About Diabetic Foot Pain

About Diabetic Foot Pain

One of the most common problems that Type 2 diabetics run into is foot pain. Diabetic foot pain is caused due to poor blood circulation in the feet and it that condition is called neuropathy. Doctors estimate that roughly 1 in 4 people suffering from diabetes end up with some form of foot problems because of poor blood circulation. Normal accidents could potentially put a diabetic’s foot at risk because of infection that can accompany that. Things such as blisters, scrapes, cuts, and sores can turn into serious problems because of the lack of blood flow. When blood flows throughout the body, it brings oxygen and nutrients to the areas as it flows. If the blood flow is slowed in the feet, then getting fresh nutrients and oxygen there is very difficult, thus raising the chances of infection.

Most infection starts out in a minor way, but this is one of the prime ways that diabetics have their limbs amputated. When an infection spreads and gets worse, then often times a doctor is forced to remove the foot. There are ways that diabetic foot pain can be avoided, but it is necessary to take care of your feet. Here are some tips:

1)      Wash and dry your feet everyday to keep them as clean as possible

2)      Rub lotion on your feet to keep it soft and moisturized

3)      Keep your toenails trimmed every few weeks

4)      Wear shoes and socks as often as possible so exposing your feet to the elements is kept to a minimum

5)      Do foot exercises to keep blood flowing

6)      Start an exercise plan that is easy on your feet, the more active you are, the more likely you are to lose weight and improve your health

7)      If you suspect something is wrong with your feet, then pay a visit to your doctor. It is better to be safe, then sorry.

By following these tips you will not only improve your feet, but reduce the risk of having diabetic foot pain. In addition to the reduction of blood circulation, problems like losing feeling in your feet and changes in the shape of your feet can occur. The most important thing is to avoid infection in your feet and if that cannot be done, you need to make sure you treat it properly or see a doctor. Diabetic foot pain is uncomfortable, but can be solved my maintaining healthy feet and by losing weight to improve your diabetes. 

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Lita C. Malicdem profile image

Lita C. Malicdem 6 years ago from Philippines

My hub writing just led me to your site. This is awesome! I'm a diabetic with peripheral neuropathy problem. Now I have access to your great information. Thanks.

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