Zumba! The new dance to fitness craze!

Zumba Fitness

Zumba? What? Zumba?......?

If you haven't heard of Zumba in the last few weeks, then you must be on a different planet to the rest of the population. Zumba fitness has intoxicated much of the world in recent months with it's unique blend of exercise and partying!

Zumba fitness is a Latin inspired fitness programme that uses international music to teach calorie burning dance routines. The intoxicating beats of Zumba create a unique  'fitness party' atmosphere that makes Zumba classes stand out from the rest. Zumba dance fitness classes are run all over the world and have taught millions of enthusiasts to date since its inception in 2001.

So if you fancy joining the revolution and dancing yourself into shape; Zumba with the rest of us! You can join in wth a local class at a gym or studio, or party alone with Zumba and one of it's numerous DVD's or Wii games. If you don't join in, you will be left behind!

Zumba Fitness class

Zumba fitness
Zumba fitness

 I attended my first Zumba fitness class this week and I plan to make it a regular part of my exercise routine. If you love good music and dancing, then Zumba is a perfect exercise option, as it doesn't really feel like exercise! It's fun and lively; more like a night on the town rather than a slog at the gym. The best thing about it is that your 'night out' of exercise regularly travels from country to country. The international music makes you feel like you have had a number of exotic holidays in one night.

If you prefer to exercise at home, check out these Zumba fitness related products.

The range of Zumba fitness classes

 Zumba fitness does not consist of only one type of class. Zumba is expanding so rapidly that they have begun to tailor classes to a variety of needs. 

 Zumba Gold targets baby boomers and active older participants, changing the pace of the famous routines to suit this audience.

Zumba Toning focuses on sculpting, combining the traditional party moves with targeted toning exercises.

Aqua Zumba does what it suggests; a pool party of high octane music and furious exercise, fabulous for toning and those wanting a more challenging workout.

Zumbatomic is for kids aged 4-12, with specially choreographed routines that are achievable and help improve balance, posture and self confidence!

Zumba in the circuit is a high octane 30 minute class, combining dance fitness and circuit training. Great for those that get bored quickly, as you move from exercise to exercise, all to those special intoxicating beats.


Now its time for you to try Zumba! Enjoy the party fitness atmosphere at a local class or at home with a Zumba DVD or game. You are guaranteed to enjoy it; the high energy routines and fabulous music will make you feel good and healthy too. Try it now!

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Mrs. J. B. profile image

Mrs. J. B. 6 years ago from Southern California

It sounds like so much fun. I will have to check out the DVD section at Best Buy. I know my daughter would love to try it too. Thanks

dosburros profile image

dosburros 6 years ago Author

Zumba is fab! You should definitely try it!

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