Acupuncture helps with Insomnia

Acupuncture helps with Insomnia

It's a proven fact that for many people the "needles" are synonymous with magic, when it comes to treating sleep problems such as insomnia. What they can do is reduce anxiety and therefore help us to achieve success at bedtime.

Unpaid invoices, stress at work, mortgage arrears... nervous tension as evidenced by all statistics, is responsible for about 24% of all sleep disorders.

So rely on acupuncture, this ancient oriental technique produces physiological changes in our body and helps the body to release endorphins (your natural soothing) and other transmitters that calm the nerves. When a specialist in acupuncture stick you with needles, get your brain to release neurotransmitters and other chemicals that can give you a natural well-being, which is why acupuncture works so well in cases of insomnia, anxiety, stress and depression. An average of 10 sessions is enough to recover.

Needles against drugs:

Choose the acupuncture treatment instead of drugs. One study states that the needles are more effective in the treatment that insomnia medications, and has no side effects such as reduced libido caused by drugs.

Are you afraid of needles? Instead, use a self-acupressure session:

If you do not have time to do acupuncture or have fear of needles, acupressure experience that consists of a self massage on the acupuncture points. To relax and improve sleep quality simply press the HT7 point, the intersection between the imaginary line that part of the middle finger and the first inner fold of the wrist.

  • Push the point between your thumb and forefinger and look for a sort of lump. When found, press it firmly while making a gentle circular motion.
  • Place one hand on the table and lift the middle finger. Apply pressure on the joint nearest the nail.
  • Find a point at the center of the foot, just behind the ball that is fleshy with the big toe and push it hard.

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