The truth that most of the stress throughout the day is not life threatening. So, like you might have heard before... "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff." When you take the time to define your stress you become empowered. Relax, renew, recharge. For a few minutes a day close your eyes in a quiet room without being tired. Allow your thoughts to flow away. If it helps, stir up the pot. Think of all the psychobabble, really get those thoughts circling your mind. Then visualize flushing them all like a big toilet. Leaving a calm, clear, perfect mind. Stay in that calm clear mind for at least five or ten minutes a day. A few weeks of this will allow your body to function properly. You will find it easier to put down the doughnut, cigarette, or excessive drink. You will feel worthy of a happy, full life.

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privateye2500 profile image

privateye2500 7 years ago from Canada, USA, London

I liked your hub here, short, logical and to the point.

As with MOST things in life, easy to say - much harder to impliment! :}

Have a great day (unless you have other plans)


linjingjing profile image

linjingjing 7 years ago

Good article

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