Aloe Vera Properties

Aloe Vera Properties

1 - Analgesic
Because of its active components and the anti-inflammatory and penetrating power, Aloe Vera blocks pain.

2 - Anti-Inflammatory
Has an action similar to steroids such as cortisone, but without its harmful effects it causes.

3 - Coagulants
As aloe vera contains a high content of potassium and calcium, it causes the formation of a fiber network that traps red cells of blood, thus helping to clotting and healing.

4 - Keratolytic
Allows the wound or damaged skin to be detached, with a renewal of tissue with new cells.
There also allows a greater flow of blood through veins and arteries, including freedom of small clots.

5 - Antibiotic
It is an excellent product to eliminate bacteria and to prevent them.

6. Cell Regenerator
Aloe vera has the hormone that accelerates the growth of new cells and also removes old cells.

7 - Energizer
Aloe Vera helps in proper functioning of cellular metabolism, ie, helps to produce energy the body needs.
Moreover, due to its content of vitamin C, it produces an action that improves and stimulates circulation and proper functioning of the cardiovascular system.

8 - Digestive
Aloe Vera has a lot of digestive enzymes.

9 - Detox
Due to the potassium that contains, Aloe Vera, it improves and stimulates the liver and kidneys, which are the main organs of detoxification. Aloe Vera contains uronic acid, which eliminates the toxins at the cellular level.

10 - Skin Moisturizer
Aloe Vera penetrates deep into the skin and restores lost fluids, also restore the damaged tissue from the inside out.

11 - Nutrient
Aloe Vera contains a storehouse of nutrients that are beneficial to human health.
The human need around 45 substances to maintain health in good condition and Aloe Vera contains over 76 substances in their composition.
It contains active ingredients such as lignans, saponins, antroquinonas, vitamins A, B complex, C, D, E, water, polysaccharides, amino acids, minerals.

12 - Carrier
It is a perfect vehicle to carry deep into the skin or other substances to which elements are combined. That is why there are thousands of cosmetic and medicinal blended with Aloe Vera.

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