Aerobic Machines - Which Aerobic Exercise Machines Deliver Best Results

Top Rated Aerobic Machines - Consumer Top Picks

Ironman Fusion Elliptical Trainer
Ironman Fusion Elliptical Trainer

Top Rated Aerobic Machines - Features 20 inch stride length, commercial grade construction, delivers a low impact - full body workout.

Bowflex TC5000 Treadclimber (Refurbished)
Bowflex TC5000 Treadclimber (Refurbished)

Second Pick Aerobic Machines - 4 of 5 stars. Speed from .7 to 4 mph, 12 resistance levels, wireless heart rate monitor.

Nautilus Sport Series T5.16 LEX Treadmill
Nautilus Sport Series T5.16 LEX Treadmill

Third pick Aerobic Machines - 4 or 5 stars. Rated third because of lack of versatility. Nautilus endorsed by Jillian Michaels. Treadmills only work the lower portion of your body. Speed .5 to 12 mph. 9 preset workouts, "Best Feature" - 2 Heart rate control programs.


Aerobic Machines - Tools to Enhance Your Aerobic Fitness

Aerobic machines are tools designed to enhance your aerobic fitness. An aerobic workouts chief aim is to elevate your heart rate and burn lots of calories. So, An aerobic workout should be approached as a whole body workout. Using more of your large muscle groups makes it easier to reach your heart rate and calorie burning goals. That's were aerobic machines come in. They offer a way to coordinate your bodies movement into a more efficient workout, gaining you maximum results for your time and effort.

Aerobic Machines - Treadmills deliver a great aerobic workout.
Aerobic Machines - Treadmills deliver a great aerobic workout.

Aerobic Machines Coordinate your Bodies Movement into a more Efficient Workout

Your aerobic workout goal should be to move most of your bodies large muscle groups at an intensity level that you will be able to sustain for an extended length of time, usually 20 minutes or longer. Working out at a sustained intensity level elevates your heart rate and builds stamina (aerobic fitness) which is your bodies ability to more easily handle work for longer periods. The easier it becomes to handle body weight workouts over extended periods, the better shape you are in. Make sense?

Normal activities such as walking or jogging generally work one muscle group harder than the others. Activities that deliver a more balanced whole body workout such as Cross Country Skiing, Rock climbing, etc. are available but were is a good snow pack when you need one? Also, most of these activities are not a good idea to start out with because it takes a bit of experience to get a good workout going.

Aerobic machines such as the Nordic track's and elliptical trainers are perfect for people who are just getting started with a workout routine and want the most benefit for there efforts. You get the legs gliding back and forth along with the arms pulling in opposition to your stride. A great workout that can be done in your own home.

Which Aerobic Exercise Machines are Best?

The Litmus test for this is to ask your self "Does this machine work my whole body?" and "Does this machine offer a way to very the intensity of my workout?". These two questions are at the hart of determining which aerobic exercise machines are best for you. Other things to consider are features such as hart rate monitors, preprogrammed workout routines to simulate hill or other obstacles, safety features, etc.

Make a list of features you need and goals you want to achieve. Talk to your Doctor before you begin any new workout to make sure your body can handle it and incorperate any advice your Doctor gives you into your selection criteria.

I've said previously that working the whole body will deliver the best results and the best machines for this in my opinion are elliptical trainers such as a Nordic Track. Their gliding motions are a very good, low impact exercise that can easily deliver a variable intensity.

One study performed by the Dublin City University in Ireland looked at the performance of men and women exercising on six different types of Aerobic machines: The treadmill, bike, rower, stair climber, ski machine and rider. Exercising for the same period of time and intensity levels, men gained the most benefit from the treadmill and ski machine while women did best on the treadmill, ski machine and rower. The bike and rider generated the lowest calorie burn. This study showed that machines which require you to carry your own body weight had a significant advantage over machines that didn't.

If your goal is to get the most effective whole body workout in the least time, then using one of the tough trio of Aerobic Machines; the treadmill, ski machine or elliptical trainer, is the best way to go.


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