Hi Marisa I wondered if you could help me. Can asthma be caused by stress? Because until just...

under a year ago I never experienced any asthma symptoms, but prior to that I had been experiencing a LOT of anxiety - death in he family, then I became preoccupied with my own health and became a kind of hypochondriac, constantly worrying everyday about my health. I eventually reduced my anxiety levels, but then the asthma kicked in. It started with a little bit of breathlessness, but soon developed into full blown asthma attacks lasting about an hour each time, breathlessness, wheezing, then coughing up mucus afterwards. My doctor put me on Ventolin, but it did virtually nothing. I am now o

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Marisa Wright says

5 years ago
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kentuckyslone says

5 years ago
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Daisy Fabelo (daisyf1305) says

4 years ago
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