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All natural pain relievers such as Heal-N-Soothe are aspirin free.
All natural pain relievers such as Heal-N-Soothe are aspirin free. | Source

Looking for natural pain relievers? The move to natural treatments is growing every day. However, you should know what you are getting before you spent hard earned money. Let's look at the what research shows to be the most effective natural pain relievers to see how they work and if maybe it will work for you.

All natural pain relievers. For hundreds if not thousands of years people around the world have been able to find relief from pain by using potions and extracts made from certain local plants. Over the years these natural remedies have been refined by eliminating plant preparations that did not yield any benefits.Through this process of elimination, people who prefer natural homeopathic medicines now have a number of effective treatments for pain.

The Natural pain relief compounds that we know today have there roots in the ancient societies of China, India, Africa and the Middle East. From the Indian subcontinent, Ayurvedic medicine, a traditional form of medicine has developed a number of medicinal preparations for pain relief.

If you, like many others have come to realize the dangers of over the counter pain relievers such as ibuprofen, aspirin, and acetaminophen, these all natural pain relievers are a great alternative.

Here are some of the best natural pain relievers...

Bromelain - A Natural Pain Reliever

Bromelain was first discovered in 1957 and has since been the subject of hundreds of studies. These studies have shown Bromelain to reduce swelling, inflammation and remove waste and toxins from the blood.

Bromelain is an extract of Pineapple and gets it's reputation as a natural pain reliever because of several proteolytic enzymes that a part of the extract compound. These enzymes have been shown to "short circuit" many of the pain pathways in your body.

An interesting side note for Bromelain is that European studies show that these systemic enzymes are effective in chemotherapy induced nausea and vomiting treatment as well as weight loss and fatigue due too chemotherapy

Boswellia Extract - An Ant-inflammatory and More

A study in the 1970s by German scientists discovered that the ancient herbal extract of Boswellia resin produced similar therapeutic effects to NSAIDs or Non Steroidal Anti Inflammatory products such as ibuprofen and aspirin.

Unlike NSAIDs, Boswellia has non of the dangerous side effects reported for NSAIDs such as gastrointestinal bleeding or liver and kidney damage.

Devils Claw - A Time Tested Pain Reliever

Devils Claw is an herb from Africa that has been used there as a pain reliever for centuries. Devils Claw has proven time and again it's effectiveness in reducing pain and recent studies have found that Devils Claw is just as effective in treating arthritis pain as phenylbutazone, a commonly prescribed drug.

These are just a few of the best natural pain relievers around. There are many others that are not quite so effective.

When looking for all natural pain relievers, these compounds should definitely be on the list of ingredients. Also, please remember to check with your Doctor before starting any type of therapy with natural supplements or remedies.

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Astride Knighted profile image

Astride Knighted 5 years ago from Cape Girardeau, Missouri Author

Ms Dee - I hope that it works for you. Not everyone is the same and they don't always see the same results that others get from a pain relief product.

Let me know how this works out.

Astride Knighted profile image

Astride Knighted 5 years ago from Cape Girardeau, Missouri Author


I agree, inflammation is one of the leading causes of pain. That's why natural pain relievers that are also anti-inflammitory are so effective.

Thanks for the comment!

Ms Dee profile image

Ms Dee 5 years ago from Texas, USA

This is useful and I will look into trying some. Thanks!

Jason R. Manning profile image

Jason R. Manning 5 years ago from Sacramento, California

This is great information, any athlete getting up there in age knows more pain comes with age gain.

Dr irum profile image

Dr irum 5 years ago

Awesome in formation .

RayFoucher 6 years ago from Greenwood, BC

Yes Heal-n-soothe is a great products especially since it addresses inflammation which is the root cause of so much pain.

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