Your Snoring Can Be Deadly.... Learn The Symptoms Of Sleep Apnea

Learn The Symptoms Of Sleep Apnea

Is your spouse constantly waking you in order to ask you to quit snoring?Better yet, do you wake yourself by your own snoring?Be honest, I know I have.I know alot of people are the butt of jokes due to their excessive snoring.In some cases, snoring is not a joking matter, in fact this may be a symptom of a very serious underlying problem.Sleep Apnea is the problem and can be fatal if not treated.If you happen to be a NFL fan you may remember Reggie White of the Green Bay Packers.Approximately 2 years ago he passed away due to sleep apnea.

This article is not meant to scare anyone but simply to list some of the many symptoms that you may have.The symptoms listed here certainly will not be all of them, these symptoms here are the ones that I had when I discovered that I had apnea.After reading this article, if any of this sounds familiar, I would highly suggest that you go have the test.It is a very simple test, you simply go to sleep while you are being monitored by a sleep disorder clinic.

Doctors have learned that sleep apnea is a very common sleep disorder, however not everyone chooses to be checked, maybe because of lack of education.

Sleep apnea has a long list of symptoms ranging from snoring to impotency to depression.The most common symptom would fatigue.This symptom is the most common and also the most debilitating.The fatigue comes on at such a slow rate its really hard to tell that you are getting worse.As a result of the fatigue, it becomes very difficult to drive or even carry on a conversation without falling asleep.You wake up in the morning and you feel as if you haven't even been to bed.Personally by 2PM I would come around and feel somewhat normal.Had I not have had my own business with employees I would not have been able to physically hold down a job.

Apnea is caused when your wind pipe collapses and will not allow oxygen to enter your body.You simply stop breathing while you sleep, over and over again.Your brain detects the lack of oxygen and stimulates your heart to speed up to supply more oxygen.Since your airway is blocked there isn't any oxygen to supply, thereby causing your heart to continually speed up.It is this that is so dangerous.So many people die from heart attacks and strokes while sleeping due to this.

The continued fatigued causes depression, impotency and ruins your self confidence.When your heart speeds up while sleeping, your body never gets the rest it needs.You may wake up sweating, very red in the face, and most importantly out of breath.I would dream I couldn't get my breath only to wake up and find that I couldn't.You have heard the term "tears of joy"? I will honestly tell you that when I learned that I had apnea, I actually had tears of joy.You get worse every day but without anything broken or bleeding you start to believe that you are just crazy or even lazy because you couldn't keep up with other people.When I learned that this was being caused by something physical and it had a name I was so happy and relieved.

After learning that you have the disorder, you are checked again by the clinic, except this time you will sleep hooked up to a CPAP machine.This machine simply keeps your airway open so that your body can take in the oxygen.This is almost an immediate cure,This is the magic bullet that stops all of the above symptoms.Don't fall for all the gimmicks that you see on TV like nasal strips or better yet surgery.There is a misconception that only overweight people get apnea,Nothing can be further from the truth.

If any of the above sounds familiar and you just aren't the person you used to be and really don't know why. Please get checked.The test and the cure is so easy and risk of heart attack and stroke is just not worth it.If you need any further information about sleep apnea, please feel free to e-mail or call me at:

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order soma online 6 years ago

i had a friend who has a loud snore when he was sleeping i think he had a problem related to health condition.

nose snoring 6 years ago

my grandfather suffer of snoring and then this lead to a bad apnea :(

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