About Third Trimester Abortion

About Third Trimester Abortion

One of the worst medical procedures that can be done is to perform third trimester abortions. This means that the fetus is removed from the mother’s womb after the 27th week and killed. What makes this so heinous is that medical experts universally agree that after the 27th week, a fetus becomes viable and live outside of the mother. In some cases, performing an abortion can be justified because the mother’s life and well being becomes threatened due to some medical complication. In every state, there are provisions in the law to protect the mother in case of an emergency. The issue is not with that, because if the mother is in distress in most cases, doctors can remove the baby if it is past 27 weeks and the odds of it surviving are good.

The main issue with third trimester abortion is the fact that loopholes exist in states where abortions can be performed up until the very end. If you recall the murder of abortion Dr. George Tiller is Kansas earlier this summer. He was killed by a prolife fanatic for being one of a small group of doctors who was willing to perform late term abortions. Violence is not the solution to combat abortion, so anyone considering that should strongly reconsider. The way to handle this situation is to address this in the courts and with proper legislation, either on a national level or on a state level. It is highly unlikely that the Democrats in Congress would pass a bill limiting third trimester abortion since most members of that party are pro choice and are easily pressured by women’s rights groups. Passing and lobbying for legislation on a state by state level is likely to have greater success. States that have the larger loopholes should be targeted first, and go on from there.

This is possible because the Supreme Court, when Roe vs. Wade was decided on in 1973, left the door open for states to regulate abortion. The vast majority of American people are adamantly against third trimester abortion, unless the mother was going to die. With a legal opening and public support, court cases could be argued to try that option as well as legislation. Congress may have helped open the door to this several years ago when they passed the Laci Peterson Law. That law states that if a pregnant woman is murdered, then the person who committed the crime can be tried for the baby’s murder as well. Surely if a baby being killed along with the mother can be considered murder, than it has rights. I believe this can be applied even more strongly to third trimester babies because since they can live outside of the mother, they should technically have the right to live. I sincerely hope the movement to ban this procedure gathers steam because restricting abortions should be a top priority, especially when Roe vs. Wade is unlikely to be overturned any time soon. With enough support, third trimester abortion will be made illegal unless absolutely medically necessary.

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James A Watkins profile image

James A Watkins 7 years ago from Chicago

Great Hub! Do you know that a 2005 study showed that the reason for 3rd trimester abortions is 91% just out of convenience. Many times because the girl broke up with her boyfriend. 9% were said to be because of the physical health of the mother or the baby was deformed somehow. That is shameful.

eovery profile image

eovery 7 years ago from MIddle of the Boondocks of Iowa

This is pure murder. They will be held accountable before oujr Lord.

We must to continue the fight to abolish the hidious act!

Keep on Hubbing

Joann 7 years ago

I used to be Pro-Choice until I was convinced by my dad one day several years ago that abortion is what it is, murder. I'm a Christian now, but I've been Pro-Life a lot longer. I pray for the day when abortion is forever wiped out, and more women facing an unplanned pregnancy choose life and have their babies adopted instead. When you destroy a child, you destroy the future.

Confuses 5 years ago

Why is is ok to kill an unborn child, but not ok to put a convicted killer to death? Liberals would have full term abortions legal, while banning the death penatly?!?!? this makes no sense!

amber 5 years ago

there is 1 reason to end a child's life for the health of the mother. That would be an ectopic pregnancy. All babies in the second and third trimester can be delivered normally or through c section.

Equality Majora 5 years ago

I'm a "liberal" swine, I'm female and I believe it is without a doubt, absolutely my choice when it comes to having a child.

Morgan 5 years ago

At 6 weeks, the embryo's heart begins to beat. There aren't any excuses for abortion. (Except the woman's health in danger, and then that would be up to the woman and her husband.) This is killing a life.

People are too selfish to handle something that they caused on their own. Or they try and get out of it because they don't want it to affect their lives. Selfishness, that's all it is.

a mother to be... 5 years ago

I believe its a choice no matter what, I used to be prolife until I was in a relationship.. I moved in with him he went broke, I was paying for everything.. We then found out I was pregnant and I knew I wasn't ready to raise a child.. He wanted to keep it so he was willing to ask his family for any financial help and I couldn't afford the abortion and pay our rent and have food and stuff for the month.. Now I'm 7 months pregnant and I know I don't want to be with him but now I have no choice again because I refuse to raise a child in a broken home..

Brynell 21 months ago

Wow! Great to find a post kncoking my socks off!

Menna 21 months ago

definitely watching. Plus, I have a litlte wager on the line. I'm taking part in the Super Bowl Challenge, organized by Michele from NYC Running Mama and Samantha from Running and Cupcakes. Losers must run

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